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5 April 2016 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

5 April 2016 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch

Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Andy Baudendistel, Attorney, and Terri Randall, Administrator



Election Business- Clerk of Courts- Rick Probst- early voting started today. Only 7 variations of ballots this year for primaries. Polling locations will be published. Clay 2 and 3 moved to Civic Center. Greendale 3 to new Greendale Adm Building. Miller 5 moved to the Event Center at Sugar Ridge Golf Course.Approved for publication. 

Review of Workforce Investment Board- Kurt Kegerreis- gave a brief overview of the annual report. Federal Government gives money- we are Region 9. The board of Workforce 9 determines how this federal money is spent. Commissioners are liable for work if they mess up so report to them. Work with many different training and education projects. They got the only award for the 17 projects they combined south of Indiana. They provide services to every high school. Economy is fairly good now- so we need to be proactive to prepare people in the even another downturn occurs. The response is overwhelming, They teach resume classes for example. They get out of their offices to be in the community. JAG- Jobs for America’s Graduates- is another program They have 5 schools known that program. They work with Lawrenceburg as the 5th school. They asked for small chance of money for other schools to help prevent dropouts. They had a complete fiscal audit- completely clear with no issues. Core funding is down substantially- down 20% as unemployment went down. We are doing better in this region than other regions in the state. They don’t want o pass tat on to clients- so they cut staff. They are needing to downsize their footprint and are evaluating that. State changes how unemployment works. State moved to a completely online or phone version for unemployment insurance. The Workforce Office no longer does that. Their board has done well at attracting additional money to our region. New funds come in faster as they are using what they got well. $1.4 million extra money has come to region 9 over the last two years. This goes right out to the people who need it. Commissioner Little was thanked as he was one of their most active officials on Board. McHenry asked for more info to see about getting our other two high schools on board too. 

Highway Suprinntendent- Tim Grieve- Salt Truck Quotes- They get one every year now with Council’s approval. $95,103.95- World Wide MACK in Cinti
$93,500- Lischkge- lowest bid- approved.
McHenry asked which truck- and also noted they had issues with 4 trucks this year. Council has asked for opportunities to cut budget so- try to do everything you can do to cut this anytime. Grieve said- this is necessary- trucks too old now. 

HIGHWAY DEPT. Todd, Listerman, County Engineer

Bridge #29 Agreement- Red Bridge Road- Old North Hogan- NTE $34,500- design cost. This is one on the annual inspection of 13 bridges that are in need of replacement. Lane Water Group approved for the design. 

2015 Annual Report- This is required by the state. He presented the report and 7 copies to be signed. Last year they were able to use $7,856,692.83 
$3,792,444.98 casino funds were used for capital improvements mostly- bridge improvements and road repairs and line striping. Commissioners approved signing the 2015 annual report.

Listerman is reviewing SB1001 and HB767 and working with Council to get more money off gas tax to be administered to counties for roads. 

Litter Report- added by McHenry- Celeste Calvitto- more roads set up for litter removal and right now we are trying to get those scheduled. Complaints on Bond and Jamison were sent to Planning Dept- as they may be issues for them or Health Dept. per McHenry. 

ADMINISTRATOR- Terri Randall- Title VI plan ( Hoarse again so she asked Listerman to present the Title VI Plan to them.) Listerman- this is part of federal law for non- discrimination due to disability , age sex, income status, race etc. They will distribute this and post it in all County offices for Civil Rights Law from 1964 and amended in 1987. It’s been around a long time. They have he actual plan that they have worked on thru their committee- Randall is the coordinator same as she is the ADA coordinator. There will be training to all the debts as part of it. All contractor have to follow those rules. There is a formal complaint procedure. Complaints can be made if people feel they have been discriminated against for any reason. 

Randall spoke then- Have to collect data on individuals that attend meetings to show that people can voluntarily fill out. Dept heads will do training also. All employees must sign off on this and have it in their file also. We’ve always had a non-discrimination policy- the focus here is to assure that everyone who works for the county on federal projects is documented as not being discrimnatory. Se said we worked with partner counties to see about interpretive services etc. We are very thorough and we shared it with the cities locally. This helps them set theirs up. She thinks we are ahead of most counties on that. Listerman agreed. 

Baudendistel edited some issues with misprints caused by copy and pasting issues. They will fix that.
Commissioners adopted the plan policy as amended.

Randall said that Jason Sullivan and Jared Teaney stepped up to do EMS website. She will supervise that. Hope to have a beginning look at that soon. Lynch is very impressed with the people we have in place- great and new ideas. They will be working on this on a daily basis. Fire and EMS will be on this. Our fire debts have been impressed. Even though fire protection belongs to trustees, not commissioners, they are thankful for our support. 

AUDITOR- Gayle PenningtonClaims and Mach 15th minutes signed and approved. 

ATTORNEY- Andy Baudendistel- Interlocal agreements for 911 dispatch- for the towns and cities in the county that we handle dispatch for. Baudendistel read it into the record. (Greendale is the only one that handles their own) Approved and signed by commissioners. These will automatically renew annually. $2500 for 2016 for West Harrison received so far. The money is due April 1- but the new agreement was mailed out Feb 29 so they will be coming soon. 

Two units for Aurora- $20,000 each to be paid. Baudendistel said the agreements include expectations for the transport of patients. Randall said St, Leon is the only unit that does not transport, but receive the same funding as others. So they may be looking at renegotiating their fees as they continue to work wit them and talk thru their plan. Our long term goal is to maintain the volunteer system. Lynch said with this teamwork approach- they work together to solve problems. The additional funds need to go to the appropriate places for encouraging them to provide services. McHenry disclosed his cousin Jennifer?? is on EMS in the Aurora area. Randall also said Aurora is keeping the county in the loop with their issues recently. They will get audited financials. Approved Aurora’s $40,000.

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Randy Frye at D-boro fire dept and local public safety personnel welcome at the program- 8:30 AM this Saturday.

PUBLIC COMMENT- Chris Mueller- requested information regarding Lawrenceburg’s plan to bill county residents with Lawrenceburg water lines and hydrants for fire protection. There is a public hearing April 18 at 5:30 AM in Lawrenceburg Council Chambers on this ordinance. I asked if there was any other situation like this for fire protection in the county. County trustees are tasked with fire protection- not the commissioners. Art Little- former trustee in Miller Township said he has no precedent for this. The water companies handle the lines. The question will be whether there is already a tax in the township covering this or not. Lawrence burg Township has different tax rates than some of the other townships. Though the commissioners do pay for EMS services for all EMS in county including cities and towns. McHenry gave a recap of the meeting 8 months ago where Olin Clawson approached the county administrator with the proposal to bill the county for these services. They had heard nothing since then until the newspaper story last week. It was supposed to be about $5. per month added to the water bill. The ordinance lists it as $5.41 for the typical residential tap in.I also informed the commissioners that the Pribble Road residents had an agreement and paid for the water one and hydrants that went down that road. The contract was from 1990 and the line and hydrants were the property of LM Utilities upon construction. Their total cost was over $37,000 in 1990.  McHenry joked that it was good that I would be getting on Lawrenceburg instead of on them for a change.
[NOTE: I provided Olin Clawson with a copy of that agreement for Probable Road and left contact information for him at LM Utilities after the meeting.]


Meeting Adjourned at 9:45 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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