Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The next Bright 74 Study Public Open House - June 22

**Please mark your calendars…The next Bright 74 Study Public Open House will be held on:

Date:                     Wednesday, June 22
Time:                    4 :00p.m. - 7 :00p.m.
Location:             East Central High School, Performing Arts Center
1 Trojan Place, 
St. Leon, Indiana 47012

**All of the information related to the Bright 74 Study can be found online at
If you have any questions about the study, visit the ‘Contact Us’ portion of the Study’s website to submit an email, or to contact Robyn Bancroft, OKI’s Strategic Planning Manager for this project. The ‘Contact Us’ portion of the Bright 74 Study website is located at:

Please feel free to share the information regarding the next public open house and / or the Study information on the website with anyone that you feel is appropriate…

Mark McCormack 
Director, Dearborn County Planning and Zoning

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