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23 May 2016 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

23 May 2016 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

Present: Dennis Kraus, Jr., Chairman, Russell Beiersdorfer, Mark Lehman, Art Little, Jake Hoog, Jim Thatcher, and Eric Lang

ABSENT: Mike Hornbach and Dan Lansing
Also Present: Mark McCormack, Plan Director, Nicole Daily, Ass’t Planner, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.

ACTION ON MINUTES- Monday Dec 21, 2015 approved with corrections for the attendance of Dan Lansing. March 28, 2016 minutes were approved.  

OLD BUSINESS SCHEDULED TO BE RE-OPENED 1. Request: To address the Plan Commission to discuss modifications to both the concept development plan and written commitments associated with the ‘White Pines’ Zone Map Amendment Applicant: JDJ Surveying & Engineering / Owner: White Farm Development, LLC Site Location: North Dearborn Road Legal: Sec. 20, T7, R1, Map #01-20, Parcel #013 Township: Logan Size: 56 Acres Zoning: Residential-DP 
This item had to be tabled  until next month because several of the letters to adjoiners were returned as not being delivered. The Plan Commission just found out today when they were returned in the mail. Only one other couple was here- the others had been notified via the neighbors. Even the applicant did not come. The attorney recommended that it be tabled as 4 notices had wrong addresses or zip codes. He said he had notified Stenger also and that is why he is not here to present. Lehman motioned and Beiersdorfer 2nded- all approved tabling until June meeting. 


Proposed changes to the Dearborn County Plan Commission Fee Schedule. Modifications to variance requests or conditions of approval are now happening so they have added these to the fee schedule and it’s about 2/3 of the base fee for the original request. This is because some of the work may not have to be repeated. There are sometimes multiple requests and some are inter-related for requests- so they are trying not to overcharge for those. Administrative requests- such as direct access to arterials or collectors- he uses $150 as that charge. Now they are documenting that fee. These reflect alternatives for situations they have run up against in the last few years. Certified survey split fees is $60 for each lot splitting off. Major revisions- for plats that are so deficient occasionally necessitates a increased fee of additional $25 instead of the $10 as current. This is mostly to discourage a bad habit that is developing. There were several amendments to this fee schedule to deal with deficient applications or repeated trips to tech review and time waste. Most of these rates have been in effect since 2006. We are higher than IN neighbors, but lower than OH and KY. The Mills project went OK when in review, except that they built more than they were approved for and so they built something without a permit at first. There are also some review issues on Skally’s set up now coming in. Drainage issues need to have a beefed up drainage ordinance- MS-4 - Multiple storm sewer system - requirements from the state are impending on part of the county perhaps. That MS-4 status is holding up the drainage ordinance revision. Hidden Valley is in the OKI urbanized area - so it has an MS-4 status. Bright has been added to  the OKI map now and so it will have this to contend with also. EPA and IDEM figure in this decision. PC hopes to not put the whole county in an MS-4 as it would put a burden on highway dept. clearing drainage ditches etc in rural areas that don’t need that much. Dennis Kraus Jr. said he’d put in for some money to get this drainage ordinance set up better. Jim Thatcher was pressing hard to get them to see if they could get this set up and maybe compensate the individuals on the board who would be working on this. Kraus Jr. said that he can’t be paid as he is an elected official. They will set up a drainage committee and maybe estimate what it will take to get this ordinance for drainage done by the years end. Report at the next meeting on progress. Printing fees were discussed also especially for the color ink copies. Postal rates will be whatever the current rates are. Lehman motioned and Beiersdorfer 2nd to approve with the exception of the postal rates changing to current rates- effective June 2. The PC approved the fee schedule changes.

Proposed changes to the Dearborn County Zoning & Subdivision Control Ordinances - sign ordinance will be at a later, hopefully less congested, meeting this summer - but the stopping site distance table etc will be reviewed at the next meeting in June. 

Financial Guarantee Report - passed out to the board on May 4. Maxwell has till end of May for Harvest Ridge and he doesn’t have that in yet. He will probably call him to remind him before Mark leaves for his annual fishing trip. 

Comprehensive Plan Update and 911 Project Discussions - The June 30 deadline is to get the testing done by the ed of Aug. They may need to keep the existing vendor on if they can’t get this done in time for 911.  Jamie works staggered hours into the evening to work on these projects with less interruptions. Jim Thatcher wants to know about whether there is a month- to- month cost to keep this 911 contract in place should we need that. Nicole Daily said that they are about 30% in the computer on this work so far. They think they can get this done but it will be tight per Mark McCormack. 911 won’t fail- as they already have the address points - this is the backup system for when there is an address that is not in the system or made up per Daily. Andrea ( GIS) is working with Jared (911)

Discussion of Inter-local Agreement Updates (Aurora, St. Leon, West Harrison)  - Mark gave the update on the Aurora agreement for $5000 more and it does not buy any more time- this is to cover what his staff are currently doing. Commissioners already signed it and Aurora signed it. Just need the Plan Commission to approve and sign. SBOA will require different contracts after this and the county attorney will be updating those interlocal agreements that take in any money. He will then forward it to Council at their meeting. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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