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31 May 2016 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

 31 May 2016 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

Present: Liz Morris, President, Dennis Kraus. Sr., Dan Lansing, Charlie Keyes, Ryan Brandt, Alan Goodman, and Bill Ullrich. 
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor and Teresa Randall, County Administrator

Morris read the Title VI statement that is to be read at every meeting in the county. They provide a voluntary anonymous Title VI survey at each meeting to collect data if needed.
Morris said she appreciates people coming to the meetings and asked that they peak at the microphone for any questions or comments. 

SUPERIOR COURT II- Judge McLaughlin- overtime pay and public defender- said there were a high number of jury trials and court reporters have had to do more transcripts for appeals. This has necessitated overtime pay. Brandt said that he doesn’t see any arrests going down in number- so we have to provide the courts with the necessary funds. Brandt motioned and Ullrich 2nd. Passed out of Riverboat funds. 

COMMISSIONERS- Terri Randall- Legal services deductibles and expenses change from year to year so they are always guessing from year to year on what these may be. They have spent over $60,000 per year beyond the retainer fee for attorney. Claims experience has caused the county insurance to go up and the deductible is now $25,000. You can expect a 5-8% increase in premiums every year. When she came in 2012 she had to get all these policies set up and boards set to be in compliance. Insurance has paid settlements at times as being more cost effective than fighting them. Ullrich said that a lot of these lawsuits were frivolous. With hungry attorneys they take whatever cases, which was irritating when we settled and they really had no merit. Asking for $35,000 to hope to cover to the end of the year. Keyes asked if they could give less and she can come back in September. Kraus moved for $25,000 instead of the $35,000 and Keyes 2nd. Approved.

Lawsuits and settlement funds- $17,219- They have overspent the $25,000 allowed already. They have a 3 year long legal issue that is outside their insurance scope also. Ullrich motioned and Lansing 2nd to approve $17,219. Passed.

SER COMMUNITY CORRECTIONS- Steve Kelly- Salary corrections- the is the way the 2nd JCAP counselor is funded. They have to be paid out of probation user fees per the audit ($38,989). Jennifer Lyness recently left and they put her salary towards the 2nd counselor and the rest went towards health benefits for all of them. They did not fill Lyness’s spot. The court alcohol and drug program fees are no longer able to go thru probation user fees. These now have to be separated. This keeps them within IN Judicial Center guidelines. Lansing motioned and Goodman 2nd. Passed. 

DOC Grants funds- $81,101 for another JCAP therapist to expand the program. This includes benefits, insurance etc.They are adding additional beds at no cost to the county. Morris noted that Rep Frye facilitated a call that produced this grant and that we were ahead of the curve with our jail facilities. People around the state are noticing our JCAP program and others want to open these in their jails per Kelly. Kraus asked if this was ongoing. Yes. And he also got the IU study of JCAP and that it was showing decreased recidivism of 25%. There are 2 years before this study is complete per Kelly. They want to be as transparent as possible about this information. Ullrich said 10% is the norm. Brandt motioned and Goodman 2nd. Passed.

Superior probation- 3 field officers have become probation officers- this requires $32,148 for 2 officers and $36,146 for the field officer and on call. This is their base pay and is owed back to Jan 9th when they become officers. It only increases their total salaries about $3,000 each to get their pay corrected. Goodman motioned and Ullrich 2nd. Passed.

One salary did not have a 2% raise out of probation user fees. Siobhan is a JCAP employee.This is to come out of those fees. Ullrich approved and Lansing 2nd. Passed.

Per Kelly- Judge Cleary received a grant to have a veterans court program for 5 counties. If they complete the program they can get their cases closed in their own county. This is beneficial for veterans who volunteer to help. This will come in again down the road. 

Kelly said there will be a 28 hour employee for community corrections with work release to start July 1st. This will cut the sheriff from having to cover this. There are 7 in work release now. It can house 38. If he can get it above 24 people then he can have a full and part time officer to cover work release. Elkhart County has work release of over 100 people. He may go up there to study how they handle that. 

SURVEYOR- Dennis Kraus, Jr.- New equipment- GPS equipment (10 years old) is wearing out and support from the company is closing in. He is working on getting 3 estimates for replacement. Pennington said the survey corner perpetuation fund had $76,000 plus. A part time employee works one day a week and gets paid out of the perpetuation fund. He works one day a week. Brandt motioned and Lansing 2nd to allow him to purchase out of the account NTE $45,000. 

Plan review- Plan Commission uses surveyor to review all the dirt moving and building processes. Storm water has become a bigger problem.It is not an exact science. Christopher Burke Engineering firm outside the county also has ordinance writing ability and he needs $10,000 to seek out help reviewing these  proposals. He and Eric Lang will probably have an ordinance spelled out to cover this. He needs something interim to cover the county till that ordinance is set up. Brandt motioned for $5,000 out of Riverboat Kraus 2nd. Passed.

PARK BOARD- Jim Red Elk- Park restrooms $2,624 out of their capital account to resurface and epoxy restroom floors to improve traction. Kraus motioned and Brandt 2nd Passed.
Park security improvements- Not comfortable with lighting project yet- so only asking for $13,000 for 3 new gates at Bright, Light fixtures at Bright and at Gladys Russell and County Farm.Kraus motioned and Ullrich 2nd. Passed.
They may come by with more lights and cameras later. He also asked about their int on starting to charge user fees for events at their park shelters etc. He was approved to start looking into the possibilities and bring it back to the Council. 

HIGHWAY- Todd Listerman- was out do to surgery and this was covered by Terri Randall- Morris said most of this is transfer money. 
Bridge #43- Platt Road- transfer $530,000 to this bridge from another bridge that had money left over #128. 

Bridge #88- Johnson Fork Road- need line item for this- Transfer ??? amount approved
Bridge #87- Johnson Fork Road- need line item for this- transfer $25,000 out of bridge rehab. approved.

Bridge #77- This is new money for Woliung Road- $625,000 (this includes some of the 25% of SB67 that can go for other legal purposes) to come from SB 67. Approved contingent on the commissioners approval of the fund. This doesn’t happen unless we get thru the competitive match. We are competing with large cities on this and economic development. Kraus said saving kids lives when a bus goes thru the bridge is more important than competing on the basis of economic development. Approved but not out of riverboat- just out of the SB67 money to come in. Brandt voted Nay- rest approved. 

Transportation Assessment Plan-Pavement asset management plan-  Morris said we do have a bridge plan that satisfies INDOT. We need a road plan and this would be unbiased plan for these. $75,000 from MvHA substitute account-He needs a line item created for this. Approved. 

Morris said we are only eligible for a bridge on the first round as we do not have this asset management plan yet. (The deadline on the first round is July 15.) They are starting to put 1.5 cents out of gas sales tax to this fund for counties to apply. 
$220,000 North Hogan- had to be spent out of paving fund
$130,000 Laughery Rd slip- had to be spent out of paving fund.

PLANNING and ZONING- Mark McCormack- Memo on Aurora Planning agreement- allow then to take in additional $5,000 to pay for the services that we have been giving to date. This will cover a part time intern. No more services will be provided beyond this current level. Commissioners approved and PC and Aurora approved. Approved. Kraus Nay. Except Brandt and Keyes who wants to remove himself from any conflict of interest as Dillsboro gets help like this too- so he’s abstaining from all these agreements with other towns. Four ayes included Morris. 

Legal advertising services for blight elimination program- some will be reimbursed.Needs money to cover this for now. Approved. $500. 
Legal services for enforcement - need $2,600 to cover the rest of the year. Approved. 
Mileage and travel account- needs $150 for mileage for blight elimination and cities/towns needing inspections. The pool vehicle is OK for around the county- but not longer trips. Approved.

AUDITOR- Gayle Pennington- Salary and copier- 12 quotes on copier printer scanner fax- $15,864.77 including maintenance or toner for a year. $5500 for part time personnel services for homesteads. No overtime.  Approved both. One Nay on the copier. 

Veterans service officer- $6,000 grant for transportation. Council approved the grant application. 

Special Crimes Unit- Grant for $5,000 from Purdue Pharma to be used to prevent prescription drug abuse. No match. Approved.

Salary Ordinance changes for 6 deputies that reached their matrix level. They are all within their budget. Approved. 

March 23 Minutes were approved.

Umbaugh and Associates were being considered again for budget- Pennington and Morris brought this up. Morris wanted to continue with them  as they have a higher profile with the state. She thinks that info throughout the year are helpful. It would be at the same rate. Kraus- will they make another $2 million mistake? Morris and Ullrich thought that Cummings wouldn’t have seen that $2 million issue either. Lansing said that everything a fine up to that point- and then it happened. Kraus said Frank Cummings knew the county all these years. A good chance he would have foreseen it. Brandt want dot know if Umbaugh provided numbers for the annex. No that is Maxwell providing the numbers. Randall said that maybe the treasurer used them. NO per Gayle. Kraus said the treasurer used someone else for $5,000 for advice on investments. NO DECISION.

Four Dormant funds $119.74 old dog shelter donations. $2671.43 in payroll from 2011. $0.30 auto vehicle location. County highway project before 2007- $32,818.80. All voted to go to general fund.

Randall said there is an internal controls committee required by state board of accounts. She thinks that council will be pleased. Fist meeting is next week. Anyone who handles a lot of money gets trained on this. Council president is on this unless she wants to get an alternate.

Brandt asked for moment of silence for our veterans.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM
Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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