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6 December 2016 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

6 December 2016 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch

Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Andy Baudendistel, Attorney, and Terri Randall, Administrator

Baudendistel read the Title VI statement as required by law.


Change Orders for Courthouse Annex Project- Ryan Strotman Maxwell Construction- weather so far has helped get pretty far with foundation and the steel is being set. Steel will set the bar for how far they can get with the project this winter. 
Project savings of over $100,000 with various change orders. Some adds some deducts but net is over $100,000. 
Lawrenceburg Municipal utility was an overage.
Bruns Gutzwiller deduct- modified a juvenile ADA ramp and the underground tunnel. Juveniles who are handicapped can come thru basement level to elevator. Plus some other minor changes. $91,312.84 saved.
$4002.60 additional to Bruns Gutzwiller for laminate change and solid surface tops changes to some granite in judges areas.
Paul H Rohe $49,514.85 deduct - steel piers for ADA  and some other minor changes in the project
OK Interiors- Add $2,512.00- Tin ceiling tiles in existing tiles for coffered ceiling instead pf the tin tiles in Humphrey’s courtroom for ease of maintenance
Cook Mechanical - $10,865.00 deduct  of pump and can have gravity sewer instead.
$ 5036 deduct also from Cook Mechanical for one less pump in storm sewer system.
Banta Electrical $1,800 deduct for electrical feeds for the pumps that were eliminated. 

HIGHWAY DEPT. Todd, Listerman, County Engineer- Supplemental #1 RW for Bridge 24 Cold Springs Road for federal aid project. The residual properties on ROW acquisition adding  $8,800 to bring cost of  $37,150 as total for this 80/20 project. United Consulting is doing this design. This is set for Spring 2018 on the construction schedule. Baudendistel reviewed contract. Approved. 

Pavement Asset Management Plan Contract- HWC Eng. for this plan- contract needed to apply for grants for 50/50 match. Requires Bridge plan that we already do, but this plane for pavement plan is required by the new state requirements. $75,000 budgeted. $30,000 was the bid from HWC. They also did some work for Aurora and other entities in the state that he checked with. This allows us to apply for $1 million in grants under the Crossroads project. The actual person who works on this is in Patriot so they are closer to us- he used to work for Aurora. Baudendistel reviewed contract. Approved.

McHenry brought up the Engel issue with the gate from last meeting. Wanted a turnaround there. Gate stays open and county official turnaround is past the gate by the old barn. Per Baudendistel and Listerman.

Tim Grieve, Highway Supt.- Accept Annual 2017 Highway Material Bids and Fuel Bids
All aggregate and asphalt bids were accepted for functionality depending on proximity to the project. 
Asphalt- Rohe Kilby $47 , Rohe $45,  O’ Mara $42
Laughery Valley Ag Coop - Fuel only bid- $2.037 plus tax. Oil $2.418 Diesel- $1.709 and other forms were near that amount for grades of diesel. Approved. 
Aggregates were all accepted also. Watson, Newport, etc all bid on these. Approved all. County will post the details on all of these.

So far we have an abundance of salt and stockpiled 300 new tons in. 
Three individuals have knee issues and so they may be short of help- but he plans to get it all done and be safe. Equipment all in and up to date so far.

Water Rescue Status- Bill Black Jr- apologized for not having the material to them prior to the meeting. Established in 1983 by commissioners and have grown with a lot of equipment. In 2000 they found a foundation under cicil defense with volunteers to help fund this. He understands that Council has taken their funding out of the budget thru EMA. They get less than the $20,000 that each life squad sent. They are hoping that this was last minute and they didn’t expect this to happen. Question- If we were formed as a civil defense agency under commissioners in 1983, does it take an ordinance to dissolve this?
Are we going to still have EMA volunteers? 
If you are going to dissolve us will you still support us by allowing us to use the building under EMA?
McHenry said that he thinks that they can still use the building. Main issue is insurance. And to do it like life squads and fire depts have. Council took them out of some money- but they still get some money out of Riverboat. Hastings and Mollaun- two mayors had concerns about this. Since tree cities are the majority of the riverfront perhaps they can help fund with about $5000 each perhaps. He wants a commitment from the other two commissioners to allow them to use the building still and to continue to work thru this. Baudendistel would have to put together some sort of agreement for this. Approved. $15,000 of insurance they got on their own to cover them for a year. Vehicles used need to be titled in water rescue as opposed to EMA title. Many were bought thru grants at no cost to the county- using coast guard grants and the foundation. Baudendistel said they are incorporated as water rescue and that makes them separate entity form EMA. Port Authority activities may require that they step up to the plate on this as that comes to fruition. Lawrenceburg may get a surprise as to the costs needed to support the port activities. Black said there are a lot of little things to also work out that they use from EMA in the past. McHenry said that the SBOA guidelines on how to do this right now need to be obeyed. He said we will work through this. They appreciate all the work of the volunteers etc. 

Bright 74 Study- Lynch said that they all had received the report and a group of residents that were opposed to the project. He said his recommendation to not proceed with this project at this time. Little said that this is probably 20 years down the road anyway. He 2nded motion. McHenry said this was looked at and that some of this has gotten out of control. It was a good experience and that people got involved and good to hear from more people. Some people said some things that were political. Didn’t want personal shots to be taken. He said no one had any bad intentions or a major highway up there- at least he didn’t. He has met with some private individuals trying to connect people with trails etc that could also come from the study. He appreciates all the time Kevin and Art put into this. There was a lot of misinformation that needed to be addressed. They would never have done anything without listening to the people.. We probably learned some lessons about figuring out how to get more citizens on the board for this.
Lynch said it was a good exercise and the community got involved. It’s been a long time since we looked at a project of that scale.
Commissioners approved the motion to not do anything with the Bright-74 Project at this point.  

Barnes and Thornburg 2017 Contract- $5000 per month in session and $3000 per month for out of session times. $48,000 total. Ties to Governor Pence and this will be good for us per McHenry. Baudendistel said they are helpful and easy to talk to about issues. Six months in session and six out of session. Approved. 

Midwest Data 2017 Support Agreement- This is for the ADM building network data services - Randall added that IT issues and cyber security are big issues. Digitizing records are happening. Cloud based tech etc. The county needs to consider getting an IT person inside eventually. Approved. 

Dillsboro EMS Contract 2016- Randall said she has gotten to St. Leon to get theirs done before the year end. Continuing to work with Dillsboro on response times etc. Milan is also making changes that may give us  some more EMTs available. She’s also looking at more organizing of this process. McHenry noted that Aurora’s missed runs are sometimes when they are running for Dillsboro. A sort of vicious cycle occurs out there in that territory. Milan covers too. They are close to missing almost 50% of their runs. McHenry says that he wants to hold some money or give some to Aurora who is covering for them. Randall said that EMS turned down a generous offer from Fire Dept. and that they were thinking that maybe they needed to pay someone to stay there. Also they only had one more volunteer out of 18 form last training class.  McHenry is over it- they aren’t keeping up. TABLED.

Plan Commission Appointment for Jake Hoog-harder and harder to find a democrat in the county and this spot requires a Democrat per Little. He only missed one meeting this year. Approved.

Park Board Appointment for Doug Burger- approved

OKI Rep Appointment- Kevin Lynch- approved

SIRPC Rep Appointment - Art Little- approved

Support Letter for Lawrenceburg Fire Dept. AFG Application- for radio systems to comply with national standards. Old ones are 10 years old. Approved. 

Certificate of Appreciation to Aurora Boy Scout Troop 637- Rick Probst had help from them during the elections in May and November for patriotic support- Approved. 

McHenry joked that he was moving Abdon up on the agenda due to a 10AM meeting he had to be at. And Al had promised to take him to lunch. Abdon said he was going to drive him to lunch- not pay for it.
Resolution and Assignment of Tax Sale Certificate to City of Aurora Conwell property (presented by Genevieve Emery) and City of Greendale Ridge Ave Property (presented by Al Abdon) Redevelopment Commissions. Both issues were caused by the Resolution was read and approved and signed for each city’s redevelopment commission. 

Proclamation- Indiana Statehood Day and Bicentennial- Sunday Dec 11, 1816 President Madison signed Indiana as a state. Signed. Also a new flag that has flown over the statehouse will be flown here.

ADMINISTRATOR- Terri Randall- none

AUDITOR- Gayle Pennington- Claims and Nov 15 Minutes approved. Meeting schedule will be as usual for 2017, the times may change after discussion in January. 

ATTORNEY- Andy Baudendistel- business property lease agreement with DCRSD. SBOA requires sewer board to pay  lease of $1 for each of three years for the office space they use here in the building. Approved. 

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Lynch- the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor tomorrow- honor our vets and reflect on it.
Little- WW II changed his family- his brother enlisted the day after Christmas 1941 at his ra work toomothers request to wait till then.


LATE ARRIVAL- Randall said- Andrea Shuter was honored at Heart of Gold recipient. She works a lot here with GIS extra too - she deserves it. McHenry noted how much she volunteers at the school and St. Johns also. 

Meeting Adjourned at 10:30 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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