Thursday, December 08, 2016

Dearborn County Park Board Requests Short Survey Takers

Dearborn County Park Board Requests Short Survey Takers

The Dearborn County Park Board has been working on updating our five year plan.  As part of the plan we would like to capture information from residents to help us improve the parks.  Would you be able to complete the survey and also pass it along to persons that you think may be interested?  The survey letter below has a link that will take participants to a quick online survey that will anonymously capture and consolidate the feedback provided.  If they can’t click on the link it can easily be copied and pasted into their browser of choice.

Thanks for your assistance.


Michael J. Hornbach
Extension Educator
County Extension Director
229 Main Street
Aurora, IN 47001
Purdue University is an equal access/equal opportunity institution.


Date:  December 7, 2016
To:   Survey Recipient
From:  Doug Burger

Please take a moment to help us improve your experiences in the Dearborn County Park system by completing the online survey at the following link by January 2nd.
The results of this survey will be added to the information being gathered for the 2017-2021 Dearborn County five year Parks and Recreation Master Plan, and will help guide our decision making for the next five years.  All results gathered from the survey will be anonymous and all information is completely confidential. No information from these surveys will be used for any purpose other than park planning.    

In addition to the survey, the Dearborn County Park Board will host a public meeting to review the draft of the updated five year plan on January 4th.  You are invited to attend the public meeting that will be held at the Purdue Extension Office of Dearborn County, 229 Main Street, Aurora beginning at 5:00 p.m.


Doug Burger
Dearborn County Park & Recreation Board President

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