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28 February 2017 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

 28 February 2017 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes
Present: Liz Morris, President, Dennis Kraus. Sr., Dan Lansing, Charlie Keyes, Ryan Brandt, Alan Goodman, and Bill Ullrich. 
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor and Teresa Randall, County Administrator
Morris read the Title VI statement as required by law.
PAWS- Robin Pelfry- Annual report- operated since 2011 for $120,000/year from the county to help with housing Animal Control and their animals. She went over then report as given to Commissioners at their meeting last week. Most of the animals coming thru the door are coming thru via private citizens. Increased expenses due to more hiring being required as volunteers decrease. It’s a demanding job. Payroll was cut 10% last year. Some leave and trying not to hire more so decrease due to attrition. Adoption fees decreased to stay competitive with the region in order to move more animals. Trying to be paperless in a couple years. Commissioners agreed to work on the ordinance to get a TNR for feral cats. Trap Neuter and return = TNR. New van from Community Foundation. Lawrenceburg paid for their facility with $1.2million in 2011. 
COMMISSIONERS- Terri Randall- Draw $2 million for Courthouse Annex advertised in 2016- 11,573,000 budget and have had $5 million so far. Asking for $2 million. Their sheets are all balanced and match the records in the auditor’s office. Reported the building is going well and should be enclosed by the end of April. The portico will have a drape over it for longer as the glass goes in later. By Oct to Nov they hope to get the prosecutor moved over to renovate the old are for the clerk. Maybe will be used by the public by the holidays. The finish boards for the annex are on display in the Commissioners meeting room. Using reds and blues - as patriotic colors in main areas. Later they can have a hard hat tour. 
Kraus asked how much the overrun on the steel. She said she doesn’t know what the over run amount was. He wants to know how much of the $500,000 was spent on the steel. He asked dit several ways and several times to finally get the answer that they needed the entire $500,000. She said they were going to value engineer other areas to try to make it up. Ullrich motioned and Goodman 2nd to allow. Dennis Kraus and Dan Lansing voted Nay. 
EMERGENCY MGMT/911- Jason Sullivan- RAVE ALERT/SMART 911- $23,750- to allow for a subscription to this. Subsequent years are $20,400/year. Morris said that we have to come out with ways to get the public to use the system and enter their data. Kraus asked about the other 2 companies and was told by Sullivan that they only had partial services. This one combines the services. He said they also priced several other packages. They cancelled their contract with Rapid Notify. that money will go towards this for $6500. This can kick in in early March. Ullrich said their are 40 churches in the county- maybe get word out that way. There are people who go to Easter services and never go to church again till Christmas- that may be a good way to get to them per Ullrich. Brandt motioned to approve $17,250 ( he took out the $6500 they already had)  out of 911 fund and Lansing 2nd. All ayes
County Farm water line $6100- needed to clean and maintain equipment and fill spray tank. LMS is water supplier- This is for a 1 in line. This comes out of County Farm account. Kraus motioned and Goodman 2nd. Approved. 
Playground mulch $4700- Bright Meadows and Guilford for 90 cubic yards. Lots  of Guilford’s washes away. Doug Berger spoke and said it was an industry standard. Kraus motioned and Ullrich 2nd. Approved out of the Capital Improvements account.  
Bright Meadows Camera install $1300- this is an additional one and Ullrich noted they already have some good incriminating videos from out there. Internet power outage damaged one. they bought a spare and get more coverage. Approved. 
 Fence repair $1400- at Bright Meadows. Split rail breaks and 50 rails need replacement. Approved.  
 Baseball Field dirt $2500- 2 fields in Bright Meadows - team coaches will provide labor. Both infields are compacted. Maintenance only. These fields can be used by the public when the others aren’t practicing on them. Approved.  
Park Board appointment of a Democrat was not brought up. 
REGIONAL SEWER DISTRICT- Steve Renihan- operating under a new system this year as recommended by SBOA. There are 3 accounts that normally would have been encumbered by the county. When they moved to a stand alone entity these funds were not encumbered. They are operating at $4500/mo deficit. They don’t get money from the county anymore. They have a treatment plant at High Ridge that they have to maintain. 
Morris wants these funds to roll back int fund 4917. And then they have to request them. 
Keyes asked how much money rolled over. They have $300,000 in their account. Guilford is the hot button out there- about 60 houses to help ultimately there. They need more people to hook on to make their money up. SR 148 area also with 278 customers. Guilford is over a $1million to do. They want to work with Lawrenceburg for Wilson Creek (16 homes) and 148 also and eventually Guilford.   
Stateline Rd project-$91,000- now putting a line up to Bond Road. This money is needed as the bill just got submitted.  Approved to get this out of 4917 to pay invoices for this.  
West Harrison TIF-$36,215.58- Kraus said they should get money from the TIF district for money on their infrastructure. Sewer is infrastructure. This is the bridge at Johnson Fork. They are requiring Utility coordination when INDOT calls. More maintenance and flushing gets required when less customers sign up at first. This money stays in 4917 until needed.
Mount Tabor Project- $24,270.23- This also says in 4917 until needed. 
Frank Kramer the DCRSD attorney said that there is a policy when St. Leon sewer came in to not force people to hook on.Several minutes of discussion on the rule to allow people to opt out in the county.  
PLANNING AND ZONING- Mark McCormack- new computer, hardware and software for office- $3,700 - approved.
AUDITOR- Gayle Pennington- Minutes from Jan 24th approved
Salary Ordinance Changes- Guardian ad litem needed some salary changes in this offices. No new money- just adjusting within the budgeted amount. Approved.
SCU- special crimes unit- How many county officers work for them- asked Lansing- 1 detective and one evidence guy. The other cities have somebody involved, but Greendale does not have one assigned to it. 

PUBLIC COMMENT: Chris Mueller- Asked about the Park Board appointment for a Democrat for the Board. (They are operating with 3 members and a county extension agent not appointed yet as ex officio.) They are working on it and have some names.

Chris Mueller commented- Sewer Board proposal to allow DCRSD to force hookups on sewer lines they are installing and even some they are turning over to other sewer treatment districts.Remember the differences with the rural end of county and issues in St Leon and rescinding that rule would put large hardship there. Perhaps pull out the middle man (the county sewer district) and let the city of Lawrenceburg supply the line and the service in the developed areas adjoining them.  

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 AM
Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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