Tuesday, May 25, 2004

24 May 2004 Plan Commission Meeting Summary

Present members were: Mike Hall, Nick Held, Patrick de Maynadier, Karen Shell, Tarry Feiss, Roger Woodfill, and Dave Schmidtgoesling. Absent: Rick Pope

Two subdivisions were denied at the 24 May 2004 Plan Commission meeting. Each took over 2 hours of discussion at the public hearing.

The 26-lot Golf View Acres Subdivision (29 acres) on Soaphill Road in Manchester Township submitted by Rollander Enterprises was denied. Several attempts to pass it with various conditions failed. This was tabled from April's meeting and still had another 2+ hours discussion at this meeting.

Fox Hole Estates (7 lots - 38.644 acres) on North Dearborn Rd in Kelso) with owner Everett Fox Jr. was tabled by the applicant until June.

The 187-lot (69.369 acres) Heritage Ridge Subdivision by Welsh Development owned by B&Z Development in Miller Township on Stateline Road was denied.
[NOTE:Jeff Hayes- form Planning Director of Dearborn County who revised our zoning ordinances - presented for the applicant.]
Sewer issues were the problem the first time this property was presented several years ago. Road issues with Stateline predominated the discussion this time, as did the single access point for 187 lots. Other issues included drainage and sewer capacity questions and requested variances. Most of the opponents to the subdivision were from the adjoining Hidden Valley Lake community and submitted 268 petitions opposing the development citing negative impacts on their community. High density seemed to be the issue for them.
[NOTE: Sugar Ridge Planned Unit Development with 315 units is across the street from this property now. The impact to Stateline from Sugar Ridge will be significant. Adding another 187 units would further increase this impact of development. Stateline is not slated for further road work this year.]
Denial was unanimous.

Meeting adjourned at 12:30 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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