Wednesday, May 26, 2004

25 May 2004 Council Meeting

Present: Charlie Fehrman, Chairman, Bill Ullrich, Bo Lansing, Tom Cheek, Mark Mitter, and Dennis Kraus. Absent: Aaron Negangard and Cary Pickens, Auditor. (Helen covering minutes for Pickens)

1. Lorie Howard- County Administrator- absent due to illness. Her items were: $60 inadvertently left off when OKI was paid. Cheek motioned, Kraus 2nd. Passed
Harrison EMS contractual amounts for county coverage - $34,000. Cheek motioned, Mitter 2nd to Table for more clarification.

2. Library Capital Projects – Sally Stegner and Mary Alice Horton- Resolution signed for the annual review of their 3-year plan to show continued county support. Cheek motioned, Ullrich 2nd - signed resolution.

3. RSVP- Mary Lewis, program director, and Jack Kennedy, treasurer – primary funding sources for RSVP are Cities, County, Grants, and Federal Funding. Requesting $6,000. They presented their budget and gave short presentation of all the programs they help. RSVP volunteers donated 56,000 hours to the community last year.
Cheek motioned, Lansing 2nd - $6,000 approved.

4. Gladys Russell Park – Steve Walker – Culmination of several years attempts to get water to the park. Now need $27,500 extra to accommodate a second plan because of ROW difficulties with one citizen. North Dearborn Water to upgrade their piping to accommodate the park needs. Kraus motioned. Ullrich 2nd - $27,500 granted out of fund 126 Park Board funds. Verification of the original denial of ROW and documentation of services rendered from the water company are required before payment. (Give to auditor)

5. Aurora Farmer’s Fair – George Feustel – Requested $9,000 from Youth funds. Cheek motioned, Kraus 2nd – FAILED. Eliminated the uneducational elements and granted $3,500 for Grandpa Cratchit (sp?) event. Mitter motioned, Cheek 2nd. OK’d.

6. HVL Parking lot for sports complex – Craig Lysne and Bob Will- Cut the request to $15,000 for paving of a second lot. Cheek motioned, Ullrich 2nd, OK’d.

7. 911 Communications- Charlie Ashley - Grant $101,000 from 911 fund, grant $7500 for equipment repair, grant $12,000 for phones, and table the $2500 for dishes to add to the tower until results of Lorie Howard’s negotiations with tower company are completed. Ullrich motioned, Cheek 2nd, OK’d.

8. Highway Dept.- Mike Davis- updated Council on roadwork.
Requested 203 Fund- $36,000 for East Laughery slip repair in house. Cheek motioned, Mitter 2nd, OK’d.
Tabled from last month- requested $40,000 from cum bridge. Cheek motioned, Ullrich 2nd. Kraus NAY- Passed.
Insurance requested out of highway budget- $81,000 per half year. (property and equipment ins) Tabled till June.
Equipment repairs- $7500 granted- Cheek motioned, Lansing 2nd. OK’d. (Kraus – nay)
$10,000 Truck repairs. Lansing motioned, Mitter 2nd, OK’d.
$5,000 for tires, $2,000 for hardware and tools, $400 drug testing, $1500 cell phones (7). Cheek motioned, Mitter 2nd. OK’d.

Uniforms tabled until they get details on contractual arrangement.
Davis- FYI told them Triple Whipple is being revived with Rising Sun possibly. It’s county’s bridge so expenses would fall in county hands.

9. Jail- Dave Lusby- $80,000 for medical for inmates and $100,000 for meals. Kraus motioned, Cheek, 2nd. OK’d.

10. Building Dept.- Jim Smith presenting for Al Werner - $10,000 for part time help coverage for Don Townsend. Ullrich motioned, Lansing 2nd. OK’d with Kraus abstaining because he missed part of the discussion.

12. Prerogative of the Chair-
Solid Waste Bins will not be lease to own arrangement- IDEM would not allow that- they will still honor the loan payback. Loan signed for UCB Bank. (from April)
Loan signed for Welfare Office with UCB also. (from April)
Gov’t Financial Services contract for $6,500 with Frank Cummings signed. Kraus motioned, Lansing 2nd. Signed.
Budget hearings- dept. heads will have to be there for their budget hearings.
Minutes approved with minor correction. Negangard’s Senator Byrd comment had been eliminated. Cheek – in jest- said he wanted it included.
Mitter (who is also Plan Commission Chairman) informed the council that a new attorney for the Rollander Development was present Monday at the Plan Commission, indicating that the Health Board must have spoken with their attorney about deciding who he was working for. [Note: Richard Butler, previously Rollander’s attorney and Health Board attorney had sued the county for Rollander]

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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