Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Notes from 17 May 2004 Commissioner Meeting

Present: Vera Benning, Acting President, and Dan Batta. Absent: Karen Shell
Present also: Cary Pickens, Auditor, Lisa Lehner, County Attorney, and Lorie Howard, County Administrator.

This meeting resembled a working meeting.

The main items of interest included:

1. Discussion concerning the inspections of road paving and how they were being accomplished. Mike Davis, Hwy Director, replied that there were bonds in place and if anything went wrong in a year it would be fixed under warranty. Implication seemed to be that there was no need to inspect as long as the bond was in place. This seemed to contradict the plan earlier that he was going to see to it that inspections of the work would be done by the Hwy Dept. There were also questions regarding the density gauges that HC Nutting Co. would be using to check the roadwork. The county had owned one of these in years past, but it seems there is no one certified (engineering wise) to use it.
A lengthy discussion on a $0.39 O-ring problem with some of the county’s caterpillar equipment finally concluded when it was determined that the problem was fixed!!

2. Lorie Howard is incorporating more specific language into the paving bid templates so that when they are converted to contracts they will serve the county’s needs better.

3. Owner of a landlocked piece of property is seeking an easement and neighbor involved wants the county to get the easement rather than just a private agreement with the landowner. The two landowners are Ullrich and Knopf (sp?)

4. Vera Benning wanted to table the item on destruction of old trial records from the courthouse until she heard from Judge Humphrey. Lusby and Pennington were in charge of the records and the Records Destruction Committee met concerning these. There was concern that there wouldn’t be adequate supervision at the actual shredding to be certain nothing needed was shredded. They need to get extra appropriations to shred them. (approximately $3200 –3300)

5. Bid documents for jail expansion strategy and architectural design are being written up under the supervision of the county administrator. (Lorie Howard) The team of individuals from the courthouse and community corrections staff are helping design these documents.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
LAwrenceburg Township

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