Friday, June 04, 2004

What do you know about those you have elected?

This is a wonderful idea having homes representing 30% of an individuals income. Lovely subdivisions will be a joy to behold. The only problem is that these homes will not produce enough tax to pay for the schooling of the children. It costs about 6500 dollars a year
to school one child in Dearborn County.

The state, which pays a large part of the school costs, is near bankruptcy. Local property taxes will have to be raised. The state wants to raise the state income tax. Our seniors who are living on small fixed income pensions or simply Social Security will be taxed
off of their property. The developers will snap up those properties for more development.

It seems that we will be electing county commissioners that have a personal interest in development. Watch what happens to Dearborn County.

Alan Freemond Sr.

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