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15 November 2005 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

15 November 2005 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes


Present: Hughes, Acting President, and Fox.
Also Present: Stephanie Disbro, to record minutes (Pickens absent), Messmore, Administrator, and Ewbank, Attorney
Absent: Pickens, Auditor (out due to evaluation for possible heart attack) and Benning (headache and nosebleed)

1. Margaret Minzner- presented an update on the progress of data integration and interdepartmental evaluation of workflows and data sharing possibilities to improve efficiency and customer service. They hope to refine the data flow charts after visiting depts. and want to have the taxes at least- online by Spring 2006 per Bryan Messmore.In response to Fox’s question regarding using other county’s info, Minzner noted that Monroe County has done some of this already and it can be checked out online.
Messmore estimates the cost to be somewhere less than $100,000. Fox wanted to know how long it would take to achieve payback on the system, in terms of employee’s costs etc. Messmore to check out.

2. County Farm Timber Sale- Mike Heffelmire not present- nothing discussed.

3. Pinnacle Advisory- Mike Kramer presented the renewal of the county health insurance with a recommendation that they switch from Mutual of Omaha to GE for their carrier. Network of services and providers to remain the same. He noted that we have a very RICH benefit package here compared to the mainstream company policies, but that the commissioners and council wanted to keep things that way. Commissioners approved the renewal with GE for 2006.

4. Transportation Dept.- Todd Listerman, Cty Eng.- presented an update on FOX ROAD maintenance. Dividing FOX into three sections Kuebel to Bonnell, Kuebel to the cul de sac at 21116 FOX RD (the hill section), and the upper section from the cul de sac to Yorkville Road. He recommended the county maintain and do snow removal for the upper and lower sections but not the hill which is mostly dirt mixed with gravel. Since there is no money and this is not on a priority list, they want to keep the ROW and brush cut and grade it as they are able. If money becomes available they will consider it later for improvements. Fox noted that some people want to build homes off this, but it can’t safely be plowed. Commissioners ratified Listerman’s recommendations.
Listerman also addressed the protesting of snow removal claims for 2004. (Big snow around Christmas 2004) He noted with 24-29’ of snow last year the county had called contractors in to help with snow removal. He stated that he was told that they were told they would be paid FEMA rates and thought that perhaps they didn’t know what those rates would be. Some billed between $85-125 per hour and were not happy with the lower payments. He intends to post these rates and an Operator II class fee to show what payments will be this year. He will send these to the companies who helped out and ask if they want to be on the emergency list for this year. He hopes this will clarify the rates adequately. [NOTE: This happened prior to Listerman’s hire. These guys came out during Christmas holidays to clear snow. It seems that the county needs to consider further payment for that holiday possibly. It would also be interesting to find out what these operators were told when the county was desperate to get help last year…It would not be a good thing to lose seasonal help.]

5. CVTB- Mike Rozow- had no info to share. They signed contract at the end of the meeting.

6. Mayor of Aurora- Donnie Hastings- not present- no discussion.

7. Regional Sewer District- Update- Rodney Dennerline (not present) and Doug Baer.
Baer gave a health dept update on methadone presentation for staff and employees Mon Nov 28th at Agner Hall from 5- 7:30.
Brett Fehrman gave a brief update on the DCRSD stating that they expected to get the IDEM variance this week for Cole Lane and Stewart and that the Aurora Dev. Funding should get notice in the next 60 days or so. They were seeking RFPs for a consultant to consolidate their efforts.
They are considering amending the district boundaries to include all unincorporated areas in the county. They think that Manchester and Guilford are hot spots. [NOTE: For what?] They meet Thurs. night and need guidance Moores Hill may join SDRSD instead of redoing their plant.

Lisa Lehner, DCRSD att’y, briefly elucidated the process of going county-wide and PASSED OUT THE WORDING FOR THE COUNTY TO REQUEST IT, so that DCRSD could take that signed letter to IDEM and quickly get the entire unincorporated county into the district ASAP. The new law that requires notification of the residents in the area goes into effect Jan 2006, so they wanted to do it now. [NOTE: Why is everyone so afraid to let the PEOPLE affected by their decisions KNOW what they are going to do to them?]
Lehner explained that once a political entity requested the district expansion, all she has to do is take that and the sewer board minutes and submit them to IDEM to get the district approved. Lehner met with IDEM this afternoon (Tues) and explained that the DCRSD is getting A LOT OF REQUESTS and that they would rather not do this piecemeal. Any district within 300 ft of the county would have to work with the county now. She also stated they wanted to eliminate the threat of package plants that can be built in the county.
[NOTE: Do they even know when the last package plant was approved in the county? IDEM was over 6 years behind in their inspections of package plants in our region 10 years ago. They noted at that time that they were loath to approve any new ones because of this inspection problem. Recent requests for plants have been turned down.]
It was also noted that Ripley County (Sunman) was extending CTA into Dearborn County and they wanted to prevent that.
[Note: Sunman’s sewers CTA was shown extending into Jackson Township at the recent master plan future land use workshop.]
Lehner also noted that they could revise the territory they cover and cut it back at a later date.
[Note: Was this to make commissioners feel safer signing off on this?]
Commissioners approved the request and signed Lehner’s letter PREPARED for them.
[NOTE: This item was NOT on the agenda- there was no public notice. The paper was not present at this meeting. They did not reference anything in the master plan regarding sewer infrastructure recommendations. The discussion does not, in any way, demonstrate that the county sewer board is ready to take such a big step in administration. In fact, the DCRSD has not even been able to accomplish their first goal- fixing the High Ridge estates problem so as not to have to condemn those properties. They have not obtained the necessary grants that were practically promised by their original consultant. It seems almost arrogant for the board to assume that they have the expertise to take over the entire county at this point. It appears they still have some learning to do. Does this prevent SDRSD from extending to any other areas now? There are far too many unanswered questions and very little PUBLIC discussion.]

8. Messmore- Administrator- noted that insurance consultants will present at the Dec 6 meeting regarding the county’s insurance needs.
Dept. heads were requesting a credit card policy and Messmore wanted to pull ordinances and draft a new policy. Fox was against it. Hughes said he could research it and send it to his attention.
The County Extension office lease contract was signed for lease space the new Aurora Municipal Bldg.

9. Ewbank, Att’y- met with Messmore and Lou Broghammer of the County Park Board regarding turning the County Farm into a County Park- they will come to the Dec 6th meeting to discuss this. Kraus, Jr. has already resurveyed the county farm property and the YES home and garage and animal shelter.

10. The yearly agreement with the CVTB, Chamber, and Redevelopment Commission was signed for the same amount as last year. Council had already appropriated the money. It goes to Council next. Pickens has the annual audit of this per Rozow.
Meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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