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1 November 2005 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

1 November 2005 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Benning, President, Fox and Hughes.
Also Present: Messmore, Administrator and Ewbank, Attorney.
Absent: Pickens, Auditor (Stephanie Disbro took minutes)

Benning announced that there may be changes in the meeting agenda tonight. (Mike Hankins and Brett Fehrman from the County Sewer Board had just arrived.)

1. The proposed changes to section 2546 of the zoning ordinance allowing rigid lockable swimming pool covers modeled after the state codes was passed based on the Plan Commission’s recommendations to approve it.

2. Travis Miller, Planning Director, also answered question regarding the ordinance and procedures on minor vs. major subdivisions based on questions from Hughes. Further research on past reasoning, others counties regulations, and plan commission members thoughts will be looked into by Miller. Hughes felt that it was discriminatory to consider all divisions of a parent tract based on 1989 dates – the point in time that plats were recorded with numbers so that parent tracts could actually be verified. [NOTE: It is interesting that Hughes has gotten complaints that it is discriminatory. The original discussions were to remove family divisions of land because they favored families and discriminated against others who wanted to divide without family as recipients.]

3. Maxwell Construction was not present for the Harvest Ridge Subdivision regarding the INDOT Disclosures for Roadway Improvements to Schuman and Trojan Rds. Bryan Messmore presented the material for signature. Tech review including the highway dept staff approved the plans. [NOTE: These plans reportedly have NO EMINENT DOMAIN included. The improvements have a variance that will allow less land to be used for the turn lanes.] Commissioners signed the agreement with INDOT.

4. Bill Black presented the bid recommendation for 800 MgHz radio system. Commissioners approved MobileComm for $255,655 They also signed the notice to proceed.
The NIMS resolution was signed and all departments that are to be trained have the option of online training for free. Several departments are now considered first responders (ex. Health Dept)
Commissioners directed Black to get with Pickens to get an account number assigned to a non-reverting fund for his savings towards a mobile command unit. Ewbank will write up the resolution for this.

5. Todd Listerman presented the Transportation Dept.’s reorganization plans and new staffing table of responsibilities. He also is now the point authority for the highway dept. Commissioners approved.
He will update the commissioners bimonthly at their meetings. Bids were approved for FYDA Freightliner for 2 chassis, cabs that accept snow plows and 10 ft truck beds for a total of $111,014.
Kaffenberger Trucking got the bid for $60,590 for saltboxes, and 11 ft plows, etc. Both were considered the lowest and best bid.

6. Mark Seiler presented Eagles Nest Drive and Arbor Ridge Estates Subdivision for acceptance into County Maintenance. Both have maintenance bonds for a period of time after acceptance based on their initial construction dates with regard to the ordinance at the time. The target is for two-year maintenance bonds on roadways after acceptance to insure quality per Todd Listerman.Both road systems - Approved.
The Triple Whipple Bridge (Bridge 95) has escalated to nearly twice its original estimated cost to repair. The 80 federal/20 local financing for $700,000 won’t get close to covering enough of the $1,300,000 current estimates. (It may be no longer “cheaper to keep her”)Of the 20 % Ohio County will do 20% and Dearborn 80 %.
The state has lost paperwork etc in the changeover and so they are starting over with an agreement for ROW acquisition. Commissioners agreed. Listerman noted that these federal dollars are Enhancement Funds- not regular Transportation dollars as in highway construction projects. Ewbank noted they should research funding, Ohio County possibly funding more, lifting and moving the bridge to the side as they did the Guilford Bridge, demolition, and decide if it’s really worth it.

7. Benning asked for Mike Hankins, Sewer Board President, to give commissioners an update (THIS WAS NOT ON THE AGENDA)
Hankins stated they were making progress on the West Aurora project for Cole and Stewart Lanes. They should have an answer in 90 days regarding the rural development grant request that has been out for 17 months now. He noted there were bureaucratic problems with the Regional sewer district and the Cochran St lift station in Aurora. They need to get money to upgrade the lift station there so they can pass their sewage on thru it to SDRSD. They have a variance so far to get the project started and this will cover the 340 homes on the west Aurora project. He then invited commissioners to attend at any time- the sewer board meets on the 1st and 3rd Thurs. of each month in the Commissioners room. [NOTE: What happened to High Ridge Estates- they were the original reason the sewer board started a district on that side of the county. Questions have surfaced concerning how any people will be served in Dennerline’s trailer park on Cole Lane, noting that Dennerline serves on this board.]

8. Claims signed.

9. Bryan Messmore asked the board to approve JR Holdcraft to the Animal Control Board at the request of its members. Holdcraft, a L-bg Councilman, was approved.
County cell phones seem to be an issue with some needing new phones because theirs aren’t working “as well as they should be.” Verizon is the carrier and with 70 cell phones it would seem they would accommodate repairs r replacements as needed without having an entire new 2-year contract. Stephanie Disbro states they can’t seem to find a salesman to take care of them. Messmore will check into this further.
The annual bids for standard items will go out this month to be opened Dec 6th and awarded on the 20th.

10. Ewbank reported that Higgins form Schiff Insurance will set specs for the county’s health, casualty, workers comp, and liability for them and meet in 3 weeks. The Freedom of Speech lawsuit with the county is still pending in federal court. Planning and Zoning may be amending some ordinances as a result.
Ewbank has also fielded questions on recording issues with assessor and recorder.

11. Benning and Stephanie Disbro announced that the Christmas party will be Dec 14 from 12-2 during staff lunches and staff pays for their own food.
Due to Advertising fees, the commissioners need to request additional appropriations to finish out the year. Bryan will go to Council for this. It was noted that they are $7216 less than last year’s advertising expenses still.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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