Thursday, February 16, 2006

15 February 2006 County Plan Commission Working Meeting Notes

15 February 2006 County Plan Commission Working Meeting Notes

Discussion at this meeting was on several topics listed below. The consensus was to have Mark McCormack work up a draft as directed for the plan commission to review at February and March meetings for possible recommendations of changes to the zoning ordinance.

1.Commissioner Jeff Hughes brought up parent tract issues. Apparently his brother and others have experienced some issues with costs related to falling into a major subdivision because their original tract had been divided numerous times since 1989.

2.The language proposed might change this to being tracked by deed and limiting to a certain number of divisions every 5 years as other counties in Indiana similar to our have used. The surveyors will be part of the research with deeds on this option to decrease staff administration issues.

3.They also discussed estate planning issues and court ordered divisions.

4.Site distance issues were brought up as well with other options for determining them for single lots and driveway permits.

5.ROW issues for front yard setbacks were discussed. Trying to understand the language and its effect on a uniform building line.

6.Surveyors also were asking about the location of buildings and structures within 100 ft of the developments of surveyed lots. The concern was entering neighboring properties. It was mentioned that it might have more to do with towers and drainage and nuisance issues so that the PC could be aware of those before granting requests.

Lastly the commission asked Mark McCormack how the workload was going with Travis being gone. He stated he had to prioritize things- so they were getting finished but not as timely as he’d like.

The resume cut –off date is Feb 21st with 12-13 resumes. They will select the top 3-4 to interview shortly.

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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