Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Lawrenceburg MDF 2006 Budget - $87,189,746

2006 Lawrenceburg Municipal Development Fund Final Budget as amended Jan 3, 2006
Total amount budgeted $87,189,746

Salary Council 10,000
City Manager 107,050 -city mgr salary for 2006
City Manager 70,020 -CM sec’y and construction mgr sec’y
Salary Mayor 11,000
Salary Clerk treasurer 15,000
Salary Pool 30,000 - up 22,000
Temp help 5,000
Longevity 1,700
Overtime 4,500
Human resource person 41,000
Sick Pay incentive 1,200
Social Security 17,000
Medicare 4,000
PERF 25,000
Unemployment 35,000
Assistant City Mgr 80,000 -Includes salary and benefits
Union pension 5,200
MDF Clothing allowance 950
LERU Ambulance 200,000 -new ambulance and unspecified equipment
Adult center 0 completed
Construction inspector 66,126 M Todd annual contract (Contract adjust?)
Office supplies 5,000 up 1,000 over last year
Computer equip/services 10,000 down from 100,000 last year
Fall Fest 350,000 same as last year
City Christmas party 18,000 same as last year
Copier maintenance 5,000 up 1,000
Eq and computer repair/maint 20,000 up 15,000
MDF Pool servicing 5,000 up 1,000
MDF pool supplies 35,000 same as last year
Law’bg bond bank 0 moved to Private business and public entity
LERU Support Fund 0 finished
Dearborn Cty radio system 0 purchased $1 mil base stations
Winterfest 50,000 same as last year
New police/fire EMS radios 380,000 portables and mobiles for Law’bg
Council private business loan 8,000,000 fund major business loans in Dearborn Cty
Council public entity loans 5,000,000 fund public entity loans in Dearborn Cty
Public 800 MgHz Radio loans2,000,000 new cty MgHz portable radios
Training funds 50,000 15,000 canine- rest for safety training
Remedial operation 200,000
Water dept. support 200,000
Riverfront garage operations 100,000 NRF operational funding for garage
Drug enforcement software 70,000 purchase Drug enforcement software
Electric bills 125,000 same as last year
Water bills 130,000 same as last year
Sewerage bills 120,000 same as last year
Services and consultants 250,000 up 50,000 capital assets/real estate review
GIS mapping 100,000 same as last year
Survey and misc 50,000 double from last year
Legal fees and services 150,000 down from 300,000 last year
Annexation 200,000 same as last year
Spring and fall cleanup 25,000 up 5,000
Travel and other expenses 20,000 up 2,000
Postage 50,000 up 42,000
Telephone and fax 40,000 same as last year
Business cards/stationary 1,000 same as last year
Health insurance 2,200,000 NRF – same as last year/ will +2005 leftover
Infrastructure master plan 25,000 same as last year
Council donations 40,000 down 60,000
New scholarship fund 100,000 same as last year
Old scholarship fund 400,000 up 100,000
Main St Association 185,000 up 10,000 to begin paying board members
MDF Housing Grants 25,000 same as last year
City/Argosy mowing 14,000 same as last year
Subscriptions/dues 2,000 same as last year
Gov’t support grant program 10,000,000 proposed to share with OTHER counties
New city hall improvements 0 completed
Franklin Cty revenue share 500,000 part of revenue sharing program
Install A/C on 3 trucks 0 complete
Upgrade at Hilltop station 25,000 requested by R Abner
Two 1 ton brush trucks 100,000 requested by R. Abner
Upgrade extraction equip 25,000 requested by R. Abner
Fire safety Ed’n trailer 60,000 requested by R. Abner
Fire dept training bldg 325,000 requested by R. Abner
Fire safety building 0 completed
Public warning siren replace 30,000 requested by R. Abner
Filing mgmt and furniture 0 completed
Riverfront Dev. Phase I 0 completed
Riverfront Dev. Phase II 4,000,000 approx 1 mil carried over from 2005
Alley projects 700,000 requested by Clark and Todd
Ludlow Hill Phase II 1,500,000 requested by Clark and Todd
Ludlow Hill 300,000 requested by Clark and Todd
Ivy Tech landslide 25,000 measurement funding
Phase VI streetscape 0 completed
Playground improvements 250,000 requested by Clark and Todd
Phase V streetscapes 0 completed
Florence Dr carryover/retain 240,000 requested by Clark and Todd
Argosy electric substation 4,200,000 requested by M Davis
Annex’n utility improvement 3,000,000 requested by M Davis
L-bg Aurora trail 1,500,000 to finish Phase I and II
US 50 utility mains 500,000 requested by M Davis
Water treatment plant 5,500,000 requested by M Davis
Electrical substation 300,000 requested by M Davis
Electrical distribution maint 200,000 requested by M Davis
SR 48 utilities relocation 200,000 requested by M Davis
Downtown underground 600,000 requested by M Davis
Remedial pump station 0 completed
Gateway project 75,000 to complete project
Gateway electronic sign 300,000 to purchase and erect new sign
Unfinished projects 250,000 up 60,000
Tate St. Park 525,000 improvements along Walnut St
Property acquisition 3,000,000 up 200,000
Used forklift truck 0 completed
Dearborn Cty Econ Initiative 100,000 same as last year
Dearborn cty Chamber 15,000 up 5,000
Dearborn YMCA Teen Ctr 0 complete
Fairground utility improve 25,000 carryover from 2005
Fairgrounds concession 0 moved to fairgrounds improvements
Agner Hall Renovation 100,000 left over from 2005
Fairgrounds Improvements 600,000 2 concession bldgs/new bleachers
West High St Improvement 400,000 to finish current project
Utility Meter improvements 150,000 requested by M Davis
Utility dept & MDF vehicles 280,000 see note below (no note?)
Fuel pump canopy 40,000 up 33,000
Env study for Rt 1 Bypass 1,000,000 eng studies and begin property acquisition
Study W bridge Tanners Cr 60,000 bid from ACE +8,000 extras
Tanners Cr bridge construct 7,000,000 eng and construction of new Tanners bridge
YMCA Bldg improvement 4,000,000 new gym and remodeled youth center
Youth Program operation 150,000 staff costs for youth center operation
CAI Bldg removal/improve 500,000 begin in 2006 complete as much as can
Modified flood control proj 0 abandoned
Ivy tech bond retirement 0 completed
Dearborn Cty Foundation 1,800,000 up 300,000 to cover issues as city requests
Fence Ext at city garage 15,000 from 2005
City Marketing program 75,000 same as last year
Small business grant program 100,000 same as last year
Stormwater improvements 275,000 same as last year
Parks Maintenance fund 2,000,000 NRF- includes 800,000 from 2005
US 50 restoration 0 completed
Ludlow Park Maint. Bldg 0 completed
New storage bldg city garage 150,000 up 50,000 from 2005
Walnut Tunnels renovate 600,000 down 400,000
Scudder park utilities 0 completed
Industrial Dr. improvement 250,000 from 2005
Nelson Dr. sewer improve 0 complete
Center St. Parking lot 45,000 for retainage and carryover
Walnut St. restoration 0 hold to maybe 2007
Bldg/monument maintenance 2,000,000 NRF- up 100,000 -began non revert this year
Ivy Tech college buildout 5,000,000 to be completed by Aug 2006
Library Improve Bond Pay 750,000 ongoing until 5 mil paid off

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