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2 March 2006 Dearborn County Regional Sewer Board Meeting Notes

2 March 2006 Dearborn County Regional Sewer Board Meeting Notes

Present: Chairman- Hankins, Dennerline, Enzweiler, Pruss, Holland, and Fehrman.
ABSENT: John Maxwell
Also Present: Doug Baer, Lisa Lehner,Attorney, Tom Quinn, Engineer, and Bryan Messmore, County Admin.. Note: Jim West of DCEDI was in the audience.

Note: Arrived late and missed the call to order, meeting minutes and Treasurer's Report. Agenda indicated no change in the treasurer's report since the last meeting.


Tom Kent petitioned the Board for Certification for sewer transport along SR 1. He has a certification from Lawrenceburg for capacity and transport; but, needs one from DCRSD to go before the Plan Commission for Primary Approval. He will install an approximately 2400 foot extension from the existing line to the subdivision and approximately 12,000 feet of sewer in the subdivision (Sun Valley Acres). Tech review begins Monday and he need the letter ASAP for the public hearing on March 27, 2006. Passed. LL to draft.

The St Rt 1 Project has been temporarily postponed. Greendale has been contacted for service and can serve it. A letter of Certification will be needed later

Reported for Stewart St and Cole Lane

Quinn reported that Stewart St and Cole Lane permit was approved and sent in for typing and should be available in 1 to 2 weeks.

Quinn was approached by a developer with approximately 300 acres bisected by I 74 and abutting US 52. He plans Commercial and Housing development and wants to build a treatment plant and operate or turn over to DCRSD, which will discharge into the Whitewater River. Apparently the developer has options on 450 acres. He couldn't get agreement for St. Leon to handle. DCRSD wants to potentially use this as part of their load for their part of the St. Leon expansion and will approach St. Leon under the DCRSD as opposed to a new plant.

Meeting with Aurora Officials

Met with the Mayor, but the meeting was unsatisfactory. No present extension of the deadline for Aurora appears in the offing. GRW appears to be designing the Cochran St. substation in a way that will prevent use by DCRSD. Quinn wants to meet with GRW to discuss the design or a bypass. Dennerline and Baer to join Quinn. If there is a bypass Cochran St. is of no consequence to DCRSD.

Meeting with VRUC Officials

Not sure how to help resolve.

St. Leon TIF District and Sewer Update

The TIF District at St. Leon ( as well as two others) was approved by the Plan Commission. The Districts have to go before the Commissioners on March 7, 2006. Wolpert is starting to work on the study.

Letter to the Legislature

The letter is for earmarks and it has gone to the Stag(?) Grant Process.

New Business

There will be an update meeting on a weekly basis with Woolpert on the study progress. They want to prioritize and move St. Leon up in the priority because of the TIF District. The meetings will be Wednesday at 4:00 PM by conference call.

Cruse(?) of Sunman was at the meeting seeking information (and seed money) for a regional sewer district Sunman is starting. DCRSD will share information; but, has no money to share.

Meeting adjourned at approx. 7:45 PM

Ralph Thompson
Washington Township

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