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18 May 2006 Dearborn County Regional Sewer District Meeting Notes

18 May 2006 Dearborn County Regional Sewer District Meeting Notes

Present: Hankins, Chairman, Maxwell, Enzweiler, Holland, Pruss, and Fehrman.
Absent: Dennerline
Also present: Lehner, Attorney, Quinn, Engineer, Baer, Health Dept., Messmore, Cty Adm.
Audience included: Tom Kent, Vera Benning, Mr. Z (Starlight Reception Center), Bob Hrezo, Jim West, and Jerry Jacobsen.

Special Requests:

Board went over Peter Ellis, O’Brien Engineering update on Chateau Pomije- trying to extend their pump and haul permit until the sewer access can occur.

Bob Hrezo passed out his detailed portfolio of projects, experience, and credentials of the Hrezo Engineering staff. He asked to be considered for future engineering work and stated he “didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes”, but wanted the board to know that Hrezo Engineering was available to do work on their sewer projects.

Mr. Z- Starlight Reception center- presented his request that the board consider going to Dillsboro for sewer as they have current capacity to p/u about 100 people between him and their lines. He had met with Scott Fortner. Maxwell and Hankins both talked about their meeting with Fortner also and the I&I concerns if they went thru town. Going out west required 3-4 miles more of pipe. They also said Dillsboro had higher sewer bills. R. Z thought there would be decreases as more came on due to higher volume and economy of scale. They will have more info by next meeting.

Old Business:

SDRSD gave then a favorable recommendation and that letter is being presented to Council on Tues when they ask for money.

Stewart St and Cole Lane have 5 contractors bidding to be opened at June 6 meeting. Enzweiler stressed getting ins to cover after construction liabilities if flooding or back-ups occur. Baer to talk to agent at Seitz about this. Lehner said the county engineer said he wasn’t comfortable inspecting the project [NOTE: Wouldn’t this would be outside his job description and add duties to an already full plate?] She also asked Hrezo if Chad Kramer was on his staff and could he inspect? Hrezo said yes and that he could also do it. Hrezo to give them a price on about 2 hours a day.

Some easements needed on Cole Lane because ROW is not big enough. Maxwell informed them that Cty Eng. keeps current records on ROW widths. Unsure about WHO will obtain the easements from discussion.
[NOTE: This project is ready to start- and they don’t have this ready?]

Hankins- Letter to residents in draft form is in packet advising them of bid process and being unsure about fees.

Quinn passed out colored maps of the Aurora interceptor options. Wanted to open cut to save $$s. Creek crossing issues exist- open cuts saving $1.5 mil estimated. ( Environmental impacts?)
Quinn to redraw avoiding creek crossing. Maxwell stated (stressed) that he needs to meet with GRW- there ought to be a discussion with them first. Quinn noted GRW’s pump station had excluded everything we’d bring down US 50. [NOTE: Hence Maxwell stressing GRW involvement in this design and decision. It would be fruitless to work at cross-purposes.]

St. Leon Meeting- Hankins discussed Serenity Ridge crossing LMH territory- so DCRSD will bring feeder to St. Leon for 6-7 homes with no septic sites, that can’t be built yet.
[NOTE: This was a known problem when that sub’n was approved years ago. How did the lots get sold?]

Lisa Lehner to work with John Watson on an interlocal agreement for sewage transport. They need it for activity on SR52. Lehner said that Watson and she agreed to settle on territory to be covered. They will draw lines on maps to show current area and beyond that we will transport to St. Leon.
Hankins note St. Leon does NOT want DCRSD to have equity in the plant, but would allow us to participate in the board of directors. “They see us as a great big guy putting his arms around the little guy and squeezing…”
Enzweiler- we need to stay out of there and let them fund capacity- we pay tap ins and they make money off us. The agreement just has to make sure we have a guaranteed capacity.
Hankins- we don’t want to get in a bidding war with private entities over capacities.
Fehrman- thinks the cty needs some ownership interest in St. Leon – maybe even a plant across the street. Would we have a say in fees or capacity?
Enzweiler- What about DCRSD- we have a big chunk of money invested- we need to concentrate on the bulk coming to SDRSD.
Lehner- we have a lot of debt? Hankins thought $4-5 mil with St. Leon.
Baer asked if Rosewood property was in the county- Yes. They need to keep that in mind with negotiating territories. [NOTE: SD Schools paid approximated half a million for a larger line out that way. Reference school finance officer]


Much discussion on setting tap fee- cty range is $360-$4,000. $500 talked about- no decision. Quinn noted MSD in Cincinnati- used $3,000 for NEW homes and less for existing houses. Figuring new homes bear the cost of line extensions and capacity increases required.

Staff will be taking over part of break room downstairs for about 18 months till office space is created.

Maxwell and Hankins - Need to look at Woolpert draft as homework to be sure lines are accurate etc. Maxwell questioned some of the lines. Stays as draft until review.

Fehrman said Aurora was looking to partner with DCRSD- they have no debt now- but are about to incur $3 mil in next few months. Lehner said law on regional sewer districts gives them a lot of flexibility.

Holland will rep the DCRSD at the Moores Hill meeting.

Still having problems with the Rural Development grant and GRW’s apparent lack of info on the filings. [NOTE: This grant may have more problems because of the larger area they took in originally. The income guidelines changed as developers jumped in faster and property got bought for Ameritech etc. An experienced grant writer may be able to quickly ascertain the viability of this grant now.]

Meeting adjourned 8:40 PM

After the meeting I requested a copy of the claims and budget information from the inception of the district to the present time from Doug Baer. When claims are paid at meetings it is often hard to hear and unclear as to what is being paid. Baer has it in Excel format and will email.

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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