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3 May 2006 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

3 May 2006 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Hughes, Acting President, and Fox

ABSENT: Benning and Pickens [NOTE: There was no county police officer at this meeting]

Also Present: Ewbank, Attorney, Messmore (for half meeting, then went to “Farm and Park Board meeting”), Stephanie Disbro, subbing for Pickens.

GIS – Margaret Minzner- gave an update report detailing progress on parcel data entry, shared costs, and shared data entry saving county dollars, and the new ortho formats. Data is being updated to show new homes and buildings in the county as well.

Linda Johnson and group from Bright (via daughter Allyson and also Norm Andrews) presented their input on the proposed rezoning of land for Maxwell’s Hidden Acres development. The actual rezone hearing ahs been scheduled for May 16th Commissioner’s Meeting due to the time frame requiring public notice publication for the hearing.

The power point presentation included slides detailing:
The existing community was outlined and handouts to commissioners showed 4 subdivisions in Bright with vacant unsold new homes. Buffering and density concerns were discussed including why the landominiums and condos weren’t shown at the PC meeting, when they actually increase the overall density of the project. (These were on the parcel already zoned R and so were not part of the rezone acreage) Slides showed the surrounding acreage pointing out that Ag use and rural lands are on two sides of this project. A horse farm very close to the S curve on the feeder road was pointed out as an issue. Local school system issues were brought up with taxation increases and quality of the education being a concern. Infrastructure was detailed- citing NO HYDRANTS- and that the fire chief wanted them. All volunteer EMS and fire were a concern with the large population. The sewage smell and runoff from LMH’s plant was discussed. Concerns that the county let LMH cover what was county “territory” were brought up. (DCRSD claimed all lands not currently served by sewer in Dec 2005) Flood prone areas were depicted, as were huge drainage issues from Tucker’s adjoining developments and plant. (These pictures and descriptions were detailed- it is clearly a problem) Road accesses were also discussed. Pictures showed the quality of roads, lack of enforcement, and safety issues with kids driving and hill hopping. Allyson ended with a request that they consider the CURRENT homeowners needs and usage of their property as equal to the needs of the sellers.

Norm Andrews petition was to strongly consider the wildlife habitat, the 300 + signers of the petition against the development, and the drainage issues.
Hughes suggested they contact Soil and Water Conservation District. They had- but no reply as yet.

Allyson also asked why the adjoining property owners aren’t given the “required 30 days notice” on these requests. They have little time to prepare their side of the issue.
They are to contact PC about this…
These items will be repeated at the public hearing on May 16th.

Todd Listerman- Transportation Director had 8 items for approval:

1. Commissioners signed the $40,200 contract for Bernardin, Lochmueller, and Assoc to do the design for Stateline and Stephens intersection. Construction to be completed by end of 2006. He’s hoping Macke can get the light in concurrent to some of the construction.

2. Listerman approved to go to Council May 23 to transfer funds to cover the construction costs for #1 above from the MVH subfund (formerly the bituminous fund)

3. Listerman approved to go to Council May 23 to transfer funds to cover removal of an underground gas tank in D-2 garage to be replaced with above ground tank per IDEM and EPA regs. Cost to be approx. $15,000.

4. Listerman approved to go to Council for transfer of funds to replace 2 dump trucks and get the trucks on a rotating schedule of replacement. This was a problem from several years ago when almost all the trucks were replaced in one year. He wants to do a couple each year so as to budget more easily. Amount is about $200,000-using Major Moves money (about half will cover this)

5. The proposed paving list for 2006 was presented: Roads were paved with only one course and no topcoat. Notice most of these roads are in D-2 and 3. Only One is in D-1, but it has a big price tag. One road this year (Fox)and one next year (Rumsey) are being done because they “PROMISED THE RESIDENTS THEY WOULD DO THEM” per Fox. Rumsey Road will be done in 2007. Rumsey Road residents have meeting minutes documenting their requests.
FOX ROAD (0.46 mi) WILL BE IN 2006. [NOTE: WHEN did Fox Road residents get promise this? Are there minutes to corroborate that? Fox Road is already PAVED (to less than 16 ft) and was widened to 16ft. This paving will add pavement to the road. There are few residents on this road. Rick Fox and his brother and their spouses own almost 90 acres that only has access on this road. They do not live on the acreage. Land cannot be developed along a road that does not have adequate width.]

ROADS TO BE PAVED IN 2006 with estimated costs: total about $ $903,000 including additional wedging, striping, and driveways.

District 1-
Sawdon Ridge- $189,108

District 2-Asche - $96,980
Blue Creek - $89.443
Ester Ridge - $16,520
Fox - $42,746
Kueble- $42,891
McManaman - $14,961
Schwipps - $36,241

District 3 –
Grimsley - $9,292
Huesman - $106,867
Ireland - $58,893
Pollard - $43,614
Probst - $16,727
Rice - $12,928
Stewart St- $10,082
Voltz - $10,325

A point system is being used to get all future paving done and a priority list generated. This list finishes up the “old” roads requiring topcoats etc.

6. Listerman approved to request $100-150,000 from Council for Striping on centerlines. He gave a list of striping schedule to the commissioners. Listerman wants it done in the summer to set the paint well. List is based on ADTs greater than 1000.
He also will monitor to this. Cost is 18cents/foot for double yellow lines.

7. Budget adjustments in the dept due to attrition have allowed Listerman to upgrade all laborers to CDL drivers. He wants each to have the additional $954 annual pay and they will now be able to snow plow 24 hour round the clock. 5 people still are in the process of obtaining their CDL this year to be able to drive the trucks.
Engineering and safety training are being funded. He is also using part time summer help for inventory on bridges and data entry. We are getting resource tracking software similar to Rush, Franklin, Ripley counties. This will enable Listerman to see where costs are going and track equipment usage and personnel costs.

8. Listerman is pursuing money to pay for the Bell’s Branch Bridge and sharing costs with Ohio County and the federal funds. He’s taking $45,000 out of the $578,000 cum bridge fund to start this. Construction should begin in 2007. This already has an INDOT DES s #.

Claims and minutes were signed.

Ewbank noted that a suit was dropped from an inmate claiming the law library in the jail was insufficient.

Fox asked about Dutch Hollow road- Listerman said he is waiting on further input from the residents on their requests. Nugent and INDOT are coming to the county to look at intersections on US 50 and Dutch Hollow and also Blair road for safety issues.

Rebecca Laile called Benning regarding assessment issues and Benning asked her to be put under Hughes name at the meeting, She was a no show.

Meeting adjourned at 8 PM
Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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