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St. Leon Redevelopment Commission Meeting

St. Leon Redevelopment Commission Meeting May 3, 2006
by: Helen Kremer

St. Leon held the second meeting of the Redevelopment Commission on May 3, 2006.

The St. Leon Redevelopment Commission meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month, at 6 p.m., at the St. Leon Firehouse. There are five members of the Commission. David Alig--President, Cliff Bishop-Vice President, Paul Alig--Secretary/Treasurer, and two other members Jerry Bodicker and Vernon Hensley, John Watson is the attorney.

The Commission was formed because of the town's TIF (Tax Increment Financing) status.

The By-Laws to the St. Leon Redevelopment Commission state:
" I. Purpose
1. The St. Leon Redevelopment Commission (the "Commission") has been formed to carry out the public purposes of clearing, replanning, and redeveloping areas in need of redevelopment; planning, replanning, developing and redeveloping economic development areas; and all other purposes consistent with and as prescribed by the provision of IC 36-7-14 and IC 36-7-25, as amended from time to time (collectively, the "Act").

Paul Alig read the minutes.

John Watson stated the Bond applications were filed. He also stated that Jim West (Dearborn County Economic Development) wants to set up a meeting with a couple of St. Leon Redevelopment members, and maybe he (John Watson) would attend also (if the members wanted him).

John Watson said Jim West wants the meeting set-up so R. Fox (Dearborn County Commissioner), and Brian Messmore (Administrator) could attend.

David Alig said he would email Jim West and set-up a meeting.

JIM WEST DOESN'T WANT AN OPEN MEETING, John Watson told the St. Leon Redevelopment members.

The Redevelopment Commission members discussed they would hear where they are coming from (Dearborn County). Watson said an issue could be sewer expansion. Cliff Bishoff asked what kind of jobs and businesses are we looking for? The members talked about getting jobs for young people in the community. The Redevelopment Commission agreed that David Alig would contact Jim West to set-up a meeting.

If too many members attended the meeting, there would be a quorum (3 members). Because of the Sunshine laws, they would not have a forum. They will listen and hear what they have to say, and bring back the information to discuss at the next Redevelopment Commission meeting.

A general discussion took place regarding towns in the SE Indiana area being considered for a Toyota plant. John Watson stated he has heard these people (Toyota) have not asked for anything.

The members mentioned the hiring of Joe Rathz to write the Comprehensive Plan, Zoning and Subdivision ordinances for St. Leon. Also, John Watson told the group that Dearborn County Planning and Zoning office would help St. Leon.

The meeting was adjourned.

St. Leon Planning and Zoning Commission meeting was held at 7:30 p.m.

The members are Cliff Bishoff, Doug Farrow, Kevin Alig, Rodney Eckstein, and Jerry Bulach.
The first issue was billboards-- Larry Weaver (sp.?) wanted permission to have double billboards in the community. Although, Mr. Weaver presented this issue before, the decision was to table his request, and Rodney would investigate further. They will contact Mr. Weaver about a future decision.

Other issues were the addition of a garage, and it met the standards.

The Deddens were to get a legal description of property, and the Commission would sign off on it.

Two issues were discussed about additional lots being divided, and another person requested a swimming pool location--but the applications were not formally brought before the Commission--the applicants have to meet the requirements, and present to the Commission in the proper format

The Commissioners then talked to Mr. Joe Rathz, who will be completing the Comprehensive Plan, and the Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances. He said it would be completed in four phases. He would do it for $35,000, and he believed it could be done in one year.

He would like a steering committee of 10-15 people (a diverse population) of farmers, a plan commission member, a town council member, stay at home mom, people who commute to the city, people who work near here, etc.)

They will then have 1 or 2 public meetings explaining what they are going to do. They will send out a public survey of 6-8 pages, and distribute as many as possible to get a good representation for the steering committee.

Doug Farrow motioned they hire Mr. Rathz, and Kevin Alig seconded the motion.

The meeting was adjourned.

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