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17 October 2006 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

17 October 2006 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Hughes, President, Benning, and Fox
Also present: Messmore, Administrator and Stephanie Disbro sitting in for Pickens.
Absent: Pickens, Auditor, Ewbank, Attorney, who was out of town.

No uniformed police officer was present.
Register Publications covered the first half of this meeting.

1. Commissioners voted to deny the Med Ben Appeal from executive session that preceded this meeting.

2. Gayle Pennington, who was not on the agenda, was asked to present the Lowe’s contract for the Auditor/treasurer software package that Pickens requested from Council and then Commissioners to replace the $250,000 + package that they had approved also at his request only a couple years ago. The “old” package through New World didn’t provide the tax software as promised. Only certain components of this NEW software are compatible with the Assessor’s software.
Ewbank had reviewed the Lowe’s software contracts and the commissioners voted to sign them.

3. Dillsboro and St. Lawrence Schools were “recognized” for getting the Blue Ribbon Award. No one was present from those schools for this.

4. Bob Hrezo of Hrezo Engineering gave pictures and an update on the YES Home and asked commissioners for a letter of support to go to Indy regarding the historic portions of the next phase of the YES Home renovation & remodeling. Commissioners voted to sign letter of support.

5. Todd Listerman – Transportation Director and County Engineer- gave update on the Jenny Lynn Drive and Old Orchard phase 3 issues. He showed the intersections were safe at least as far as site distance at posted speed limits.
At Old Orchard and Jenny Lynn the posted limit is 20 mph and the site distance required is 140 ft. Turn L is 155 ft and R is 500 ft. They will remove some trees at the left side though the residents were hoping to retain as many as possible since it too 16 years to grow them back after the tornadoes.

With 26 houses on Jenny Lynn and 140+ on Old Orchard they may do a 3-way stop sign there.
At Jenny Lynn and Stateline posted limit is 40 mph and minimum site is 280 ft required. South is 800 ft and north is 418 ft. At 55 mph north is 315 ft. minimum, so the intersection is still OK. Only a couple accidents recorded there since 2003.

Listerman posted the stop sign and warning signs of the intersection before the dip in Stateline.
Hughes asked about getting emergency access only there at Old Orchard and Jenny Lynn and not a through street. Fox concurred. They stressed that it was NOT to be a street used for construction, as it would then become a street because people would get used to it being there.

Commissioners felt this Stateline access was not that safe still and didn’t want Old Orchard to create a through street there.
Jim Kinker spokesperson for Jenny Lynn Drive residents thanked them for their decision

5. Public Hearing for Maxwell Development Zone Change from Ag to R on the Farm Golf Course 124.81 acres on Mount Pleasant near North Dearborn. McCormack presented the staff reports and plan commission certification of a favorable recommendation. There was no public opposition and only one representative from Maxwell Construction present.

[NOTE: I left the meeting at this point to attend the Candidates Night Broadcast for WSCH at the Adult Center. The rest of these notes are from verbal information given by Stephanie Disbro, Commissioner’s Assistant]

Zone change passed with commissioners agreeing that the commitments from PC also be honored.

6. Claims and minutes

7. Messmore- Health Board Appointments: Commissioners reappointed Dennerline and Hankins to the Health Board. Their terms expire on Dec 31st.

[NOTE: Plan Commission reappointment of Rick Pope made prior to expiration in 2003 was voided by commissioners on the advice of their attorney, Ewbank, in 2004. Shouldn’t this same rule apply to this appointment?]

8. Extensive discussion of the Shumway Building and some structural problems was held. This is beyond the scope of the building inspector so they will probably have to hire a commercial inspector.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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