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5 October Dearborn County Regional Sewer District Meeting Notes

5 October 2006 DCRSD Meeting Notes

Present: Chairman, Hankins, Fehrman, Enzweiler, Pruss, Holland, Dennerline, and Maxwell
Also Present: Kramer, Attorney, Quinn, Engineer, and Benning, Acting Secretary
Absent: Doug Baer, Health Dept.

1. Tom Kent Perfect View Subdivision requested letter allowing Greendale to service his subdivision, as he is going forward with primary approval. DCRSD had already voted to allow this. Kramer is to come up with letter and terms for this agreement with Greendale.
Kent said he is running a 4-inch line to Greendale.
Maxwell asked if this was gravity
It isn’t.
[NOTE: Greendale has gone to considerable up front expense and foresight to install gravity along SR 1. It seems shortsighted to not continue this pattern all along the main along SR1. As needs develop, the line will gradually advance out SR1. If the county can come up with some funds to help Kent continue this line it would be a good step toward the future. SR1 should not be built out- but it is an excellent feeder to SDRSD and all the roads leading down to it could access that line by gravity also. Pressure lines may be cheap now, but we will probably regret this decision to let a 4-inch access this.]

2. Serenity Ridge update- LMH is continuing with extension of their CTA to gain the south half of section 28, 26, and 33 in Logan. This will mean Serenity Ridge may work with LMH directly. Approved minutes would allow Tucker to do this. Residents who already have septic- less than 2 years old are questioning why they should be forced to incur this expense.
Dennerline explained that PRIVATE sewers like LMH couldn’t force them on if their septic is working. He also told the to check RULE 25 which gives citizens the right of recovery for costs of installing lines that others hook onto later.
Maxwell was concerned about having to buy out LMH later at larger costs if the county was able to coalesce all these districts somehow. Wanted to know of we could do a conditional release of these areas to LMH.
Board tabled this till Kramer can explore this further. Will decide at the next meeting. IF THIS DOESN’T GO THROUGH LMH, Hankins told the Serenity Ridge people they were committed to serve them.
[NOTE: Back when this subdivision was proposed by Jim Stotts, the PC knew there were septic issues on some of these lots and in discussion they were supposed to be marked as unbuildable. How did people end up owning them?]

3. Woolpert Update- Hankins said they had a couple small tasks to get answered and final document should be here in short order. [NOTE: whatever that means.]

4. Mariah Business Park- Mark Rosenberger- Bayer Becker Engineering- This is 55 acres – 41 usable- near the St. Leon area around UCB’s newest branch and adjoining the new school property. Benning to get a letter together for Rosenberger to take to St. Leon to allow them to serve this area.
[NOTE: It seems like the county took over all the land not served and is giving it away, piece by piece, just creating layers of paperwork and bureaucracy for anyone trying to get service.]

5. Cole Lane and Stewart St. had to be rebid a 3rd time due to inserting the old due date in July instead of the new one in the bid documents. Bid will be in Oct 25 and Nov 2 should have the recommendations from Quinn. Four bidders are Lykins, O’Mara, Harold and son, and Jeff Meinders of CH&M Excavating.
Maxwell asked if we were installing the main line. Aurora installs the pumps and they own the line. Quinn said we incur about $320,000 in costs to get reimbursed over time. Hrezo designed the main line. If we get Aurora to inspect we don’t have to incur $7500 inspection fee. Quinn to ask randy Turner if they want to inspect, since the line will be theirs. He will also get his a new set of plans.

6. West Aurora and Highridge Estates- Woolpert reviewed those plans- all options are expensive. They could build a wastewater treatment plant in Washington Township. They could transport to Dillsboro. Costs each are about $3 million. Board sees little chance of future payoff. Dennerline wants to see Aurora at contract signing time in Jan or Feb and ask Hastings again- if he’ll sign for a variance and let them dump to Aurora. [NOTE: So Aurora fixes their problem and then adds enough to get out of compliance again? I don’t understand. If we are willing to incur expense to service serenity Ridge- a SMALL subdivision, why aren’t we willing to incur expense here?]

7. St. Leon Update- Hankins met with reps up there recently and there was a spirit of cooperation that we are going to try to take advantage of while trying to install lines on the I-74 corridor. Maxwell noted that St. Leon’s money issues have improved and stabilized and they are more confident now.

8. Claims to be paid- Quinn Engineering had increased expenses due to multiple rebidding on Cole Lane and Stewart Street. [NOTE: If you make a mistake do you charge your employer to fix it?]Quinn’s contract is increased by $2,000.

9. 2007 budget has a line item for DCRSD of about $70,000. Hankins noted- we have our own line item now.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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