Tuesday, October 24, 2006

When Money Talks...

Well, the numbers are out. The Honorable Johnny Nugent received donations of 271,632.55 dollars. Now that is a lot of money to anyone who is not a politician. I had written a letter to The Honorable Senator asking for a contribution to the campaign of the Republican candidate for Dearborn County Commissioner. The Honorable Senator sent to me a handwritten letter, the salutation of which was Dear "Friend" etc essentially stating that he has no money available; he has to raise cash for his own campaign. It was nearly pathetic. I felt sorry for this selfless servant of the people who calls me "friend."

Lo and Behold, hocus pocus, money suddenly became available for the campaign of Aaron Negangard in the generous sum of 50 dollars. More shocking is the donation to the Republican Central Committee for Dearborn County of 1450 dollars from this Honorable Senator whose campaign he feigns is in penury. This committee, and our Honorable State Senator in my opinion must be the handmaidens of the unrestrained development and increase property tax crowd. They have refused to give one cent to the campaign of the Republican candidate for county commissioner.

Now financially conservative people, and the famous Club For Growth refers to people like these as RINOs. This is an acronym, for Republican In Name Only. This is a breed of political animal which uses the cover of the name of Republican to advance their own personal goals.

Note to The Honorable Senator and his friends in the County Republican Central committee. IF the shoe fits, wear it. This writer was indeed born at night, but not last night.

Alan Stanley Freemond, Sr.
Jackson Township

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