Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Two Wall Street Journal Articles of Interest to Dearborn County

Two Wall Street Journal Articles of Interest to Dearborn County

The WSJ Economic Roundup section in the Monday, June 11, 2007 paper is something fellow citizens might want to read--very interesting information..

Articles abound--such as, "Take the Money and Don't Run-- re states continue to lure businesses with promises of tax breaks and grants. But now the deals come with a catch: You don't get the cash until we get the jobs." They talk about a NJ "clawback" provision, where a company moved, and they are forced to pay back the money they received.

Also, there is an article regarding casinos, "Bad Odds-As more states look to win the economic jackpot with casinos, evidence suggests they are playing a losing hand."
Of the top 20 U.S. casino mkts. by annual revenue, in millions of dollars, No. 12 is Lawrenceburg/Rising Sun/Elizabeth/Vevay, IN- 795 million. Source: American Gaming Association.

If you do not receive the Wall Street Journal, it is worthwhile to go to the library and read The Journal Report (Economic Roundup, pp. R1-R12, dated 6/11/2007). Or, a copy of the WSJ issue including the Economic Roundup Journal Rept is available for $5 per copy. Phone 1-800-JOURNAL, fax 1-413-598-2259.; phone 1-800-843-0008;

submitted by Helen Kremer
Logan Township

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