Friday, November 16, 2007


DEARBORN COUNTY UPDATE FOR 2008 on An interview with Dearborn County Administrator, Bryan Messmore. (Approximately 22 minutes)

If you have a high-speed internet connection and working speakers connected, simply click on the following direct show-links to listen or copy and paste it into your browser. If you would like to download your own copy of these shows, they are available 'free' on the flypod website along with nearly 400 other show selections --


Anonymous said...

So we are still trying to find ways to finance county capital projects and playing a shell game with gambling dollars.

Alan S. Freemond, Sr. said...

I listened to all 22 minutes of the FLyPod/ Messmore interview and a few questions arise:
1. Who is the interviewer and what about him?
2. Who controls or owns Flypod?

The interviewer asked softball questions in a rather servile voice. The questions were obviously scripted and one wonders who helped the intercviewer make up those questions.

I found it offensive how they breezily dismissed the idiotic disaster of Vieste.

No one owes up to having found and recommended Vieste to the County Commishes. that is troublesome. Who did it and why?
I had always assumed that Messmoe was a neutral civil servant. However from this pathetic interview it is obvious to my way of thinking that Messmore is enchanted by the developer bunch ie the C of C and DCDEI.

Again he mentions the Northern portion of the county for development. I don't understand
what part of "We don't want you, stay the hell away from us" does Mr. Messmore and his collegues not understand.

Is it not a simple coincidence that this interview was put out a few days before the Commishes decide on which map of the land use plan will be accepted? Messmore referred to the first two maps as "restrictive".

That is what we want, however others who are not residents of the Northern townships of the county want to turn it into somethng what one sees along I-275 along the way to the KY airport, turn it into another Florence Ky.

If indeed 1/3rd of the county revenues are from the gambling boat(herafter referred to as the piggybank for Dearborn County)
and there is a fear that the boat may leave someday we ought to invest that money for a rainly day; instead Lawrenceburg sent 10 million dollars to Greensburg which needs that money as we need a second DCDEI.

We've got to continue our reforming Dearborn County politics and let that RINO Central(Republian) Committe hang out to dry.

Anonymous said...

The interest in the NW Quadrant was all about cheap rural land, bought up by politically connected developers only to have such land rezoned into commercial property, thus assuring great finacial windfalls to these politically connected developers. Hence all the secrecy of the NW Quadrant "push!"

The owners of the land in the NW Quadrant know now what is brewing, therefore they will not be "giving away" their land for the enrichment of the politically connected few in this County, thus the interest in the NW Quadrant will fade away because the easy, fast dollars are no longer just a few "insider" steps away!

Part of our DCEDI's "Movers and Shakers" business plan for success was to keep the residents of the NW Quadrant in the dark until the "right" people could make their moves and their profits!

Anonymous said...

Apparenty, the DCEDI and the Chamber of Commerce see financial growth in this community by the scamming other, less "important" members of this community, as "good business" for all of us!

As long as the "all of us" is narrowly defined as the same old "connected" development interests in this community!

Anonymous said...

Our landowners are required to sell their land at bottom basement type prices to realtor/developers and those landowners who do not sell their land are expected to subsidize the sewers of these self-same realtor/developers.

Throw in a few tax abatements and other sweetheart deals...and there you have "GROWTH" as cooked up according to the Dearborn County realtor/developer penned recipe book!

Anonymous said...

Messmore was so far up into Vieste you wonder if he was on their payroll.

Anonymous said...

Or his "mentors" were.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the comments up to now. The posters up to present seem to have a keen insight into the workings of the insiders and how they function.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking someone posting here has somewhat of an official resume?

Fishing for felons?

Anonymous said...

Some would advocate it is not "fishing" when the fish are so ravenous and predatory to be vaulting into the boat head first, landing, comically, into the bait bucket.

Give your heaving gills a breather, the long-liners have discovered your unexceptional and criminally unremarkable avaricious pattern.

Unless you would like to end up in the same ice chest as your blind herring subordinate swimmers.

Bait is only bait if the targeted fish cannot oblige itself to let it pass without interest.

Anonymous said...

Don't you have bigger fish to fry?

Anonymous said...

There is always room in the fryer.

Anonymous said...

"...and there you have "GROWTH" as cooked up according to the Dearborn County realtor/developer penned recipe book!"

To date, all the DCEDI and the Chamber of Commerce has come up with for their recipe for "GROWTH" is the transference of wealth from the powerless to the powerful.

Neither entity has shown any interest in the creation of wealth!

Strong-arming dollars from one Dearborn County Citizen to bestow on another Dearborn County Citizen is not "GROWTH!!!"

It is just political bullying!!!

Anonymous said...

Has either the Chamber or the DCEDI come out against the innate inequity and unfairness of forcing those already on functioning septic systems to, by force of law, prop up the business interests of those who require sewers for their dense developments in rural settings?


The “Nancy Boys” of the Chamber and the DCEDI have no concept of self-reliance and self-sufficiency…they are true-blue followers of the “Name It And Claim It” model of prosperity!

Problem being…these “Nancy Boys” feel no reticence in “Naming And Claiming” what is owned and paid for by someone else!

Anonymous said...

Let's face it. They are political theives.

Anonymous said...

"Let's face it. They are political theives."

From the very moment "some" in our local political and legal environment viewed sending out letters "forcing" our neighbors to subsidize their developments, they became, and will always be, thieves!

Those able to cross such an ethical and moral divide, will do anything, no matter how base, if they are able to gain the requisite power!

Anonymous said...

When the “demand” for dense development into the rural “hinterland” becomes so great as such that said “demand” bespeaks a willingness of those “demanding” these developments, to pay for all the infrastructure amenities needed for this expansion, I will accept as true, the now seemingly empty rhetoric foisted upon us all by our local impulsive realtor/developers, that those of us already living in the this “hinterland” are somehow sojourning “growth” and are in someway selfish as to the needs of our follow brethren and/or their brood!”

Anonymous said...

Well, obviously, if our realtors and developers can foster demand by having their political whores force the rest of us to finance and subsidize development...those, always looking for a bargain, will certainly flock to this County's once pristine pastures and woodlands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Who are the people scripting this interview between prodevelopment Messmore and the servile Gary Puckett? Neither is intelligent enough to mastermind the continual programs to turn the County into the piggy bank for the developers.

Who are the real perpetrators and puppet masters? Gary Morris? Bill Ritzman and E G McLaughlin? Boyer?
Maxwell? Others? Who are the businesses that are working in secret? If we knew, we could boycott their business to get their attention and send a message that we do not want another Hamilton County over here.