Monday, December 17, 2007

17 December 2007 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

17 December 2007 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

Present: Hall, Chairman, Feiss, Held, Nelson, Thompson, Kraus, Jr., Laws, and Cheek.
Absent: DeMaynadier.

Also present: McCormack, Planning Director, Rademacher, Enforcement Officer/Planner, and McGill, Attorney.

Feiss mentioned in the roll call that this was her last meeting. (She has given notice that she does not wish to be reappointed.)

Proposed changes to the zoning and subdivision ordinance were discussed. The fence ordinance changes proposed because of issues with line of sight and high fences with visibility issues were tabled and the PC wants to see the state law on these also. They were concerned with fences in the Ag zone and not wanting to cause problems there.

Section 236 and 2335 on drainage on coordination with Soil and Water were given favorable recommendations to go to the commissioners. Due to some enforcement problems, the PZ and the Building Inspector will be meeting with Soil and Water also to iron out procedures and policy.

The 2008 PC meeting schedule was approved.

The annual report is nearly finished and will be distributed in January to the PC.
Mark McCormack attended the Home Town Competitiveness Program Meeting with The Community and Rural Affairs and Purdue. They are using the pillars as discussed in RISE 2020 also. He will keep the PC updated on their progress and see if the county proceeds with the plans.

McCormack will be the PZ rep to the OKI Fiscal Impact Study.

St Leon is not pursuing the buffer zone and they are holding on approving their Comp Plan till we finish ours. West Harrison and St. Leon renewed their contracts with the county and Mike Ionna will continue to help them as their planner.

Vehicle update- the “new” car will be arriving this week. Commissioners gave permission to trade in the old vehicle as part of this.

The commissioners indefinitely tabled the Comp Plan Map. Once they act on it – if they send it back to the PC the clock starts ticking and they have 60 days to get back to the commissioners. McCormack met with Hughes and Fox separately to help answer questions.

There is a list of 4 people interested in serving on the PC that McCormack will give to the commissioners at their next meeting for their consideration.

McGill advised the board that Macke filed bankruptcy and so the county cannot proceed with their suit against him. Anyone working in this PUD will have to comply with the PUD requirements. The lapsed bond is still an issue. Thompson mentioned that LLC and corporations should probably be required to list their “players” so that the board knows whom they are dealing with. Some of the LLC’s in Sugar Ridge could be Macke for all they know.

Kraus, Jr. wants the PC to look at access points on collectors with low vpd traffic counts. (Yorkridge and Lake Tambo)

McCormack brought it up and some PC members were considering a social dinner or beverage tonight as a yearend event. No business to be discussed.

Lastly, the staff had been given copies of all the news articles on the Master Plan since Sept 2006 for the purposes of showing that it was widely publicized. McCormack will present these materials the next time the Map Amendment is considered by the Commissioners.

Cheek plans to be at the January 2008 meeting as the Council meets the next night and will appoint his replacement then.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township


Alan S. Freemond, Sr. said...

IT is so simple. Problems such as those with Macke would not occur if liquid assets were put up as collateral for letters of credit or any instrument that requires loans and trust. Collateral must be maintained at 120% of the loan. That is the customary practice. They must put their assets into a bank, preferably out of this county (think of the local banker who are in the DCEDI and might show pity for a fellow member or synchphant). Then no problems.

Why does not this county demand collateral for any endevours?

It would be great if we did that for TIFD bonds instead of sticking the taxpayers with the guarantee of the bonds.

Why does not the bond bank level with us as to their problem with Fortune development and Fortune's problem with the bond bank or L'burg or whoever?

Next we must investigate TAX ABATEMENTS, like who gets them, what benefits accrue to the county taxpayers from them etc etc ad nauseum.

It is all so easy IF!!!!

Anonymous said...

"McCormack met with Hughes and Fox separately to help answer questions."

How great will it be not to have two "special needs" Commissioners in need of constant tutoring!!!

Did these two get through high school using the same Ewbank "cheat sheets" as they have used throughout their tenure as Commissioners???

Anonymous said...

How many after-hours reports are Rick and Jeff requesting for this mess of a dcrsd, that "no one" was properly informed about?

This Comp. Plan is a simple guide line, with no present affects on anyone.

The dcrsd is a mess TODAY...trying TODAY to affect Citizens TODAY of this County TODAY.

But I would guess Development Interests will not soon be giving neither Rick nor Jeff "marching orders" to block the machinations of the rogue dcrsd board.

Anonymous said...

I expect they will be campaigning soon with some more trumped up versions of what they think the master plan map should be.

Hughes: I believe in PROPERTY RIGHTS!

Fox: A person should be able to sell their land for the highest price! (Unless I'm trying to buy it- then I want a good deal...)

Here's a solution- guys- just make the whole county an industrial zone. Then we all get the highest price and the highest assessment!


Anonymous said...

"McGill advised the board that Macke filed bankruptcy and so the county cannot proceed with their suit against him.

Another Remnant of the Benning, Fox and Hughes administration of the public welfare “wink and a nod” to ALL Development Interests, that the taxpayer will be their final guarantor!

Because all development is good…even if it bankrupts the taxpayer!

As long as Benning, Fox and Hughes got their little pat on their little heads from their big Development Masters!

Anonymous said...

How about TIF'n another power plant on US 50? That growth should "float ur boat" & sink the property tax boat.

TIF'n and Abatin' growth at it's worst!

Anonymous said...

"Hughes: I believe in PROPERTY RIGHTS!"

Like the property rights of those using what should be "public" inside information to buy cheap land in order for a quick profit turn over at that property's true market value?


Like the property rights of DCRSD board members to shop around for cheap rural property, THEN, forcing others to pay for that cheap rural property's sewers, basically changing the value of that land overnight, permitting great profit windfalls for such DCRSD board members?

Thanks, but no thanks, Jeff!

Anonymous said...

If I buy rural land hoping to develop it, no septic system "emergency" just happens!

When a dcrsd board member buys rural land hoping to develop it... overnight septic system "emergency" is set in motion and becomes the top priority of the dcrsd board to protect the public health from such septic system "emergency!"


Anonymous said...

And High Ridge Estates is still dumping raw sewage into Hogan's Creek!

While Rick and Jeff play games with a comp plan that is largely academic at this time!

What about the "property rights" of those owning “property” on Hogan's Creek, which is becoming a sewer slough?

The DCRSD, that both Rick and Jeff brought into existence by their empty-headed fiat, with little or no public input or knowledge of its formation, is blocking any attempts to fix High Ridge until one of its board members extorts sewers for his proposed subdivision…

…and Rick and Jeff are too busy to do anything about it, because they are under ORDERS to expend all their energies on blocking the comp plan!

Anonymous said...

Give Jeff a well pump and let him feel and taste water. I think that episode was what helped Helen Keller. He is such a fool.

7:21 solution is the only solution that will fill the needs of the corrupt and stupid; however, in the end it's the map that looks the most conservative that makes sense. Did Honda have all that land already zoned commercial/industrial? Um no? That's the deal. The industrial movement needs to come to the table with what they have as a proposal. Not make the whole county zoned or forecasted industrial. Rick, I think you see the big picture now with Ralph. Admit it and move on. There is no hope for Jeff. He just needs the well to feel and taste water for the first time.

Anonymous said...

"Rick, I think you see the big picture now with Ralph. Admit it and move on."

When Rick stands up to Ewbank and makes a vigorous "PUBLIC" appeal to the DCRSD to change their thieving ways, then I will believe he sees the "big picture!"

One editorial by Rick posted in the Journal or Register, expressing his concerns about the DCRSD would go a long way in tethering back up the crooked board of the DCRSD!

Anonymous said...

Quiet whimpers that maybe possibly forcing hookups should not be done, does nothing to protect our families, friends, neighbors and Rick' constituents from the thieving and conniving bastards at the dcrsd.

Anonymous said...

"One editorial by Rick..."



Anonymous said...

Does Ewbank serve at the pleasure of the commissioners?

Who appoints, hires or retains the commissioners' attorney?

Anonymous said...

Does Ewbank own this county outright or is it a lease to own deal?

Anonymous said...

"One editorial by Rick..."

Bob Ewbank will tell Rick that there is "no legal controlling authority" allowing him to exercise his political free speech by writing any editorial that is not vetted first through Ewbank and Kramer and the dcedi editorial approving staff!

Anonymous said...

Does Ewbank own this county outright or is it a lease to own deal?

I heard he is leaving his "ownership" of County Government and its public officials to his kids in his will.

Anonymous said...

The Dearborn County Republican Party Leadership will soon be viewed as Kryptonite to any and all decent folks wanting to run for office for reasons of FOSTERING the public's best interests!!!

Anonymous said...

The comp plan map is pretty much simply a true representation of how normal development progresses out from existing develoment and existing infrastructure.

However, now that development owns a sewer district, they can force their sewers and force everyone to pay for their sewers whenever and wherever.

Damn the costs to the taxpayers!

Anonymous said...

However, now that development owns a sewer district, they can force their sewers and force everyone to pay for their sewers whenever and wherever.

The commissioners should have this control, not the dcrsd. The control is still in the commissioners hands they just have to act and dissolve the dcrsd band of thieves.

Anonymous said...

Remember, maintaining the ability to force the powerless on to the powerful's sewers to underwrite the powerful's development, was the main reason Ewbank, Pickens and Morris worked so hard to rig the last commissioners' election by springing Linkmeyer on us!

Ewbank and Morris are not going to let Rick and Jeff stray into "the best interests of the taxpayers faction!"

Rick and Jeff's jobs are to promote the best interests of Bob and his "associates!"

Anonymous said...

Jeff needs to be fired for taxpayer insubordination. Rick and bobby need to be observed during the commissioners meeting to see who's leading whom!

Anonymous said...

How much would you like to bet that Bob Ewbank, is "NOT", this very moment, conspiring ways to let the voters' voice be heard, no matter how it might affect his selfish and parochial interests?

A "fools" bet I know!