Wednesday, December 05, 2007

4 December 2007 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Hughes, Chairman, Thompson, and Fox
Also Present: Pickens, Auditor, Ewbank, Attorney, and Messmore, Administrator

Kuebel Road – Commissioners signed a letter to Mr. White detailing the county’s position on the matter and Mark Siler (Hwy Dept) will mail it.

The Future Land Use Map amending the Master Plan was tabled again. Fox stated he wanted more time to review it and that he wanted to be certain that proper notice was given before they consider it at a meeting. Hughes agreed. Fox motioned and Hughes 2nd. All 3 voted Aye to table. There was some discussion again about notices to the radio and wanting then to use the press releases as written. Hughes laughed when he asked McCormack if the radio had told McCormack to “jazz it up” a little.

[NOTE: In fairness to the media- they were probably unaware of the effect a small change in wording had on that notice. Another point to consider is that it is hard to get the public’s attention with a dry press release or a public notice. The public is used to pictures, ads, sound bites, etc. They need a REASON to go these meetings. The wording of the announcement can affect attendance.]

Planning and Zoning- Mark McCormack- was given permission to trade in the old vehicle and negotiate a price for a “new” one. The new one will be about $9,000. The old vehicle has transmission issues among other problems.

American Structure Point- Kurt Fowerbaugh- presented the draft of the Bridge Inspection Inventory Report. He wanted Commissioners to have it now- as it was going to take some time to get the final report approved by INDOT. The binder was about 4 inches think and they have pdf files available for those who want digital and easily searchable copies. There are several bridges rated scour critical and others that need to be replaced- but money is not available. 15 bridges in our 145-150 bridge inventory have lives of less than 10 years. They did summaries to help prioritize the Transportation Dept.’s work.

Heapy Engineering- on Walnut Street in Lawrenceburg- John O’Brien- turned the podium over to Michael Berning to present LEED ( Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system and sustainable design.

Berning detailed several large public corporations winning LEED classification as Silver, Gold, or Platinum design. Walmart, Ford, Honda, Toyota, etc. He talked about the east and west coasts leading the country in LEED designs and that 22 states require it. (IN missed it by one vote last session- IN is still modeled on the 1992 code and they currently are up to 2004 in other states) He said 30 colleges and universities also do this. The most significant part of this presentation was that LEED could actually increase productivity and save costs long term. The idea that being “green” saves money (the other “green”) was mentioned a couple times throughout the presentation. Commissioners took the information under advisement- no action.
[NOTE: Are grinder pumps considered to be "green"?]

Commissioners approved the 2008 Calendar for their meetings. Check the newspaper for publication in the future.

Dearborn Chamber of Commerce- Mike Rozow asked Commissioners to sign their 2008 contract- same as last years’ and approve the $75,000 budgeted to them. They get $25,000 from the county commissioners, $50,000 from CVTB via the Redevelopment Commission, and in addition $18,000 from CVTB as a management fee for them. [NOTE: Why does the COUNTY Redevelopment Commission meet at the chamber offices and not in a county meeting room?]
Thompson asked if they file tax form 990 (nor non-profits.) Rozow said yes- Thompson asked to table this until he had a chance to review that form. Commissioners voted to table.

Gary Hensley- Assessor- (not present- but Thompson presented for him)-Update on the DGLF-(DGLF – Dept. of government and local finance- is the old SBOA- state board of accounts.) Threatening letters from DGLF were sent stating they might revoke Hensley’s certification. Thompson talked to several offices in INDY and they now understand the work load we are under. Pickens noted that the young lady who was sending the letters was finding out that this was not the way to get things done. He also stated that Hensley walked into one heck of a mess. Hughes said Hensley is doing a good job- straightening things out. The PTABOA is hearing 100-125 appeals a day now.

Mark Siler- Transportation Dept. - gave a 20-minute report. (Listerman was not present).

Golden Road Acres (3 homes) at the end of Maune Road was accepted into the county road system as a 150 ft cul de sac.

Dakota, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado of Rocky Mountain Estates were accepted in to the county road system also. They have 91 homes of the 129 lots built out.

Jenny Lynn Drive and Old Orchard Subdivision was discussed. Decision was to place signs at the end of the existing road, put a stone base in and cover it with 2 inches of topsoil seed and straw so it doesn’t look like a through road. This is for emergency access only to Old Orchard. The county will rely on neighbors to tell them if it is being used for non- emergencies and they will contact sheriff to enforce that. Hughes wanted an ordinance with a fine for that. Thompson wanted the developer to pay the cost of stone, soil and seed, as part of their subdivision. Siler will call Tucker and advise them at the next meeting of his response. Cost will be less than $1,000. Thompson said- it’s still Tucker’s responsibility.

Artimis letter was signed and sent to INDOT. Hughes asked Thompson to stay on as point man on this project with OKI and INDOT, the Feds, KY and OH as well.

Ewbank is reviewing the contract with INDOT and the county on the Triple Whipple.

Asphalt, fuel, and stone bids were opened last week and the commissioners voted to accept ALL the bids.

Nugent called the Transportation Dept and is interested in helping with Artimis funding issue.

The DCEDI board of directors and executive board were acknowledged by written consent from the commissioners. (The county is a member of DCEDI) All three voted to accept this.

Claims approved. Minutes are not finished due to tax calls. Pickens hasn’t had time to look at the GIS tax items yet with the one township that was completed.

Messmore- Hometown Competitiveness Update- made it to the final round and final selection will be in December. Phase 1 assessment takes 4 months. He said many county people were at the meeting on this- the Chamber, Planning Dept, Purdue Extension, Greendale, Lawrenceburg, IVY Tech, and local bank representatives, etc. [NOTE: Any CITIZENS?] Messmore was also at a rural summit in INDY talking about teaming up regionally on projects to get match money.

Ewbank- no new lawsuits. He will have an annual list for commissioners of all actions pending at the year’s end. There is one suit on strip-searches still out. The county insurance is defending the county in most of these claims.

Thompson- congratulated Commissioner Hughes on all his wife’s hard work on the birth of their son.
Fox concurred and added plus his name is a mile long.

Hughes responded to a question from the public- that the boy’s name was Henry Alexander James Hughes- named for his grandfathers.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, Rick and Jeff, but the question still remains as to your joint desire to inform the public as to the formation of the DCRSD!

Any willingness on your parts to "survey" the public as to their understanding of the DCRSD's objectives and the inherent costs to the public?

Or is your "concern" only peaked when development interests might not get everything they want in any particular public action?

Anonymous said...

The County is a member of DCEDI? What did the County pay to join? Can the public attend their meeting? What time and where do they meet? I want to attend and learn the secret word of the day and the secret handshake.

Anonymous said...

County Commissioner Fox and Council rep Fehrman are both on the board as teh County's reps.- see their website

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to Hensley's promise to get his staff all certified?

Anonymous said...

Rick and Jeff better, post haste, put together a few more tax dollar draining entities like the DCRSD before they are voted out of office!

Apparently, they, like Vera, need the dough generated by tax dollar financed pissant subservient jobs as patronage hire secretaries!