Saturday, December 22, 2007


A Christmas Cease Fire

This year I propose a new twist on an old tradition. Think of it as an experiment where we try a time period on the blog for nothing but positive comment from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day.

I’ll leave the creativity to the bloggers on how to achieve this, because from what I read at times, I know there are bloggers out there with good things to say about our county life and our neighbors.

Merry Christmas!

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township


Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays...may all your cares and woes be flushed away!

Anonymous said...

Christmas Parrot

One day a man walked into a bar and sat down next to a guy with a parrot on his shoulder.

The bartender said, "Cute parrot, does he talk?"

The guy with the parrot says, "He does more than just talk, watch." The guy lit a match and placed it under the parrots left foot. Then the parrot started singing "Jingle Bells", it was a Christmas Parrot.
The guy then placed the match under the right foot and the parrot then started to sing "The 12 days of Christmas."

The bartender said, "That's incredible". He then asked, "What does he say when you place them between his feet?"

The guy said, "You know I never tried that, let's see."

When the match was placed between the feet of the parrot the parrot began to sing a familiar tune... "Chesnuts roasting on an open fire."

Anonymous said...

In a small Indiana town there was a "Nativity Scene" that showed great skill and talent had gone into creating it. One small feature bothered me. The three wise men were wearing firemen's helmets. Totally unable to come up with a reason or explanation, I left.

At a "Quick Stop" on the edge of town, I asked the lady behind the counter about the helmets. She exploded into a rage, yelling at me, "You Buckeyes never do read the Bible!" I assured her that I did, but simply couldn't recall anything about firemen in the Bible. She jerked her Bible from behind the counter and ruffled through some pages, and finally jabbed her finger at a passage.

Sticking it in my face she said, "See, it says right here, 'The three wise man came from afar.'"

Anonymous said...

C'mon Chrissy, I want to be a scrooge.

Anonymous said...

Carols For The Psychiatrically Challenged

Schizophrenia --
Do You Hear What I Hear?

Multiple Personality Disorder --
We Three Queens Disoriented Are

Dementia --
I Think I'll be Home for Christmas

Narcissistic --
Hark the Herald Angles Sing About Me

Manic --
Deck the Halls and Walls and House and Lawn and Streets and Stores
and Office and Town and Cars and Buses and Trucks and trees and
Fire Hydrants and.....

Paranoid --
Santa Claus is Coming to Get Me

Borderline Personality Disorder --
Thoughts of Roasting on an Open Fire

Personality Disorder --
You Better Watch Out, I'm Gonna Cry, I'm Gonna Pout, Maybe I'll
Tell You Why

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder --
Jingle Bells, jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle
Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells, jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle
Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells, jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle
Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells, jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle
Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells, jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle
Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells...

Anonymous said...

I like Dearborn County's scenery and wild life. I think hunting and fishing in Dearborn County is a great asset. It's a treasure that needs to be protected. We need to protect our environment as we develope our County's future. Life is a balancing act!

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2008 from a long time Dearborn County resident and current blogger.

Anonymous said...

There has to be places like West Chester and NKy...but there also has to be beautiful, peaceful places such as Dearborn County!

Anonymous said...

Ah, Christmas! Time to buy a dead tree and eat candy out of
your socks!!!

Anonymous said...

This has been a tough year for jobs in Dearborn County. In fact, there've been a lot of cutbacks this Christmas season alone.

For example, this year's Chamber of Commerce's Nativity scene, the usual three wise men were fired and replaced with one really smart Asian guy who works cheap.

Anonymous said...

My neighbor told me Santa Claus was in the hospital. I said, really, what's wrong with him? He said he had a herina operation. I said "how did he get that?" He said I heard he tried to throw his bag over his shoulder.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

He said I heard he tried to throw his bag over his shoulder.

Been there, done that...then the director yelled cut.

And that REALLY hurt!

Anonymous said...

The three wise men arrived to visit the child lying in the manger. One of the wise men was exceptionally tall, and bumped his head on the low doorway as he entered the stable.
"Jesus Christ!" he shouted.
Joseph said, "Write that down, Mary; it's better than Clyde!"

Anonymous said...

Why does Frosty the Snowman always hang around Lowes' Lawn and Garden Department come the first of November?

Because that is when the new shipment of "Snow Blowers" arrive!

are you happy now, christine, that you called this "cease fire?"

Anonymous said...

Overhead On The Wise Men's Journey To Bethlehem

Man, I'm starting to get a rush from this frankincense...

You guys ever eat camel meat??? I hear it tastes like chicken...

You know, I used to go to school with a girl name Beth Lehem...HOT!!!

What kind of name is Balthazar anyhow??? Phoenician???

Hey, do you either of you know why "MYRRH" is spelled with a
"Y" instead of a "U"???

Shouldn't we have a least passed one "Cracker Barrel" by now??? This
Camel jerky is beginning to taste like my ride's upholstery!!!

Humping??? Humping???? I said ride the camel between his two humps! You are so walking home!!!

All this staring at that freaking star while riding this sorry-assed camel with three of its legs out of alignment is making me woozy!!!

Be honest with me guys, do you think my camel finds me attractive???

Anonymous said...

Vow of Silence

At a monastery high in the mountains, the monks have a rigid vow of silence. Only at Christmas, and only by one monk, and only with one sentence, is the vow allowed to be broken.

One Christmas, Brother Thomas is allowed to speak and he says, "I like the mashed potatoes we have with the Christmas turkey" and he sits down. Silence ensues for 365 days.

The next Christmas, Brother Michael gets his turn, and he says "I think the mashed potatoes are lumpy and I hate them!"

Once again, silence for 366 days (it's a leap year). The following Christmas, Brother Paul rises and says, "I am fed up with this constant bickering!"

Anonymous said...

It's not Christmas Eve yet, so I really wish Santa brings Jeff and Rick lumps of coal.

Anonymous said...

It's not Christmas Eve yet, so I really wish Santa brings Jeff and Rick lumps of coal.

Keep up the "pressure" on rick and jeff and their lumps of coal...someday they may end up with diamonds...enough to pay for all the sewers of all their benefactors who placed them into office...

...what a merry Christmas that would be...

Anonymous said...

Years before law school and "public" service:

It was coming up to Christmas and bobby asked his mom if he could have a new bike. So, she told him that the best idea would be to write to Santa Claus. But bobby, having just played a vital role in the school nativity play, said he would prefer to write to the baby Jesus. So his mom told him that would be fine.

Bobby went to his room and wrote ' Dear Jesus, I have been a very good boy and would like to have a bike for Christmas.'

But he wasn't very happy when he read it over.

So he decided to try again and this time he wrote 'Dear Jesus, I'm a good boy most of the time and would like a bike for Christmas.'

He read it back and wasn't happy with that one either.

He tried a third version. 'Dear Jesus, I could be a good boy if I tried hard and especially if I had a new bike.'

He read that one too, but he still wasn't satisfied.

So, he decided to go out for a walk while he thought about a better approach. After a short time he passed a house with a small statue of the Virgin Mary in the front garden. He crept in, stuffed the statue under his coat, hurried home and hid it under the bed.

Then he wrote this letter. 'Dear Jesus, If you want to see your mother again, you'd better send me a new bike.'

Anonymous said...

A woman went into a post office to buy some stamps for her Christmas cards.

What denomination do you want asked the lady at the counter.

"Good God" she replied, has it come to this?

I suppose you'd better give me twenty Catholic and twenty Presbyterian.

Anonymous said...

It was a cold and misty Christmas morning in the very depth of Winter after a heavy fall of snow and only one farmer and the minister managed to arrive at the church for the morning service.

"Well" said the clergyman "I guess there's no point in having a service today."

"Well that's not how I see it" said the farmer. "If only one cow turns up at feeding time, I still feed it."

Anonymous said...

Shopping For A Turkey

It was Christmas Eve in a supermarket and a woman was anxiously picking over the last few remaining turkeys in the hope of finding a large one.

In desperation she called over a shop assistant and said "Excuse me. Do these turkeys get any bigger?"

"No" he replied, "They're all dead".

Anonymous said...

One evening, in a busy lounge in the deep south, a reindeer walked in the door, bellied up to the bar and ordered a martini. Without batting an eye, the bartender mixed and poured the drink, set it in front of the reindeer, and accepted the twenty-dollar bill from the reindeer's hoof.

As he handed the reindeer some coins in change, he said, "You know, I think you're the first reindeer I've ever seen in here."

The reindeer looked hard at the hoofful of change and said, "Hmmmpf. Let me tell you something, buddy. At these prices, I'm the last reindeer you'll see in here."

Anonymous said...

felt it was too hot, the other thought it was too cold. If one said the TV was too loud, the other claimed the volume needed to be turned up. Opposite in every way, one was an eternal optimist, the other a doom and gloom pessimist.

Just to see what would happen, one Christmas, their father loaded the pessimist's room with every imaginable toy and game. The optimist's room he loaded with horse manure.

That night the father passed by the pessimist's room and found him sitting amid his new gifts crying bitterly.

"Why are you crying?" the father asked.

"Because my friends will be jealous, I'll have to read all these instructions before I can do anything with this stuff, I'll constantly need batteries, and my toys will eventually get broken." answered the pessimist twin.

Passing the optimist twin's room, the father found him dancing for joy in the pile of manure. "What are you so happy about?" he asked.

To which his optimist twin replied, "There's got to be a pony in here somewhere!"

Anonymous said...

There was a perfect man and a perfect woman.

They met each other at a perfect north slopes' party.

They dated for two perfect years.

They had the perfect wedding and the perfect honeymoon. They had two perfect children.

One day the perfect man and the perfect woman were driving in there perfect car, they saw Santa Claus at the side of the road, being the perfect people they were they picked him up, because they didn''t want to make their perfect children (who were at home with their perfect babysitter) mad because it was close to Chritmas.

Well as the perfect man and the perfect woman were driving with Santa Claus, somehow they got into an accident. Two people died and 1 lived.

Who died and who lived?

The perfect woman because the perfect man and Santa Claus aren''t real.

Anonymous said...

Two blondes went deep into the frozen woods searching for a Christmas tree.

After hours of subzero temperatures and a few close calls with hungry wolves, one blonde turned to the other and said,

“I’m chopping down the next tree I see. I don’t care whether it’s decorated or not!”

Anonymous said...

What do you have in December that you don't have in any other month?

The letter "D"!

Anonymous said...

What did the bald man say when he got a comb for Christmas ?

Thanks, I'll never part with it !

Anonymous said...

I love this County.

The occasional sound of carpenters, backhoes and bulldozers…is not unwelcomed.

As long as don’t find myself dreading checking the contents of my mailbox, where there might be a letter…demanding my family’s endowment to reimburse the ultimate costs of these carpenters, backhoes and bulldozers.

Have a very, merry Christmas…permit me one also.

Ralph Thompson said...

I wish everyone in our beautiful county a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Santa came early to our house this year. I asked him if he would like some milk and cookies, he said "No , but I could use the bath room. I told him sorry, but the electric's off and we are on a grinder pump. HE chagrinned as he clenched his buttocks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris for all your hard work giving the public up to date reporting of the county meetings. It is appreciated..

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, How are the phone calls going? This weekend might be a good time to ask all your family what they think and then conclude that no one knows anything about what has been going on in Dearborn County the last 10 years. Have you done a poll on any other issues you have voted on? How about the Vieste debacle? What did that "study" cost the County? I think you could have given each person in the County a tax rebate check for what YOU spent on that "study".

Anonymous said...

A ten-year old, under the tutelage of her grandmother, was becoming quite knowledgeable about the Bible.

Then one day she floored her grandmother by asking,

”Which Virgin was the mother of Jesus? The Virgin Mary or the King James Virgin?”

Anonymous said...

Our Christmas gift to the farm owners in ihe N.W. quadrant { many of us who have lived on these farms for 50 plus years}; NOT TO ACT AS THOUGH WE OWN THE LAND. From: The crooked bankers, lawyers,politicians and developers working out of Lawrenceburg { the criminal hub }.

Anonymous said...

Just before Christmas, there was an honest politician, a kind lawyer and Santa Claus travelling up in an elevator of a very posh hotel. Just before the doors opened they all noticed a five dollar bill lying on the floor. Which one picked it up??

Santa of course, the other two don't exist!

Anonymous said...

If Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus had a child, what would he be called?

A subordinate claus.

Anonymous said...

West's quitting DCEDI was proof enough for me that HIS "shovel ready" NW Quad push was an intentional fabricated lie.

Anonymous said...

When four of Santa’s elves got sick, and the trainee elves did not produce the toys as fast as the regular ones, Santa was beginning to feel the pressure of being behind schedule.

Then Mrs. Claus told Santa that her Mom was coming to visit. This stressed Santa even more.

When he went to harness the reindeer, he found that three of them were about to give birth and two had jumped the fence and were out, heaven knows where. More stress.

Then when he began to load the sleigh one of the boards cracked, and the toy bag fell to the ground and scattered the toys.

So, frustrated, Santa went into the house for a cup of apple cider and a shot of rum. When he went to the cupboard, he discovered that the elves had hidden the liquor, and there was nothing to drink. In his frustration, he accidentally dropped the cider pot, and it broke into hundreds of little pieces all over the kitchen floor. He went to get the broom and found that mice had eaten the straw end of the broom.

Just then the doorbell rang, and irritable Santa trudged to the door. He opened the door, and there was a little angel with a great big Christmas tree. The angel said, very cheerfully, “Merry Christmas, Santa. Isn’t it a lovely day? I have a beautiful tree for you. Where would you like me to stick it?”

And so began the tradition of the little angel on top of the Christmas tree.

Anonymous said...

You didn't see it here, but West didn't quit. He was shown the door. The whole thing about missing his wife and family might be true; however, he was shown the door. When someone resigns there is usually "signs" or maybe even "studies" done that show he just wasn't getting it done.

Anonymous said...

So you are saying the accouncement about Jim West leaving was similar to the "letter of recommendation" for Vieste?

Anonymous said...

accouncement = announcement

Anonymous said...

A Bobby Christmas

'Twas The night before Christmas,
And all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring,
So I took their stereo.

Anonymous said...

Q. How are a Christmas tree and Bob's commissioner twins alike?

A. They both have ornamental balls.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear about Santa and his reindeer landing on top of an outhouse? Santa looked around for a moment, then hollered "No no, Rudolph! I said the SCHMIDT house!"

Anonymous said...

The wise old Mother Superior was dying. The nuns were gathered around her bed. She asked for a little warm milk to sip, so a nun went to the kitchen to warm some milk.

Remembering a bottle of whiskey received as a gift the previous Christmas, she opened it and poured a generous amount into the warm milk.

Mother drank a little, then a little more, then before they knew it, she had drunk the whole glass down to the last drop.

“Mother, Mother”the nuns cried, “Give us some wisdom before you die!”

She raised herself up in bed with a pious look on her face and pointing out the window she said, “Don’t sell that cow!!!”

Anonymous said...

The Indiana Supreme Court ruled there cannot be a nativity scene in Lawrenceburg this Christmas.

This isn’t for any religious or constitutional reason, they simply have not been able to find Three Wise Men and a Virgin any where in that town.

Anonymous said...

Why does Bob love Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?

Because every buck is dear to him!

Anonymous said...

This isn’t for any religious or constitutional reason, they simply have not been able to find Three Wise Men and a Virgin any where in that town.

Maybe U should volunteer...

Anonymous said...

Maybe U should volunteer...

Showing real Christmas spirit...caring for the intellectually challenged and giving spiked eggnog to all the virginally challenged!!!

tph said...

I feel as if the best gift under the tree this year is the community communion and the accessible communication that this blog has afforded the local, rural citizen's of DC.

Hopefully, in the coming year we can expand our messages [with less commiserating] to a broader audience. This is a terrific medium to inspire people, encourage positive action plans, and organize our opposition to oppressive government proposals.

I have sent an email to the 7 members of our steering committee [CASE] with this blogsite address and asked them to cast the seeds to the rest of the membership. The intention then is for each person [household] too attract at least two other concerned families to tune in.

The local press doesn't give such fair and balanced coverage to this many of us [ we the common foot-soldiers ] as this site does.

I would ask them all to use some sort of identifier [anonymous is so over used - and it lends no credibility to how many bloggers there are] even if they use the initials of their pet. It is a shame and a sin many feel uncomfortable announcing who they are because of possible ramifications by those in power. I feel their pain.

Remember ... It's better to want something you don't have, than have something you don't want. Choices in the former - Sewers in the latter. TH

"Today is a gift, that's why it is called the Present."

anny mommance said...

Run Tom...Run!!!

We need your honesty!!!

Anonymous said...

Imagine a government made up of people who don't see government as their personal piggy banks?

What a great Christmas gift that would be!

Anonymous said...

Imagine a government made up of people who don't see government as their personal piggy banks?

Scrooge Ewbank:



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

TH, I was embarrassed by the mannor that Mr. Ewbanks treated you in the commissioners meeting. He did not endear anyone in attendance. His arrogant aloofness showed his partiality.

Anonymous said...

Thom...position yourself to hand Mr. Ewbank his walking papers.

Merry Christmas!

anny mommance said...

Thom, did you feel the "warmth" of Bob and his two precious little ones, as they commiserated with your plight, as fellow “anti-forced hook-ups?”

Merry Christmas to everyone, including Bob and his two precious little ones!

Anonymous said...

The Best Christmas of all?

Run and win as a Republican, while having the Dearborn County Republican Party Leadership, on "call block!"

Ho! Ho! Ho!

One more "Ho" not owned by the Dearborn County Republican Party Leadership in the Commissioners' chambers!

Less "ho's" more more Christmas spirit!

Anonymous said...

Next to a circus there ain't nothing that packs up and tears out faster than the Christmas spirit.

May your mailboxes not contain late, Christmas surprises, from the dcrsd.

Happy Holidays.

Vlad Dracula said...

Don't cheer about the departure of West whether he was dismissed or whether he resigned makes no difference. The DCEDI will get another like him. They will simply be changing faces.

BTW speaking of the DCEDI how can a county commissioner,Fox, and a hiree of the county ,Messmore,belong on the board of directors of the DCEDI? How can they even just belong to the DCEDI?


Anonymous said...

Three men died on Christmas Eve and were met by Saint Peter at the pearly gates.

"In honor of this holy season" Saint Peter said,"You must each possess something that symbolizes Christmas to get into heaven."

The first man fumbled through his pockets and pulled out a lighter. He flicked it on. "It represents a candle", he said.

"You may pass through the pearly gates" Saint Peter said.

The second man reached into his pocket and pulled out a set of keys. He shook them and said, "They're bells."

Saint Peter said "You may pass through the pearly gates".

The third man started searching desperately through his pockets and finally pulled out a pair of women's panties.

St. Peter looked at the man with a raised eyebrow and asked, "And just what do those symbolize?"

The man replies, "These are Carol's...?"

Anonymous said...

For Christmas this year, the DCEDI wants to give itself what it always wants to give us as for our elected officials.

To fill Jim West's vacancy, they will replace him with an uneducated, brown noser willing to do anything for a DCEDI member!

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

As an ex-commissioner wraps herself in a Christmas bow...

Anonymous said...

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas to the DCEDI!

Anonymous said...

May Bob Ewbank be granted his Christmas wish:

That he and the twins not be labeled as complicit with the DCRSD’s plan on forcing hook-ups…

…but only to be labeled as just unbelievably, extraordinarily and incredibly bungling and incompetent to permit this mess to happen on their “watch” in the first place!

Not being a brilliant political virtuoso and prodigy as Mr. Ewbank, nor sharing his “tactician” skills, I don’t see how this will keep him in control of the Commissioners’ Office next year, but more power to him!

Merry Christmas Bob and a very Merry Christmas to your two cute little elves!

Anonymous said...

It is better in the long run to possess an abcess or a tumor

Than to possess a sense of humor

People who have senses of humor have a very good time

But they never accomplish anything of note, either despicable or sublime

Because how can anyone accomplish anything immortal

When they realize they look pretty funny doing it and have to stop to chortle

Anonymous said...

Be Naughty - Save Santa a Trip!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

Chris, what the hell do you mean to imply by the above post?

The editorial staff of the Bright Beacon, wishes Christine a relatively nice Christmas, all things considered...

Anonymous said...

I see Awad has been hitting the punch bowl, early and often.

Merry Christmas right back at you Joe.

Anonymous said...

A very Merry Christmas to Rick, Jeff, Maynard, Charlie and Liz!!!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to all!

May those who hide behind the law to effect their selfish desires learn:

Having the legal power to effect a result is not a legal imperative to do so.

Put God back into Christmas and put God back into our daily lives.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to everyone...

...even those whose "hands are somehow tied" as they hide behind counterfeit legal imperatives.

Anonymous said...

A big Merry Christmas.

And an even bigger AMEN.

Anonymous said...

A uniformed police officer was present.

Now I understand the need for a uniformed police protect those who cannot throw some business Bob's way...from Bob's wrath!

Bob only feels safe around those carrying the Maxwell gene!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

The next time that Thom Hammond is on the Commissioners' agenda and Ewbank cannot make the meeting, the uniformed police officer is under orders to berate and verbally abuse Thom, until Jeff Hughes interjects and states to Thom:


Merry Christmas...Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Q: What is the the number one killer to getting the Dearborn County Republican Leadership's endorsement?

A: Passing the I.Q. test!


Anonymous said...

A Christmas wish for all Dearborn Countians...

...that those you elect CHOOSE their attorney...

...and not the other way around!

God is everything!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!
A most beautiful evening- clear skies- bright moon.
Enjoy and give thanks.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to all, especially those politicians and attorneys who received gift certificates to the Maxwell School of Dance...

...may you always dance to all the approved tunes...

Anonymous said...

Must'a killed all the warriors!
Oh that's right....the government is on holiday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays to all!!!

May John Maxwell keep up the good fight against those trying to
force his family on sub-par sewers!!!

We always knew you were one of us, John!!!

Anonymous said...

“No servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth.”

Anonymous said...

May I wish that everyone wish everyone peace and happiness this festive seasons.

May the "pro-sewers" and good people like Mr. Andres, be kind to the "anti-sewers" and equally good people like Mr. Maxwell.

Two differing opinions on "forced" hookups...but still two great and grand people in their own right.

May Mr. Andres and Mr. Maxwell, find a common ground to embrace and celebrate their sewage differences.

God loves his little children.

Anonymous said...

God bless John Maxwell!

With his new proposed subdivision across the road from his home, he may want sell his home and move his family elsewhere!

Adding such an expensive cost of grinder pumps, excavation and all, coupled the feeling that many would not "purposely" buy a home on such a system that does not work during power outages, who can blame John for holding off on his "forced" but not "enforced" hookup!

John is looking out for his family, as we all should be this Christmas season!

God loves those who help themselves!

As he must surely love John!

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

With the unGodly costs of fixing the now crumbling clay sewer pipes in HVL, would it not be more cost effective and a speedier remedy as to finally stopping the dumping of raw sewage into our waterways, to just retrofit each home with pressurized sewers and grinder pumps?

I know Bob Ewbank and Jeff Hughes would support such!

Just some Christmas wishing!

Anonymous said...

Did you hear what the dyslexic Highway Patrolman did on New Year's?

He spent the whole night handing out I.U.D.s

Anonymous said...

New Years Resolutions you Can Keep

1. Gain weight. At least 30 pounds.
2. Stop exercising. Waste of time.
3. Read less. Makes you think.
4. Watch more TV. I've been missing some good stuff.
5. Procrastinate more. Starting tomorrow.
6. Don't date any of the Baywatch cast.
7. Spend more time at work, surfing with the T1.
8. Take a vacation to someplace important: like, to see the largest ball of twine.
9. Don't jump off a cliff just because everyone else did.
10. Stop bringing lunch from home: I should eat out more.
11. Don't have eight children at once.
12. Get in a whole NEW rut!
13. Start being superstitious.
14. Personal goal: bring back disco.
15. Don't wrestle with Jesse Ventura.
16. Don't bet against honest politicians, no matter the efforts of the republican party leadership.
17. Buy an '83 Eldorado and invest in a really loud stereo system.
18. Get the windows tinted. Buy some fur for the dash.
19. Speak in a monotone voice and only use monosyllabic words.
20. Only wear jeans that are 2 sizes too small and use a chain or rope for a belt.
21. Spend my summer vacation in Cyberspace.
22. Don't eat cloned meat.
23. Create loose ends.
24. Get more toys.
25. Get further in debt.
26. Don't believe politicians.
27. Break at least one traffic law.
28. Don't drive a motorized vehicle across thin ice.
29. Avoid transmission of inter-species diseases.
30. Avoid airplanes that spontaneously drop 1000 feet.
31. Stay off the MIR space station.
32. Don't worry that the Y2K bug will cause the end of the world in 2008.
33. Get wired with high-speed net connections at home.
34. Don't swim with pirhanas or sharks.
35. Associate with even worse business clients.
36. Spread out priorities beyond ability to keep track of them.
37. Wait around for opportunity.
38. Focus on the faults of others.
39. Mope about faults.
40. Never make New Year's resolutions again.

Anonymous said...

New Years wish for 2008

Dissolve the dcrsd ASAP!

Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

New Years wish for 2008

That an uniformed police officer removes Bob Ewbank from the Commissioners' meeting for his "politiking" when he should just shut up and lawyer!!!

May next year be the last of Ewbank and Kramer anywhere near our tax dollars!!!

Anonymous said...

My wish for next year:


Anonymous said...

New Years wish for 2008

That Chuck Andres pens a letter to the editor attacking John Maxwell for his hypocrisy as to not hooking on to St. Leon's sewers and continuing to dump raw sewage into Mr. Andres' waterways!

Anonymous said...

How about the 2008 new year's wish that John Watson dig through his desk and find that "forced" hookup letter addressed to John Maxwell that somehow got "misplaced?"

Anonymous said...

New Years wish for 2008

May the self-serving arrogance of John Maxwell continue to be the gift that keeps on giving.

Anonymous said...

A great wish would be that 2008 brings more temper tantrums and meltdowns by DCRSD enablers and that the republican leadership leaves no doubt in their rank and files' minds that they will pull any trick to cancel out their votes if they don't vote the way of their development masters!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

May 2008 bring Bob with even more "talking (spinning) points" to provide to Jeff and Rick and may they commically trip over each other trying to stutter them all out in the alotted time!

Anonymous said...


Is he the Huntington County Auditor?

Why is he down here?

Anonymous said...

mayb it's this???

Office of Treasurer
Fall Tax Payment Information

It is time to pay your Fall Property Taxes that are due Tuesday, November 13, 2007. The bill you received in the Spring will remain the same as State Legislatures opted to give rebates to taxpayers having the Homestead Exemption.

As far as the rebates, they will not be in the mail until after the end of the year and will be mailed out by the Auditor's Office.

The Treasurer's Office will be open Saturday, November 3, 2007 from 8 a.m. to noon. We would normally be open November 10th, but due to Veteran's Day and the Courthouse being closed on November 12th, we will not be open the last Saturday before the due date of November 13, 2007.

Trending is Here!

The assessment tool known as “Trending” has arrived in Indiana and is in progress in assessors’ offices throughout the state. Trending will affect every taxing unit’s tax base annually, along with the value of tax abatements and each unit’s tax rates. Because this is the initial year of trending, we expect it to delay the distribution of many tax bills in 2007.

What is Trending?

Trending is a reassessment of real property based on a statistical sample of sales of similar properties. For example, in a housing unit of 150 houses, if 20 were sold in the past two years, the ratio of selling price to assessed value would be computed. Let’s assume the average ratio is 105%. If the data from these sales pass statistical tests showing the average is indicative of the whole, all 150 properties’ assessed values would be increased by 5% over the current assesed valuation without a physical inspection.

This process may work well for housing developments that are similar in age, type and construction, and with sufficient sales data. However, Indiana law permits commercial and industrial property to be assessed in the same manner, which may be problematic due to lack of sales data on similar properties. In some cases, assessors will have to use other means to reassess the property, such as the income or cost approach. The income approach estimates assessed value based on the amount of income a property can be expected to generate. The cost approach estimates assessed value based on the cost to construct the improvements, less an allowance for obsolescence.

For counties with TIF Areas, trending will require annual base value adjustments to “neutralize” TIF revenue. This calculation will have a direct effect on the accuracy of Net Assessed Values for all taxing units and the actual amount of TIF Revenue collected.
The trending process required by the Department of Local Government Finance is as follows:

Sales Ratio Study submitted to DLGF by County Auditor;
Sales Ratio Study approved by DLGF;
County Auditor submits TIF Base Value adjustment forms to DLGF;
DLGF approves TIF Base Value adjustment (Neutralization);
County Auditor submits Certified Net Assessed Values to DLGF; and,
DLGF issues Budget Order to County Auditor.

Frequently asked questions [ Expand All ] [ Collapse All ]

My tax bill shows the previous deeded owner. Why?
Tax bills must reflect the deeded owner as of March 1st of the previous year. Therefore the lingo 2006 pay 2007 also on tax bills. Changes of owners are recorded in government records, but new deeded owners name will not be reflected until the next March 1st.

Why are my taxes so high?
You need to check to make sure you are getting all of the exemptions you are entitled to: Homestead, Mortgage, Attained Age, Veterans, Disability, Geothermal. These exemptions are reflected on your tax bill on the left hand side of the bill under Deductions. If you are entitled to an exemption you must file with the County Auditor's Office (homeowners by June 11th to apply to the next tax year, mobile home owners by March 1st to apply to the same year tax.) Inventory Tax in not being collected from businesses effective this year, therefore the tax burden has been shifted countywide.

2002 Pay 2003 Tax Rate
2003 Pay 2004 Tax Rate
2004 Pay 2005 Tax Rate
2005 Pay 2006 Tax Rate
2006 Pay 2007 Tax Rate

Will taxes be the same?
No two years are identical. Budgets are set by Officeholders and County Council, assessed values change due to new construction and Assessors pick these values up and enter in the system (new construction means the tax burden shifts), tax rates are set by Department of Local Government Finance according to amount needed to meet budgets. (Includes Andrews, Markle, Warren, etc...)

What makes my property eligible for tax sale?
The delinquent first installment of the previous tax year (2006) makes property eligible for tax sale in 2007. That minimum delinquency must be paid by June 30 of 2007 otherwise if not paid, total delinquency 1st installment 2006, 2nd installment 2006, 1st installment 2007, and penalties, would need to be paid by date of tax sale. Courtesy letters are sent out to notify homeowners of this status. After July 1st certified letters are sent out to inform homeowners of total delinquency to be paid by date of tax sale.

When is the tax sale?
The date of the 2007 tax sale has not yet been set. We will update this information when it has been set.

Where can I get a list of properties on the tax sale?
When information is available. You may obtain a list here. (Should be available after August 1, 2007)

What will my tax bill look like?

This is a bill that shows tax credits. Click on the bill to get a better look.

This is a bill that shows drain assessments on it. Click on the bill to get a better look.

Anonymous said...

Tax sales?

Anonymous said...

DONALD SCHOEFF praised the Commissioners meeting?

Praised Ewbank?

Do power grabbing attorneys take over meetings and harrass citizens and act as advocates of politically connected developers
up in Huntington County?


Let me guess, DONALD SCHOEFF is also against "forced" hookups?

Maybe Ewbank can arrange Citizens of the Year awards for Rick and Jeff sometime before the primary?

And the spinning starts!

Anonymous said...

Someone tell Ewbank no matter what, Hughes and Fox will not win the primary next year. So he and Morris better just start the planning process now, how they are going to try to rig the general election and go against the rank and file's wishes. No bother about your personal reputations, as long as few connected developers get what they want. We will try to keep everyone posted as to your machinations next year.

Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...


Any connection with UGS Corp.?

Dealing in products used in development?

Anonymous said...

perhaps Donald Schoeff was visiting relatives in Dearborn County?

Anonymous said...

No not UGS, he is involved in business development for WTH, an engineering firm based in Indianapolis.


Lame-duck auditor Schoeff takes part-time job

By DAVE SCHULTZ, Associate Editor
Wednesday, October 31, 2007 9:05 AM EDT

Huntington County Auditor Don Schoeff insists that the work of his office will be his "first priority," but he will spend part of the final two months of his final term working part-time for an Indianapolis-based company.

Schoeff is in French Lick this week for the Indiana Auditors Association conference. When he returns, he will be in and out of the Courthouse until his term ends Dec. 31.

Kathy Juillerat, clerk-treasurer of Andrews, will become the new county auditor Jan. 1. She was elected to the post in November 2006; since the job is a holdover office, she does not take office until a year after her election.

Schoeff will be involved in business development for WTH, an engineering firm based in Indianapolis. Schoeff's particular area of involvement with the company will be Geographic Information Systems (GIS) programs; Huntington County implemented GIS while he was in office.

Schoeff pointed out Tuesday that there is no statutory requirement for Indiana officeholders to adhere to any particular number of office hours.

"In no way will this position that I have accepted interfere with my job as county auditor," he said on his way to the auditor's conference. "That is my first priority. ... I will make sure the job gets taken care of. I am not going to shirk my responsibilities as county auditor in any way, shape, or form."

WTH, he said, is "aware that my primary position is county auditor."

Anonymous said...

Is he related to Andy Schoeff in insurance?

Anonymous said...

be Schoeff was drumming up some of that "study" money Rick and Jeff like to throw around to development interests, or could WTH be auditioning for another type of "Vieste" job with the County?

See below what WTH is all about:

Engineering and Asset Management

WTH has been a well respected engineering firm for over 35 years. WTH's engineering staff has excelled in the performance of utility, curb and sidewalk, road and bridge design. WTH is currently expanding our ESP (Engineering Sharing Program), asset inventory and inspection programs. Regardless of a project's scope, WTH strives to deliver the first time, on time with excellence.

Bridge & Road Design
WTH can deliver an overall bridge or road design from start to finish in house and in a timely manner which provides value to our customers. This includes surveys using GPS equipment, hydraulics and preliminary engineering using GIS, estimates, final designs, and construction observation. We also provide efficient designs that save our customers money during the construction phase.

Anonymous said...

"Kathy Juillerat, clerk-treasurer of Andrews, will become the new county auditor Jan. 1."

It would seem, that Mr. Schoeff only had a few days left to be able to sign his name, with the title of "Huntington Auditor!"

Next week, he would have been just another representative from yet another firm eyeing our tax dollars!

As our local Development Interests continue with their games!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Mr. Schoeff!

As you move from public to private service!

I'm sure you are a role model for what Rick and Jeff would like to do to parlay their public service someday, somehow!

Anonymous said...

Schoeff pointed out Tuesday that there is no statutory requirement for Indiana officeholders to adhere to any particular number of office hours.

Did the taxpayers of Huntington County subsidize this guy's WTH's job training for TWO MONTHS?

Anonymous said...

Have a great new year, Bob, Rick and Jeff!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The bartender said, "Cute parrot, does he talk?"

The shyster responded, "Only until Jan 1st...afterwards he loses all credibility!"

Anonymous said...

I can tell already, 2008 is going to be a wonderful year for Dearborn County...

adc said...

perhaps Schoeff was present for the GIS bid opening at the last Commissioner's meeting Dec 18th.
Maybe kissing up to the public officials with an editorial will help his new job with WTH and they will get the bid?
Could he have missed the cop in attendance?
Could he have missed Ewbank TAKING OVER the meeting?
Could he have missed the fact that no one cold speak unless they were on the agenda a week in advance unless there was a public hearing as in the zone change for White Pines?
How could such a knowledgeable public servant have missed all that?

Anonymous said...

How could such a knowledgeable public servant have missed all that?

Maybe he is a Ewbank sort of public servant?

Anonymous said...

I hope Mr. Schoeff did not get too comfortable with Bob and the twins as far as a working future between he and they...

...I heard all three will, like Mr. Schoeff, be back in the private sector sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

May 2008 be happy for all...

Anonymous said...





Realty reality: Housing prices are headed way down

Southland house prices have risen past sustainable levels for most homeowners.
December 28, 2007
In 2002, the median price of a single-family home in Los Angeles was $270,000 and the median homeowner's income was $65,000. With a $50,000 down payment, the annual cost of that house (taxes, insurance and payment on a 30-year fixed-rate conventional mortgage) would add up to about 33% of the median household's income -- just under the 35% mark that the Federal Housing Administration calls the upper limit of "affordable."

By 2006, the cost of that same house doubled, to $540,000 -- pushed by unbridled speculation fueled by unparalleled access to mortgage capital. But median income rose a paltry 15%. So today that same set of costs come to 60% of gross income.
That might be a manageable burden when home prices are rising at double-digit rates, creating new equity that can be accessed to support spending -- but not when prices are flat and the home-equity ATM is closed.

There are "experts" out there who once preached that there was no bubble; they now preach that all real estate is local and that prices in your neighborhood won't be affected by foreclosures and price declines elsewhere.

The cold, hard truth is that foreclosures are serving only to hasten the painful process of shifting housing prices back to a level the market can sustain. Prices must and will fall. Everywhere. Probably 25% to 30% from their peak.

2008 is the year when gravity will reassert itself. You should be adjusting your expectations of your home's value so that it's correctly aligned with market realities. And when making important financial decisions today, be realistic and factor those declines in.

Christopher Thornberg is a founding partner with Beacon Economics.

Anonymous said...

To let these folks with such bad judgment and greed quotients run our local government is beyond crazy.

The past 5 years or so will be an object lesson in poor lending, development and realty practices that will be pulled out for decades to come in economics classes.

Let 2008 be the year of the "true" fiscal conservatives.

Anonymous said...

It is one thing to ride your individual highs, it is quite another thing to expect the taxpayer to pad your individual lows...

...may development interests in this county learn this basic lesson in 2008!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

“When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.”

Ronald Reagan

Let 2008 permit us to travel back to Reagan style principles...

...not the country club republican principles now steadfast in this county today!

Would Reagan be a supporter of taking from the "less politically connected" and giving it to the "more politically connected" while redefining such as "growth?"

Anonymous said...

Word of the year.

A kleptocracy (sometimes cleptocracy) (root: klepto+kratein = rule by thieves) is a government that extends the personal wealth and political power of government officials and the ruling class (collectively, kleptocrats) at the expense of the population. A kleptocratic government often goes beyond merely awarding the prime contracts and civil service posts to friends (a common feature of corrupt governments[citation needed]). They also create projects and programs at a policy level which serve the primary purpose of funneling money out of the treasury and into the pockets of the executive with little if any regard for the logic, viability or necessity of those projects.

Anonymous said...

"...if any regard for the logic, viability or necessity of those projects."

Like forcing sewers that do not work when the power goes out on the populace, only because it benefits a very, very, very few kleptocrats?

Anonymous said...

Like during a housing glut, when the kleptocrats demand we subsidize the building of new homes and subdivisions, while putting expenses on to those who cannot already sell their existing homes because of such a glut, in order to fashion the kleptocrats' homes a more attractive financial bargain?

jb said...

Like spending money on useless studies and projects while asking citizens to payer ever higher taxes, then saying- oops- we'll fix that and send you a paltry rebate- oh and then transfer all your local school budget to the state where we can muck it up some more.
Keep it local- the state funded portion of the school budget is what is used for BUILDINGS now....
Imagine what they'd do with the operational budget.

Anonymous said...

Trying to define what DCRSD kleptocrats Maxwell and Fehrman are trying to force on the rest of us as "growth," is like trying to define maggots crawling out of rotting meat as "spontaneous generation."

Happy New Year to all!

Anonymous said...

I look forward this new year to the change of tone and style of Jeff Hughes' editorials now that Jim West as done flew back South!

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

No, like setting up the dcrsd board to fix sewage pollution problems with members that wouldn't waste their time for $50 a meeting if the couldn't "take" from the taxpayers. It's not for public service that these people are on the dcrsd board. These members' progress in lowering sewage pollution has been inconsequential. These members progress in furthering control of your money, presently $4,000,000+, to guide development to their developmental projects is "all engrossing". Presently only one member of the board has achevied his objective. Maxwell's preoccupation of buying capacity at St Leon is a prime example of kleptocracy. Fehrmans insistance of not repairing High Ridges sewers without attaching the Gabbard Estates is also kleptocracy. Success of obtaining "paper" control of Dearborn conty sewers without infrastructure or sewage processing capacity is ludicrous and indicative of the extent they will journey to achieve kleptocratic control of taxpayer dollars.

Anonymous said...

Well said, send that to the Bright Beacon. Maybe Liz could use her "INK" to get the message out to the people.

Happy New Year to Liz and Garry!

Anonymous said...

Will 2008 find Ewbank and Kramer specializing only in matters of "Kleptocracy?"

Think of all the legal expenses they have thus far saved their fellow "Kleptocrat, John Maxwell!"

All that advocacy for his benefit and profit but billed to the taxpayer!

Happy New Year All!!!

Anonymous said...

It's not for public service that these people are on the dcrsd board.


As below interchange shows:

After the adjournment, Maxwell was talking to Fehrman saying they needed to fix Highridge. Then they could pickup Cheeks vote. Everybody wants Highridge fixed.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how Jeff's phone surveys are going questioning folks as to their knowledge of the dcrsd?

Happy New Year Jeff and Family!!!

Anonymous said...





Ad Hominem

Bob just wants you to give Maxwell your money and shut up!

I wonder who is in line to do Maxwell's title work?

Have a great year, Bob!

Anonymous said...

Does Liz Morris really want to play any part in this seedy mess that is the DCRSD?

Liz, may 2008 permit you to focus less on the profits of a few and more on the costs to the many!

Forcibly transfering dollars from the less powerful to the more powerful does not equated to "growth" nor does nothing to broaden the tax base!

Anonymous said...

"Availability Fees" will be the 2008 catch-phrase for dcrsd enablers!




Happy New Year dcrsd board members...

Anonymous said...

What firm does most of John Maxwell's legal work?

A belated merry christmas to all.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful it would be if Soon To Be Former Huntington County Auditor Don Schoeff could get some support next year from Soon To Be Former County Attorney Bob Ewbank and Soon To Be Former County Commissioner Twins, Rick Fox and Jeff "Dang It If Our Hands Ain't Tied" Hughes?

What a Happy and Reciprocal New Year's gift that would be for this kindred quartet!

Let 2008 be a great year for everyone!

Anonymous said...

As “Soon To Be Former Huntington County Auditor Don Schoeff” leisurely drove off and away from our beloved and adored Dearborn County, the ever-nurturing Bob and his forever childlike wards, Rick and Jeff, waved “Bye…Bye…Bye…Bye” until they could no longer make out the “THINK LINK” bumper sticker stylishly affixed to “Soon To Be Former Huntington County Auditor Don Schoeff’s” rear bumper…

Happy New Year…Happy New Year…Happy New Year…Everyone!

Anonymous said...

Morris and Ewbank's rallying cry to the rank and file primary voters this spring to support Hughes and Fox:


Or some variation on the same theme.

Blessings this New Year

Anonymous said...

My New Year's wish to folks like Maxwell and Ewbank:

That they learn that they cannot bully their way around market forces and market realities.

Anonymous said...

That they learn that they cannot bully their way around market forces and market realities.

Eventually, the market will turn around and we will not be in the frame of mind or forgiveness of heart to forgive those who tried to force themselves into our savings during this current market's downturn.

Something to think about for 2008 and beyond.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is not Ewbank and the twins...

...but Maxwell and the triplets.

A New Year it will be.

Anonymous said...

2008 will find that the Citizens of the ”NORTH WEST QUADRANT” will, in tribute to Jim West’s lasting impact on the Citizens’ lives living there, officially amend their insider realtor/developer/banker/shyster designation to simply the ”NORTH XXXX QUADRANT.”

Anonymous said...

Q: How do you know Frank Kramer went to Confession?

A: Shortly thereafter a priest will be reported as in the process of "keying" Bob Ewbank's car.

Alan S. Freemond, Sr. said...

We all had better keep an eye on this Schoeff character. He gratuitiously camplimented our sorry Commish meeting.Why? Pretty clumsy I'd say.

Was he kissing up to the Dearborn County powerful, wealthy, redblooded two fisted all American parasites (oops I mean republican capitalists) who want to live on the taxpayer dime? Does he become "aroused" about the newly named Northwest Quadrant?

Does he want the company that has hired him to become the next VIESTE?

What is going on here? WHO INVITED THIS BIRD DOWN HERE?

Anonymous said...

It is just Crazy Old Bob again, up to his old tricks!!!

Crazy Old Bob will have to be surgically removed as County Attorney next year, like a Crazy Old Tumor!!!

Anonymous said...

Pretty clumsy I'd say.

Clumsy, clumsy for Mr. Schoeff and clumsy, very clumsy for Maxwell, his personal legal representative paid by the taxpayers and his two little elected friends.

I wonder just how much scrutiny they will be under in the coming months?

Happy New Year...children!

Anonymous said...

Crazy Al made a post without a "JOHNNNYYYY", I'm so proud of him, letting his grudges go.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to Crazy Bob, Crazy John, Crazy Brett, Crazy Rick, Crazy Jeff, Crazy Maynard and Crazy Liz!

You will be foremost in our minds this New Year you great big CRAZY BUNCH OF GUYS!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Huntington County Auditor Don Schoeff will be sitting in on the next DCRSD meeting.

Expect another glowing editorial on the "wonders" of grinder pump technology and why no one "really" has to poop during electrically outages.

Anonymous said...

Former Huntington County Auditor Now WTH (read next Vieste) shill Don Schoeff will be sitting in on the next DCRSD meeting.


Anonymous said...

After Don Schoeff's nefarious public editorial introduction by the Register, here's the site.

LOL...I don't know why the Register didn't print this link!
Look for adds in Register next week... that will be the Coup D'etat.

Anonymous said...

Crazy Al made a post without a "JOHNNNYYYY", I'm so proud of him, letting his grudges go.

Don't ya just despise those who despise lying politicians?

Gary Morris, you have big shoes to fill will with Bob Ewbank's ooze!

Good luck to ya!

Don't be your own man, just be Ewbank's man!

Alan S. Freemond, Sr. said...

"Crazy Al made a post without a "JOHNNNYYYY", I'm so proud of him, letting his grudges go."

No no no. I have no grudge against Johmmmmmmy,the senator, he calls me "friend". He has said that he feel "sad for me"

Once at a wedding reception dinner Johnnnnny's placecard was next to my wife's placecard for seating. Johnnnny, looking around to see if anyone was watching,quickly took his place card and put it somewhere else. He didn't want to sit next to her, aw damn, he sure hurt Clarajohn's feelings. We still laugh about that one.

Do you all not agree that watching Dearborn County politics is the second greatest indoor sport??

Anonymous said...

With Ewbank and Company's knack of swinging at flies with sledgehammers, one wonders how he will over-play his hand this coming year?

Is there anyone left for him to bully?

Anonymous said...

"...looking around to see if anyone was watching, quickly took his place card and put it somewhere else."

Kinda like his "support" for Thompson.

I see such behavior comes naturally to him.

Anonymous said...

Two, one two three four
Ev'rybody's talking about
Bagism, Shagism, Dragism, Madism, Ragism, Tagism
This-ism, that-ism, is-m, is-m, is-m

All we are saying is give bob the boot

All we are saying is give bob the boot

Anonymous said...



Jan, talk to your kid.