Friday, January 25, 2008

Governor Mitch Daniels: 2008 Lincoln Day Dinner (Dearborn Country Club) - 01/23/08

Governor Mitch Daniels: 2008 Lincoln Day Dinner (Dearborn Country Club) - 01/23/08

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Anonymous said...

Mitch Daniels telling old jokes about his wife... a la the ones told about Hillary and Bill. Now that's bizarre.

Anonymous said...

Mitch, just another frat boy country club republican.

Whatever happened to true conservatives?

Anonymous said...

Did John talk about his wife,Bob?

Anonymous said...

John views Bob more as his back-alley mistress.

After this year's elections, John will have no further interest in Bob.

Poor Bob will be back to leaning into car windows on dark streets back to negotiating rates for his few services.

Anonymous said...

Without pulling the likes of Fox and Hughes around by their short hairs, parading them as if in some auction to the highest bidder before a few development interests, Bob has nothing to barter with.

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton channeling the spirit of Bob Ewbank:

Anonymous said...

What's with Ritzmans being in Mitch's wedding?

Anonymous said...

"What's with Ritzmans being in Mitch's wedding?"

The Ritzmans are always invited, while the Poemans' phone never rings!!!

Alan S. Freemond Sr. back in town said...

Who in their right mind wishes to go to Mitche's wedding? Ritzzieman's bank must have put money into Mitch's camapigns.

When Mitch wakes up in the morning and goes to shave (God I hope that he must unelss he's been gelded)he sees a preident of th US of A in the mirror.

Did I ever tell you about the time that Johnnnnnny Nugent refused to sit next to my wife Clarajohn at a wedding reeption? That was a fun night, and the senator wants comapiagn contribution from us!!!!!

They are all, every damned one of them slobs.

Anonymous said...

Last year's drought and the havoc it played on lawnmower sales, convinced Johnny that he must try extra hard to keep his government job.

Expect him to run from the likes of Ewbank and company his next re-election attempt.

Even Johnny knows to stay clear from radioactive political bullshit, especially the brand that Ewbank produces.

Anonymous said...

Johnny will be working hard for Ralph Thompson's endorsement.