Sunday, January 20, 2008

Republican Club Breakfast

Republican Club Breakfast
submitted by Ralph Thompson, Commissioner D-3

Saturday, January 17, 2008 at Golden Corral

Meeting started with Pledge and Prayer and opening remarks by Art Little (sp).

In addition to the citizens, in attendance were Mr. Sodrel and his staff, Gail Pennington, Treasurer, Judge Michael Witte,Dennis Kraus, Sr., Dennis Kraus, Jr., Gary Morris, Party Chair, Jeff Hughes, Commissioner and myself.

Mr. Sodrel's presentation is summarized as follows:

Mr. Sodrel talked about the problems with his last campaign, especially from the control exerted by the Republican National Committee and all the negative campaign ads over which he had no control.

He talked about the pension system where widows of service men KIA lose their benefits if they remarry. And the reduction in pension benefits to congressmen after the actions of the Republican Party.

He also talked about the 'fair tax' and the impact that would have on this country, including shifting the taxes from the manufacturing level to the retail level which reduces the cost of manufacturing by about 22% and increases the tax on foreign imports by the same amount, tending to level the playing field. Right now US products cost higher than foreign products to compete in export and import. The fair tax would reduce the product cost for export to better compete and place the same tax on foreign products, at retail, to make them on a par with US products.

He favors the elimination of property tax. It would take the burden off retirees.

The fair tax eliminates income and similar taxes and places a federal sales tax on all consumption.

Retirees would get an increase in benefits to compensate for the sales tax. The fair tax would tax consumption so the more expensive the product, the more tax paid.

The fair tax would not tax investment, thereby presumably fostering more investment.

Several people spoke about upcoming events, including Gary Morris, who talked about the Lincoln Day dinner being held on January 23.


Anonymous said...

Vague politics.
Vague political rheteric.
Every election, every DAY brings CHANGE!

The non voting electorate voting will bring more change than the candidates want!

Give the candidates what they want

Anonymous said...

A question.
How are the politicians going to reduce government spending and create jobs when the government is the largest employer in the nation?

Anonymous said...

Every election, every DAY brings CHANGE!

The CHANGE is always the idealistic left and the idealistic right being forced to kowtow to the middle, “professional” politicians.

“Professional” politicians being those with no plans of ever leaving office or doing anything other than protecting their government salary and pension.

And of course, the “Kumbaya” moment is always where both sides come together and praise the nutritional value of “Government Pork!”

Anonymous said...

somebody has a few signs that are worth reading and thinking about. Scroll to view the signs and thoughts of the little guys.

Anonymous said...

Great signs!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Did Morris sneak out from the breakfast and place a THINK LINK bumper sticker on Sodrel's car?

And did he place a note under Sodrel's wiper blade with the first line of the note reading:


Anonymous said...

News of another power outage in one of our neigboring counties this morning.

Some political hack, please tell us all again why we need sewers that do not work when the power fails?

Other than that they would provide for a quick shot in the arm for the personal financial growth of the likes of Maxwell and Ewbank?

Anonymous said...

I took a water sample from Hogan's Creek just below High Ridge Estates and sent it to my veternarian.

He called with the results.

Apparently, my Vet thinks my dog has a major kidney infection with traces of toxins that should have killed my dog weeks ago!

He said I should put the dog down and send its remains to Doug Baer for further study and action!