Sunday, April 20, 2008

Thom Hammond Candidate for County Council-at-large

Thom Hammond Republican Candidate for County Council-at-large

Spokesperson for Citizens Against Sewer Enforcement (CASE)
Succeeding in a 3 year struggle for 70 families to legally challenge the ST. Leon forced hookups

Preservation of Rural Bucolic Landscape and the Natural Endowment of Dearborn County
Uphold the value of our precious farmland and the pastoral greenspaces of this county

Open Door Policy for County Government
Keep the politics in front of the people; everyone has a right to know who will benefit from proposed policies

Transparent Meetings Based upon Listening to the People
Public meetings should encourage involvement of the people. Citizens should be heard, they own the government

Balanced Tax Base with Property Tax Accountability
Entice suitable industry to DC to balance the residential growth. Keep property taxes locked into 5-year cycles

Road Improvements Based on Established Priorities
A structured list of priorities such as traffic loads and infrastructure dominance needs to exist, not political favoritism

Planned Residential Development and Smart Growth
Maintain development at a level that the county’s infrastructure can absorb without additional tax burdens

Implement a Comprehensive Land Use Plan
Work with other County Officials to coordinate a plan for infrastructure, utilities & schools paced for sustainable growth

Eliminate Eminent Domain as an Option for Development
Private development must never be granted the power of “taking” from one to “give” to another

Approved by the Thom Hammond Campaign for County Council of Dearborn County, Indiana.