Friday, April 04, 2008



Allow me to introduce myself...

I’m your neighbor over on Whites Hill Road. The one trying to make some positive changes in our community for the past several years. Some already know me, for those who don’t, here’s my resume:

I’m an artist. As a member of the Portrait Society of America, I practice my craft and serve clients locally, nationally and in Europe. My formal education began with a BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, OH. I also attended SMU in Dallas, Texas. My education opened the doors to 30-years of diversified experience in the corporate world of advertising art. I gained experience in practical matters such as sales projections, profit and loss statements, financial reports, and management of human resources in order to run a successful business.

My career path started in Columbus, OH for Cummings Inc. as an Art Director. I spent 5 years in Texas managing a design studio/sales office with Federal Sign & Signal. I worked with Walt Disney Design and Engineering, Orlando, FL, which taught me the delicate balance needed for producing marketable art concepts while dealing with a wide variety of egos and temperaments, all the while meeting very aggressive deadlines for projects. ImagePoint, based in Knoxville, TN brought me to this area as VP of their Branding/Fulfillment division. I’ve traveled some and seen a lot, yet the most rewarding part has been the satisfaction of achievement and being of service. Now, the greatest thrill at the end of each day is coming home to my small farm here in Dearborn County.

My wife Kris has lived here all her life, her father bought some beautiful land out here to provide a horse farm and arena for his wife and little girl. Kristy went on to become a championship rider for show horses and Hackney ponies. Helen Crabtree immortalized those days in a book called “Hold Your Horses.” We sit out here on 5 acres of land. Evening brings laughter, dining and storytelling with our neighbors. My son and 2 grandsons sit on the dock and fish in our little pond overlooking the valley. For us it’s a relaxing time to discuss the boy’s future. This place absorbs all our affections, all our loyalty, and all our dreams. Away from here we lose our identity; we return each day to satisfy our need to be energized by nature.

Everyone who knows me realizes exactly who I am; I’m my own man. No one owns me. My goal is for you to get to know me and together we can achieve some common objectives for our county. I am asking for your vote as your Dearborn County Council at-large representative. I am certain we can attain favorable results for our county’s progress and growth in the next 4 years. I will guide my political path by these simple principles:
• Elected officials must be dedicated to all of its citizens and be willing to listen to all of their needs and wants.
• Elected officials must be committed to the idea that the citizens dictate the direction that must be taken in all matters concerning their county.

If you need broader insights or more background, visit my website and click on “Biography” at Hopefully during the course of this election we can meet, shake hands, and listen to each other as we develop solutions for our future.

Thomas P Hammond
Republican Candidate for County Council at-large