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15 July 2008 Dearborn County Commissiners Meeting Notes

Notes of Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting July 15, 2008, 6:30 p.m.

Special thanks to Helen Kremer for taking the notes for this meeting.

Present: Commissioners Jeff Hughes, Rick Fox, and Ralph Thompson
Also present: Cary Pickens, Auditor, Brian Messmore, Administrator, and
Bob Ewbank, Attorney

Democrat Candidates for Commissioner and Council present: Tom Orschel and
Phil Darling

Pledge of Allegiance


Mt. Tabor Road (Theresa McAdams) tabled from 7/1/08 - Ralph Thompson suggested they ratify and confirm the No Burn Area from US 50 S. to the bend approximately 2,900 feet South of US 50, approximately, 3/8 of a mile area.

Todd Listerman stated signs (regarding the No Burn Area) should be in place southbound and northbound of the area.

Rick Fox said there is a concern that there will be future calls requesting the same consideration from others.

Hughes said the Sheriff has a State law to handle this situation.

A discussion followed that IN code 13-17-9 deals with fire creating a nuisance. The Commissioners discussed that this is a life and death situation.

Ewbank stated this matter is under Home Rule and left to local municipalities.

Ralph Thompson restated the motion that they ratify and confirm the No Burn Area for life and health as long as Theresa McAdams is in her current residence, with authorization for signs to be placed.

Rick Fox seconded the motion. Jeff Hughes voted Nay. Motion passed.

Appointment of Kelso Township Trustee – tabled from 7/1/08 - The issue of Chuck Andres being appointed Trustee until the next election in 2008, was discussed.

Pickens stated he will be Trustee until someone succeeds him, until there is a successor, you cannot leave a trusteeship until you have someone to replace you.

Rick Fox motioned Chuck Andres be appointed Kelso Township Trustee until a successor replaces him.

Ralph Thompson seconded. All ayes, motion passed.

NEW BUSINESS: Nothing scheduled.

Claims/Minutes: - Cary Pickens motioned that the Commissioners accept the claims presented—all were accepted.

Ralph Thompson motioned to accept the June 17, 2008 minutes as amended.
Rick Fox seconded the motion. All ayes.

After receiving a copy of the July 1, 2008 meeting, Thompson motioned to accept July 1, meeting. All ayes.

Regarding the July 2, 2008 meeting Thompson stated he talked with Mayor Cunningham and there is a correction, Dave O’Mara and the County will do the paving. Meeting minutes approved as amended.

Highway Department - Transportation Updates

Todd Listerman asked for acceptance of Memory Lane, and Process Drive in the Data Park Subdivision that were originally platted in 1974 and 1975. John Maxwell purchased them two years ago, and now the roads have been brought up to standards, 20 ft. wide pavement, 50 ft. ROW, all signs installed. Memory Lane is 0.14, and Process Drive is 0.13 miles in length.

Rick Fox motioned to accept as stated, Memory Lane is 0.14 and Process Drive is 0.13 miles. Ralph Thompson seconded. All ayes, motion passed.

Listerman said the next item was area Mr. Maxwell developed in the Bright area, Park Place Drive, Atlantic Avenue, and Pacific Avenue, 20 ft. wide pavements. 60 ft. ROW, and 50 ft. ROW for Pacific and Atlantic Aves. Park Place Drive is 0.42, Atlantic Ave. is 0.10, and Pacific Ave. is 0.12 miles.

Ralph Thompson motioned to accept as stated, Park Place Dr. 0.42, Atlantic Ave. 0.10, and Pacific Ave. 0.12 miles. Rick Fox seconded the motion. All ayes, motion passed.

Bridge #15 – Listerman stated we are working with INDOT for Bridge #15 - Laughery Creek. The original bid had no bidders that came in below. We will have a rebid in October, and we plan on completing the project next summer. Regarding Federal dollars, DLZ LLC out of Indianapolis are the engineers who they will assign to the job in October. Paperwork needs to be signed that we understand DLZ is in place. Costs will be 80/20, with 20 for the county.

Ralph Thompson motioned they proceed with DLZ to act as representatives for Bridge 15. Fox seconded. All ayes, motion passed.

Bridge #20 - New bridge #20, near Chesterville Road. Two change orders, requested new notification, up and down hill signs to be posted. The papers and radio will be notified telling when roads will be closed. Change #1 involves need to pay additional $1,100 for sign, and Change order #2 saved $192.86, did not need epoxy coated steel.
Rick Fox motioned to accept Change orders #1 and 2 as read by Mr. Listerman. All approved, motion carried.

Equipment Update – Listerman stated Council gave funds for a loader and two snowplows. CAT OH will be where the loader is purchased for $107,890, because of the warranty, as well as more horsepower, along with the fact that for one year if we have any problems they will come and pick it up, forks for loader as well. Trucks are out for bid.

Cary Pickens – Motioned the Commissioners sign the EMS 2007 Bright contract.
Ralph Thompson motioned, and Fox seconded. All ayes, motion passed.

Brian Messmore - 1) The Dearborn County Minutes and Schedules will be online by date. 2) They are working with the Animal Shelter to provide work release to assist the shelter. 3) Workman’s Compensation Evaluation obtained.

Bob Ewbank - An incident involving a pit bull and a child has been resolved. People in the county need to be aware that a pit bull is considered a vicious animal, and there are specific guidelines regarding a pit bull in this county. A pit bull must be muzzled and tethered, a sign posted. People owning pit bulls need to know all of the guidelines regarding the care and treatment of these animals.

Rick Fox – The 24 Hour Emergency Call Number needs to be reinforced. The incident with the dog being taken to the shelter brought up a problem, so there needs to be people who can be reached at all times.

Ralph Thompson - State Inspection stated we are getting back on track. Inspections are being approved, and city managers are pleased with the progress taking place. All our inspectors do not have code books. Thompson asked Brian Messmore to get our inspectors the tools to do their job. When people are cited they need to know what violations are being noted, and be able to see the code they are violating. Mr. Messmore will follow up.

Ralph Thompson stated Judge Witte wrote a letter requesting keeping his laptop. It is over 4 years old, and the State declares it as scrap. Thompson motioned they offer it to Judge Witte for $1. Thompson motioned they declare the 2003 laptop as obsolete and offer it to Judge Witte for $1. Rick Fox seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Commissioners adjourned the meeting at approximately 7:10 p.m.

Helen Kremer
Logan Township

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