Tuesday, July 29, 2008

28 July 2008 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Agenda

28 July 2008 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Agenda

Present: Hall, Chairman, Kraus, Jr., Beiersdorfer, Lansing, Lehman, Nelson, Thompson, and NEW MEMBER- Mike Hornbach, County Extension Agent.
Absent: Laws.

Also present: McCormack, Plan Director, McGill, Attorney, and Listerman, Transportation Director.

Minutes are backed up and will be sent in the next packet per Cathy.

1. Appeal of the Tech Review Decision to grant primary approval for an 8-lot subdivision. Owner is Norma Fox and Applicant is Maxwell Development. Property is located on Sawdon Ridge in Sect 6 or Miller Township and contains about 131.387 acres. It is zoned Ag. The current land use is low density residential in a rural area. Hall asked if anyone wanted him to step down as he had done survey work for Ms. Fox. No one did. [NOTE: The two families appealing this decision were NOT PRESENT.]

5 of the 8 lots share a common driveway. Randy Maxwell was present if there were any questions. The only public question was that there were only 121 acres there – not 131. Surveyor Jeff Stenger stated the official survey hadn’t been done yet and they had added up plats to get the 131-acre number.

Appeal was based on increased traffic, less privacy, peace, and quiet, schools, environmental issues, housing decline, and the location of the shared driveway (it could have light issues on one of the appellant’s homes, which sits more than 200 ft. off the road.)

Kraus and Nelson motioned to deny the appeal based on the finding that the minor subdivision approval meets the ordinance requirements. All ayes.

2. Greg Trabel with help from surveyor Jeff Stenger presented a request to vacate 3rd St and 2 alleys within the town of Lawrenceville. Location is Jackson Township at Lawrenceville, Walters , and SR 46. Zoning is Ag and lot size was .54 acres. There are 6-7 owners in the town of Lawrenceville. Kraus Jr. stepped down as surveyor and Thompson offered to as he had worked with the county on some of the issues there. No one asked Thompson to step down.

Several citizens spoke: Trabel,(who was not happy about all the costs he has incurred and wanted others to chip in or the county to fix the “mess”), Metcalf, Stanfield, Barnes, Shaffer, Gutapfel. All were in favor of vacating most of these old streets and alleys. They also detailed several incidents of permits supposedly allowing then to build in ROW areas. Stenger suggested maybe vacating all of Lawrenceville and starting over.

Beiersdorfer noted that Trabel has spent $4,000 so far on the building and $2,000 on survey. He’s maintaining the land anyway – it’s really his own property. Plus he’s paid $400 to the county so far. McGill said descriptions could be written without surveys as he had done in Aurora. Listerman wants to fix the whole situation if possible.

Thompson and Nelson motioned for a FAVORABLE recommendation to commissioners to vacate 3rd Street west of Temple (Johnnycake) including the alleyway west of the property and 3rd St to Lawrenceville Road. Also vacate alley S from 46 to the SW corner of Trabel’s property and the alley there to Lawrenceville Rd. All ayes.

They also voted to have the Plan Dept to investigate the revision of all of the Lawrenceville area. This cost would be borne by the county.

Proposed changes to the County Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance:

The Variance vs. Waivers text was TABLED AGAIN.

Construction Access points were given a Favorable Recommendation to go to the Commissioners.

Thompson updated the Commission on the Building Dept Inspection issues.

McCormack updated on:

1. Mike Hornbach- new county extension agent replaced Nick Held on the PC.
2. Bonds update including Park Place acceptance and Elvin Miller wanting a waiver next meeting and Tucker’s Laurel Valley slated for next meeting.
3. The Dec 22 meeting has been officially moved to Dec 15.
4. Hall and Kraus, Jr will meet with Hughes and McCormack Friday on the Comprehensive Plan Map amendment.
5. New Planner- Ashley Webb- replaces Mike Ionna who resigned recently.
6. Budget meetings in mid August- budget estimates only a 1.6% increase over last year.
7. US 50 Collaborative meetings continue
8. OKI fiscal impact continues.

Meeting adjourned 9:25 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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