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17 July 2008 DCRSD Meeting Notes

The following notes are provided in an effort to provide a summary record the transactions of the meeting without editorial comment, except clarification of events or issues.

17 July 2008
DCRSD Meeting Notes

Present: Chairman, Enzweiler, Maxwell, Pruss, Dennerline and Renihan.Also Present: Benning, Executive Secretary and Secretary (replacing Doug Baer, who resigned earlier this year); Robert Hrezo, Hrezo Engineering; Tom Quinn, Quinn Engineering; Frank Kramer, Board Attorney; and Ralph Thompson. Bryan Messmore arrived after the start of the meeting.

Meeting started at approximately 7:00 PM in the Commissioner's Meeting Room. The meeting was NOT recorded.

Meeting Notes
Meeting Notes for June 5, 2008 approved.

Treasurer's Report
Regional Sewer District Savings Account $ 75,709.31
High Ridge Account $108,720.82
RSD Project Fund $255,849.63
Aurora Debt Service Account $ 3,535.50 (VB said Aurora overpaid $17.)
Sewer District Savings $ 2,422.82
Serenity Ridge Account $ 74,766.27

Serenity Ridge
Hrezo reported pipe is in ground and pressure test was conducted June 18. Passed at 78 PSI for 3 hours. Punch list items are resolved. OK to pay, except $1200 for tap and trench settlement. Pay $47,800. As-built print was provided, Hrezo is reviewing. All taps are marked with a wood stake and pin underground. Restoration work is complete. Residents were pleased with the restoration work.

West Aurora Project
Quinn provided financial analysis for 23 houses - 32 lots for Timberview for a budget cost of $99,000. Amounts to about $4,304 per home. For all 32 lots on Timberview, the cost is $104,000 or $3,508 per house. With the proposed lots on Edgewood Lane the cost is $109,000 for 54 houses at $2,018 per house. Flow is based on 310 GPD (gallons per day) per house.
There was a discussion about the higher cost of the larger plant with the current number of houses. Quinn suggested catching up with tap in fees, as new lots are developed. MSD is charging $3,200 per tap. The collection system exists on Timberview and work on Edgewood would have to include the collection system when any houses are built. Quinn estimated O & M costs at $19,000.

Pruss suggested the larger system be installed and if sewers extended out to the site in the future, the plant could be moved to other problem sites. Quinn indicated the tanks would be precast concrete with a 20' by 40' excavation. The system would tap the existing line to the lagoon and extend to the plant and then connect back to the line down to the lagoon. They may have to pipe around the lagoon.

A discussion ensued about the liability of using the lagoon. The cleanup costs were unknown and IDEM's requirements were unknown. Dennerline thought there was a "Superfund" or some Indiana Fund to help with the cleanup costs, if required. He further commented the site has been a thorn in their side (the Health Board's) for a long time. Quinn has not talked to IDEM yet.

Pruss indicated they would have to work a deal with Dillsboro to collect the monthly costs or shut off the water to the residences that didn't pay, or install valves in the sewer lines at about $1,500 each. There was a discussion as to whether they could shut off the sewer lines. Dennerline indicated they could if there were no other way. Kramer will contact Dillsboro to check on the feasibility.

Quinn asked if everyone would hook on, Enzeiler indicated most of the residents were anxious to connect. Quinn indicated it would take about 3 months to complete the design for IDEM review. He didn't know how much time IDEM would need. Dennerline asked if IDEM could be approached now. It was decided to complete the design for submission. Dennerline moved to proceed with the design for the total of 54 lots (Alternative 3).

Maxwell didn't want to solicit connections; but, thought John Ziedan would want to connect. He wondered if it would be sensible to up size the plant capacity. What could they get for another $10,000? Denerline indicated Ziedan could connect; but, it would cost him a lot to cross US 50. He thought it might take $25,000 to $50,000.

Quinn indicated the unit could be expanded further; but, it would cost more. Another tank could be added to double the capacity at a cost of around $80,000. The current plant could also be operated at a reduced capacity since there were not currently 54 houses.

Enzweiler said IDEM said that when Highridge was fixed they wanted other places fixed too. They expected to pick up other streets along the way.

Quinn indicated they should stress economics when they presented this fix.

Ralph Thompson asked from the audience, if the Board was going to contact Mr. Ziedan to see if he might be interested in connecting. Dennerline indicated he wouldn't connect. He didn't think he would pay that since he wouldn't pay the $2,500 to buy the right tank to meet the state requirement. Starlight's permit expired and he was officially out of business as of the 1st of March of this year. The consensus was not to contact Ziedan.

Discussion indicated they could wait till sewer was available from Aurora. Maxwell indicated they couldn't wait. The motion was seconded and approved.

Enzweiler directed Quinn to start on the design of Alternate 3 and Kramer should contact Dillsboro.He asked how soon they could have drawings and an estimate. Quinn said about 60 days. Enzweiler directed Quinn to get with John Draper to finalize the property "set up". Quinn indicted he would proceed and joked about the day he went to the property last time, was the day he broke his foot.

Enzweiler said they were moving forward now and he was waiting for the "road blocks". He said the costs for the house holders would higher at first and go down as more houses were added. Quinn indicated the O & M costs were based on a similar plant in operation. He also indicated the cost of chemicals was going up.

New Business
Benning requested to change the office hours from Monday, Wednesday and Friday to Tuesday through Thursday. The Board approved the change and Enzweiler directed her to get with the Web Master to change the office hours listed on the web.

Benning indicated Dennerline and Pruss had attended a Regional Sewer meeting to obtain information and she wanted to ask the Board for a per diem for them. Pruss indicted he did not want to be paid for the meeting. The issue was dropped.

Claims submitted:
Hrezo $1,930.00
Hrezo $642.50
Del $13.99
Quinn $2,000.00 Flow measurement for Highridge
Quinn $1,883.93 Miles and report.
UCC Contractors $47,800.00 Serenity Ridge construction
Maxwell moved and Dennerline seconded, Approved with Renihan abstaining.

Benning provided information in the next week, that the Quinn invoice would be resubmitted to the Board due to a clerical error in the submitted invoice.

Enzweiler questioned Quinn and Hrezo as to how much work was remaining on their part on Serenity Ridge. Quinn was caught up and Hrezo still had the construction observation to finish.

Adjourned at approximately 7:40 PM.

Financial analysis submitted by Quinn Engineering:

Quinn Engineering L.L.C.
18 E 4th Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

The High Ridge subdivision, a subdivision of 23 existing homes, is the larges(t) water quality problem in the Dearborn County Regional Sewer service area. Its treatment has deteriorated, through neglect and IDEM in 2001 denied the discharge permit.
The Dearborn County Regional Sewer District has developed a plan the (to ?) abate this water quality insult.
The project calls for a small wastewater treatment plant to he (be?) built at the end of Timberview Drive. Sizing of the plant deserves a high degree of consideration.
All the Alternates will be extended aeration with equalization tank, clarifier, sludge storage tank, chlorination and dechloriation system.

Alternate I 23 homes = 7130 gallons per day includes all built lots
Alternate II 34 homes = 10540 gallons per day includes all lots on Timberview
Alternate III 54 homes = 16740 gallons per day includes all lots along Timberview and proposed street Edgewood Lane

Construction Cost
Alternate I 23 homes $ 99,000 Cost per lot $4304
Alternate II 34 homes $ 104,000 Cost per lot $3058
Alternate III 54 homes $ 109,000 Cost per lot $2018

Amortized Cost
25 years at 1.00%
Alternate I 23 homes $16.29 per month
Alternate II 34 homes $11.57 per month
Alternate III 54 homes $ 7.64 per month

Operation and Maintenance Cost
Alternate I 23 homes $68.84 per month
Alternate II 34 homes $46.56 per month
Alternate III 54 homes $29.32 per month

Total Cost
Alternate I 23 homes $85.12 per month
Alternate II 34 homes $58.13 per month
Alternate III 54 homes $37.20 per month

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