Wednesday, November 19, 2008

18 November 2008 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Hughes, Thompson, and Fox (arrived at 6:50 PM)
Also present: Ewbank, Pickens, and Messmore
A uniformed sheriff’s dept officer was present.
Commissioner elect Orschell was present.

An executive session preceded this meeting.
Commissioners authorized Ralph Thompson as a representative of the county to take necessary and appropriate actions regarding the Animal Control issues and report back to the board about it.

Bill Black- EMA received approval for the Multi-hazard mitigation plan which is reviewed annually.

Mark McCormack- outlined the issues in Article 20 sections 2015,2060, and 2080 of the zoning ordinance revisions regarding signage requirements. He also outlined Article 3 sections 305N, 305O, and 305X of the Subdivision Control Ordinance on dead end streets. These were both voted favorable unanimously from the Sept Plan Commission meeting.

Hughes questioned the 1200 ft cul-de-sac length again (which is existing text that was made less strict 4 years ago) and also the emergency accesses. He wanted the fire depts. to weigh in on them, even though they were suggested, and not required, options. Fox said these were “no brainers.”

All were approved separately with Hughes voting Nay for the emergency access one.

Dennis Kraus Jr. presented the dedication of the Bittner Rd cul de sac for Werners, but no decision could be made- as it wasn’t advertised. This was tabled till Dec meeting.

Todd Listerman- Transportation Director- gave a 13 minute report. He has reviewed the Bittner Rd cul-de-sac and wanted Commissioners to know it was OK as he would NOT be present at the Dec 1st meeting.

Burke Benning Road was accepted into the highway inventory- it is a 12-ft wide gravel road that is .51 miles long. This road replaced Old Pruss Road which is in disrepair. It allows access to land locked pieces. Ownerships had changed in this process- lengthening the time it took to get it settled. Fox said this was also a “no-brainer” compared to the cost of fixing the old road.
FEMA inspected and signed off on storm debris removal costs of $128,058.29 and will pay 75% which is just over $96,000 of this.

Bells Branch Bridge will be let this week.

There is only one consultant bidding on the ITS system (cameras and Artemis) for I-275 section and US 50. There is 100% funding of this from the Feds. This money might revert back if we don’t use it. INDOT still looking at this.

Pickens – Claims and minutes approved. Employee 2009 Holiday schedule approved. 2009 Commissioners meetings will be 1st and 3rd Tues at 7 PM after Jan 1.

Bryan Messmore- Administrator- US 50 Collaborative meets this THURS at 2 PM in the L-bg Library Depot Room.

The Children’s Advocacy Center will be delayed 6 months at least due to scoring on the county application. They will revise this for the next set of grants and submit again in January- for possible approval in March.

Bob Ewbank- Attorney- got approval for the ordinance establishing a VOLUNTARY deferred compensation plan for the sheriff’s dept. No one seemed to know why they have something different that the rest of the county. Auditor needs this to allow withholding from paychecks.

They also approved a revenue sharing agreement and ordinance allowing the sheriff’s dept to charge a fee for crash reports. They can be obtained online now for $12 with $8 reverting to the sheriff’s fund.

Thompson reported that the HWY Dept helped with clean-up of the Old Mt Tabor Church cemetery on US 50. He has been helping with these issues.

Hughes- MONDAY DEC 1st is next meeting- due to the Commissioners Conference that week.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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