Thursday, November 06, 2008

5 November 2008 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Hughes and Thompson

Fox ABSENT- Hughes said Fox was working.

Ewbank, Pickens and Messmore were also present. Commissioner –elect Tom Orschell was present.

No uniformed police officer was present.

There was a group of boy scouts in attendance. No one addressed them during the meeting, though Ewbank answered their questions after the meeting closed.

Bill Black – EMA- gave a summary of the Multi-hazard mitigation plan that he said every county is supposed to have. Groups of county agency reps and departments took part in making up the plan. They addressed needs and goals and education for the community. Black said this does not obligate the county monetarily. Thompson asked for time line- and Black said ASAP. Thompson motioned to table it for two weeks to complete his reading of the documents. Hughes 2nd. Tabled.

November 16-22 was proclaimed as Winter Weather Preparedness Week.

Storm damage will be reimbursed at 75% and Listerman said Highway has about 100,000 to submit on this. They are taking part in a pilot program that doesn’t require overtime only- they can be reimbursed for straight time labor on this clean up as well.

Todd Listerman- Transportation director- gave a 24 minute report:
1. Meeting with area case workers on storm debris cleanup

2. Accepted Williams retreat Road - .22 miles off Bischoff Rd. Some of the 7 lots are sold- no homes yet.

3. Consultant on the Artemis project proceeding.

4. Millings placed on Schantz and Rumsey and chip seal completed on both.

5. Chesterville Bridge open- some minor work remains this month.

6. Holt Road dry ford design contract with Heritage Engineering Jeffersonville. Construction is in-house and they will build it to the 50 year flood limit.

7. Bridge Foreman had minor surgery- will affect the bridge work schedule.

8. One employee left for health reasons, and Tom Orschell gave two weeks notice as he will be commissioner. Listerman requested permission to go to Council to seek approval to fill those two spots.

9. Pickens wanted spots not filled to save some money by losing some positions due to attrition. Listerman was seeking permission to go to Council to obtain 535,000 for next year to pay bills on operating expenses. He has 1,246,000 in the 172 account. Pickens didn’t think he had to get permission for this one. Listerman wanted to be safe. OK’d to go to Council

10. 146 RR account had $60,000 for HWY operations and Listerman says $43,000 is left that he needs for fuel and oil till Jan 1. To date $175,000 has been spent on fuel. Pickens said they only have to go to Council for the $1.4 million on bituminous paving.

11. Trucks will be going home with drivers for winter readiness soon.

Claims and minutes signed.

Messmore- NOTHING- unless there are questions on ongoing activities. There were none.

Ewbank- no new suits.

Thompson- Congratulated Hughes and Commissioner –elect Orschell on their successful election bid for 2009.

Meeting adjourned at 7:20 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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