Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This editorial appeared in the Journal Press this week.

Will Rogers once noted that he didn't need to make up material but merely reportedwhat politicians said and did--the rest of the country found it hilarious.

The Chair of the Dearborn County Republican Party verbally attacked me in front of witnesses when I was at the polls to vote on Tuesday, November 4. He accused me of being "rude and unethical" in revealing the dynamics of party politics in the letter published in The Journal Press on October 28. I felt like laughing in his face, but he childishly walked away saying, "I don't want to listen to you."

This isn't unusual because the committees that control both parties in this county don't really want to listen to anyone except themselves. This was a ludicrous sight: the Little Boss of the party walking away like a kid who lost his sucker who was going to pout about it. What came to my mind was, "Oh, grow up. Stop acting like a silly fool andbe the chair you're pretending to be." His wife looked as embarrassed as I was at this usually stable man acting like an oaf.

Remember, this guy runs the same ‘ethical’ party that colluded with the Democratic Party to put up a Republican in Democratic clothes to run against the man the Republican Party faithful voted to represent them in the primary. The Republican committee stabbed the Republicans in the county in the back by refusing to promote the candidate that the Republican regulars had chosen. Apparently, the Little Bosses judged the people of the Republican Party in the county to be fools and nincompoops because they had not picked the Little Bosses' choice.

Like any politicians in this county, these small-minded Bosses supposedly derive "their just powers from the consent of the governed." In Dearborn County, however, our Little Bosses apparently derive their power from the consent of the moneyed interests whom they serve and of their own avaricious appetites.

In their connivance in this, the county’s ineffectual Democratic Party lost any credibility among Democratic regulars--this was no big deal since the Party committee had limited value in the races of the Democrats in this election .

On Thursday, October 30, The Register published a letter explaining that those of us who want the future of Dearborn County to be something worth handing on to our grandchildren are an "anti-everything group who oppose everything." This was written by the so-called Democratic candidate for commission who received money and support from both the Republican and Democratic party when he ran against the Republican primary winner. This Republican shill seems to work for whoever makes the best offer--sounds like a practice that's illegal between men and women in Dearborn County.

So, the petty Bosses are alive and well in Dearborn County in at least one of the parties. We should not be foolish enough to think they represent our interests. Theyhave clearly demonstrated that their only priority is their own greed and the manipulation or destruction of what the people of the county want if that stands in the way of their self-aggrandizement and power.

Bob Sauerbrey
Miller Township

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