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21 April 2009 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

21 April 2009 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Thompson, President, Hughes, and Orschell
Also Present: Pickens, Auditor, and Gay, Attorney pro tem


1. Thompson reported on the status of the work order for the sound system, which is partially “fixed.” Cliff Eibeck thanked him for all those who have been complaining about it.

2. Brett Dodd of RQAW presented a revised proposal for the Justice Center complex with phasing. The first phase would find the best site, even though they believe the Shumway Votaw site is too small. They still want to look at both sites. They can defer fees until the project comes to fruition and absorb them into their fees for completion of the project. They will evaluate the project two ways- with all courts moving or with partial. Pickens said he didn’t think they’d pry the circuit court out of the courthouse. Dodd wanted to evaluate it without preconceived notions. [NOTE: Dodd has been working on this for over 4 years without a contract or pay. He already has notions of what he thinks would work. The circuit courtroom is UNIQUE. It may be that that room should become a courtroom for all jury trials, thus used by all the judges on a scheduled basis.]

RQAW Phase 1 would be $6000 plus about $800 for reimbursable costs. Dodd answered questions from the commissioners. He wants to make space flexible so larger work forces could be accommodated in years to come.

Thompson passed out a proposal from PMSI Inc (Bill Schepler)- PMSI is a management company that would then hire RQAW to design build. PMSI would provide a free spot estimate (pro bono). This is not an apples to apples comparison of services. Pickens suggested they do both- since one is free and they could use PMSI to check RQAW.

Orschell motioned and Thompson 2nd (when Hughes wouldn’t) to accept both RQAW’s Phase 1 proposal and PMSI’s. Thompson and Orschell voted Aye- Hughes is opposed.

3. Administrator position job descriptions was retabled at Hughes’s request as he still hadn’t reviewed the revised job description from Waggoner Scheele in the current personnel policy. [NOTE: The commissioners seem to need an administrator in order to GET an administrator hired! What’s so hard about getting materials to each other and being prepared? Or is Hughes stalling? Or both?]

4. FSA form removing Fox and adding Orschell as commissioner was signed.


Lifetime Housing rehab letters signed. Projects are 14335 E Main St Moores Hill and 103 Eleanor Lane, Aurora.

Dennis Kraus Sr. ( County Councilman) and Kelly Mollaun (Lawrenceburg School Board) were appointed to SE Regional Community Corrections Board at SERCC’s request.

The Zone Map change from Ag to B-1 for a retirement Living and Health Services Complex at SR 48 and Wilson Creek in Lawrenceburg Township on 71.66 acres of county land adjoining 11 plus acres of city lands included was approved with no opposition. It had come with a unanimous favorable recommendation from the Plan Commission. Pete Resnick, Hospital Adm was present as was Jeff Talkers of Land Consultants. Trilogy is also involved in the complex with the hospital owning the land. The commissioners’ approval reflected the Plan Commission’s fact-findings as justification for the zone change even though it did not follow the master plan map of future land uses for that area. (See Plan Commission notes from March for further info.)

Todd Listerman, Transportation Dept, gave a 1 hour and 25-minute update and report. [NOTE: Several items are ongoing and their presentations could be shortened, as they are repetitious.]
1.Commissioners signed the Interlocal agreement with Aurora that was amended to reflect the widened sidewalk on the George St Bridge. Aurora already paid the $7500 owed to the county.

2. Listerman presented a draft of the needs assessment from LTAP with a discussion of the shortfalls in the budget. When this money comes in, the state police get their $86 million, the BMV gets its $50 million, and the rest goes to the roads etc. The report showed 86% of the state roads were in substandard condition. Over 88% are not edged and over 72% are not striped. Listerman has a complete report at the office.

3. Trash on roadsides is being picked up by County Corrections. Highway is involved when the item is too big to lift. Highway will take items off roads if they are IN the roadway. Call Community Corrections if roadside trash needs attention.

4. Dave O’Mara is repairing Bridges 10, 59, and 87 per last meeting. Inspections will be done by Barth and Associates for $13,500. Commissioners approved them as lowest bidder.

5. Rediscussion of the salt purchasing process and some snags in the computer sign-up. We are getting it for $68-70 per ton. Buying 4000 tons. We are committed to at least 3200 tons and can have 120% of what we requested, if needed. It will be delivered to our 3 sites.

6. Budget prep workshop is May 12 and Listerman will be there. He wants a workshop with commissioners after that to set the 2010 budget.

7. Council meets in May and Listerman wants to approach them regarding the 172 Riverboat Revenue funds. He spends 2008 money in 2009. So far the list below is about $40,000 over the 2008 funds and he may have to use some 2009 funds to complete it. Federal law requires striping on roads with 3000 or more vpd and edging with 6,000 or more vpd. County does 1000 or more- but commissioners decided now to only do the federal guidelines of 3000 or more due to low funds. Striping will be Cole, Georgetown, Jamison, North Dearborn (partial), Old US 52, Stateline, and Wilson Creek for $60,000 instead of $120,000.
Paving for 3 roads that have been let go and will soon be beyond repair for $500,000 approved to go to Council for Carolina Trace from Franklin County to Ohio stateline, Stout Road, and Pribble from Sr 1 to the top of the hill only. Will use dolomite mix to increase traction on that hill probably. Hoping asphalt costs $65 per ton vs. the $80 last year.
1997 dump truck replacement with over 200,000 miles and a crack seal machine for $60,000 that will save manpower and repay in 2 years. Also a $3,000 oil filter crusher. Total for these items is $184,000- approved to go to Council. Total for all the above is about $744,000. Council will have final say.

8. Discussion recycling and working more with solid waste district ensued.

9. Collier Ridge bid approved for Rohe Paving at $401,647.20 and includes the 9ft lagging to prevent leakage. Still have to get Rail America approval. Work will be June to mid August. The inspection work was approved for Geotech by HC Nutting at $12,373.50 and all the rest of the inspection by Barth at $11,220. Listerman said he wanted the design engineers to inspect on this project. Together they are at 5.9% of the contract price- well under industry standard fees.

10. IDEM considers Hwy to be a small waste generator due to their recycling and using rags instead of Floor Dry etc. They will be doing spot checks starting soon.

11. Thompson said they might want to reopen the idea of the Randall Ave site to get into more compliance with IDEM and Env rules. Commissioners will go on a site visit and will give 48 hours notice to the paper when they do. Pickens said Hensley could do one of the 2 appraisals required for free.

12. Listerman wants to auction off highway equipment- 1965 Farmall tractor, trucks etc. They could advertise it on their website. May do a county auction and include it.

13. Land acquisitions for ROW on North Dearborn TABLED until commissioners could find out how the landowners feel- they do NOT want to eminent domain. Orschell was adamant about that. United Consultants had a not to exceed price of $30,590 to do the ROW acquisitions.

14. Jenny Lynn will have the access to Old Orchard closed off with guardrail until they can get grass to grow. Too many people illegally using the emergency access.

15 No good news for IT and Artemis on 275. Listerman said they can’t get INDOT to do design work on this.

16.Listerman said he’ll do whatever the commissioners want on the workweek hours. Commissioners voted to try 4 – 10 hour days for 3 months this summer in highway dept. They will have M-Th workdays and people on call for Fri and the weekend. Survey showed about 50/50 on the workers wanting this. Orschell said it will gain 336 hours of lunchtime savings for Fridays removed.

17. Beam Longest and Neff will be at May or June meeting to discuss Stateline Road project.

Pickens- Auditor - Cum Cap Dev Fund is to be revised by the county attorney to comply with the state code, so the county isn’t “dinged” by their annual audit on what we spend it on. Claims signed- Hughes abstained- he hadn’t reviewed them. Minutes signed with March 17 tabled again with Hughes revisions. Orschell hadn't reviewed the new changes.

Bond Commission needs reappointment with Bill Jackson’s death. Pickens said Ewan created the board- for some compliance issue. He thinks they never meet. Tabled to research.

County tax rates will be here by May 29th at the latest. [NOTE: We haven’t received tax bill again this year.]

Jack Gay- Attorney- for Witte- Stone Property Zone Map Change signed. Also Witte’ s research on the ATV’s on county roads was approved to present to the citizen from last month’s meeting with issues.

Thompson reviewed a stimulus money powerpoint and didn’t see much opportunity for us here.


Phil Darling- York Township- asked about the rules for ATVs on County roads. Listerman has the law on that. Must be 16 and have to have DNR permit. Darling noted that kids use them without lights at night on his road. Huge safety issues.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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