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7 April 2009 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

7 April 2009 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Thompson, President, Orschell, and Hughes
Also present: Pickens, Auditor, and Gay Attorney pro tem

Med Ben appeal heard at executive session was denied at the regular meeting.

Bright Fire Dept Fire District has been withdrawn. [NOTE: It was reported on the local radio station that Gary Theurer, Fire Chief has resigned.]

Contract for Jack Gay, who is subbing for Witte was signed.

Thompson assured the audience that the sound system was being checked and they are proceeding with the manufacturer now.

Aaron McFelea for Cedar Pointe Assisted Living Center received verbal support ( Non- financial) to seek a grant from Lawrenceburg for economic development. Cedar Pointe will hire 35 employees and will be located on SR 48 across from Sunrise Estates. Grant will help with infrastructure.

Bill Black Jr, EMA- received grant signatures covering the grant for his, the sec’y , and part of a deputy’s salaries plus fringe benefits. Grant is from Homeland Security. Employees signed conflict of interest at state request because they were also part of LEPC (Local Emerg Planning group)

Ann Averill was appointed the new director of Animal Control Center. Doug Taylor, board member, and Thompson both noted that there were over 30 applicants and many were well qualified.

Commissioners signed the Notice of Intent for Pendleton Sears Architects for the Animal Control Center Building. As owners of the project, the County has to sign and pay $100 fee to IDEM per state regulations.

Mark McCormack presented the Zone map amendment for the Stone property on 82 acres in Harrison Township. Jim Kinnett of DCEDI noted that the agreement with Harrison or DCRSD sufficed to get the state to label it showvel ready. All other utilities are in place. No opposition. Commissioners approved the zone change from Ag to M-2 noting the new jobs it will produce, that it fits the other things in the area , traffic is handled well, RR access, and it’s location in the TIF district.

McCormack also received approval for changes to subdivision ordinance for Article 2 sections 244 and 260, Article 7, and Article 3 section 305N. The ordinances will be signed and a text change that is more typographical and not affecting content will be fixed by attorney Gay for section 260. Only opposition was from Hughes on 305N for cul de sacs. He said he lived on a dead end street and people are smart enough to figure out how to get around an accident. Orschell asked how many houses were on the street- Hughes said 3-4. Section 305N allows for about 10 times that amount and 1200 ft. It also allows for a waiver request.

Land Use Element Resolution was signed from the last meeting.

McCormack also asked for and received support for a grant request to Lawrenceburg with Aurora, the county, and Lawrenceburg being the applicants for infrastructure improvements on Phase 1 of US 50 project from the collaborative efforts. The amount requested is $1,850,124. The support was granted with the stipulation that it not harm existing businesses. Aurora Lumber ( Phase 1) and (in Phase 3) McCabes were mentioned as 2 long time businesses that need to be looked out for. Mike Hall- surveyor and PC Chairman- noted they were doing everything to enhance and not harm the existing businesses. The service road will help with truck loading and traffic. Cary Pickens called attention to the fact they were taking dirt from N of US 50 and dumping it into the flood plain S of US 50. Filling in the flood plain is not a good idea- it harms people along the streams and river and increases flood areas. [NOTE: Unfortunately, Commissioners did not seem overly concerned about that.] Phase 1 of this project includes moving the light at Walmart and the driveway at Aurora Lumber about 100 ft. they will run a service road behind there to Frisch’s area. Phase 2 continues on to soccer fields and Shurlite Drive. Phase 3 includes McCabes to the Post Office. Hope someday to go through to Lawrenceburg town.
The grant uses very conservative numbers for job growth, and tax base increases, etc. along this project.

Todd Listerman- Highway Dept- gave a 25-minute report and also a written report of the analysis of 4 vs 5 work day weeks for the highway dept. Summary Report is posted at the end of these meeting notes.
1. Commissioners approved $7500 which will be reimbursed by Aurora for increased walkway on George St from 5’ to 6/8”.
2. Collier Ridge slip bids to be opened next Thursday and presented for next meeting.
3. Three bids submitted for Johnson For, Salt Fork, and Sagamaw bridges. Commissioners accepted Dave O’Mara, lowest bid at $217,716.10. The other 2 bids were American Contracting at $349,398 and Force Construction at $340,143,17. The original estimated cost was $368,900.
4. Force Construction started Bells Branch and it will be closed till the fall.
5. Paul Rohe is working on SR 46 from SR1 to SR 52 and has 6,000 tons of millings to sell . Commissioners allowed Listerman to approach Council to buy this and since it is summer he thinks it will seal better on the low traffic roads, That will allow possible delay of the chip seal topping for a year or two.
6. Deck on Collier Ridge Bridge will be done with a 4 “steel grating form E&H Bridges for $45,107.28. Listerman can approach Council later if he needs more steel for his account for other bridges.
7. LPA training for Listerman is May 6.
8. Animal Control Durango is repaired and ready for pick up.
9. Report for 10 hour 4 day work week option given to commissioners. See end of these meeting notes for summary report. Commissioners to review report before making a decision.

Pickens- Auditor- Commissioners approved claims, tabled minutes and approved getting a resolution to require employees to take reimbursements as direct deposits.

Thompson- Commissioners approved signing a title for Special Crimes Unit vehicle to be traded in to local dealership.

RQAW- Brett Dodd- late arrival- had a proposal for $24,000 – 320 hours estimated work – to get financing costs, options, land comparisons on sites, etc. They have been working on a strategic plan for jail-justice complex since 2004. Consensus building for 2 options lately he said. They will look at Votaw/Shumway site and the old Fortune Mgmt lot next to Vance Tousey House. Pickens said Council will need this broken out in phases and also may require a bid.

Todd Listerman – said at a recent Ohio County meeting they approved random drug testing for all drivers of county vehicles. He asked about our policies. Pickens said its being revised and Thompson said we have this option- it’s just not enforced.

Cliff Eibeck stressed getting the sound system FIXED!

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

SUMMARY REPORT ON 10 HOUR /4 DAY WORK WEEK OPTION: [NOTE- references to see page # is to show the supporting documentation in the report. These supporting pages were not printed here as they were not in a format that could be transferred to the blogsite.]

Work Day Report

When looking at what schedule works best for an organization, one must first look at the type of work is being performed, working conditions, and personnel.
The Dearborn County Highway Department work consists of outside manual labor operations which include but not limited to: guardrail installation, pipe & culvert installation, mowing & weed eating, herbicide spraying, tree & brush cutting, pothole & road patching, wedge & level, crack sealing, road grading, ditching, etc.

Workers are exposed to all weather elements, including cold, extreme heat, wind, rain, snow, etc
The Dearborn County work force ages are between 40 and 63 years old. The average age is 51 years old. (See page 6)

The Medical history of the work force is as follows:

1 employee off Workman’s Comp due to hurt shoulder,
1 employee 2008 Workman’s Comp physical therapy for hurt shoulder,
1 employee off 2007 on FML due to stress,
2 employees off 2007 due to knee surgery,
2 employees off in 2008 on FML due to knee surgeries,
1 employee off 2007/2008 on FML irritable bowel syndrome,
1 employee under medical treatment for lung condition: taking chemotherapy treatments,
1 employee under medical treatment for prostate & bladder cancer,
10 employees with high blood pressure,
3 employees with diabetes/ high sugar,
13 employees with weight issues,
2 employees with cholesterol issues,
1 employee with circulation problems in legs, clots,
1 employee has arthritis issues,
6 employees restricted CDL due to medical reasons.

The Dearborn County Employee manual presently states “each workday, the employees are provided with two paid rest periods of 15 minutes in length and a paid lunch period of thirty (30) minutes in length.” (See page 7)

Neither Federal law and Indiana law requires employers to provide breaks of any kind including for meals. However, rest periods if allowed must be counted as hours worked. Meal periods need not be compensated as work time. (See pages 8-10)

The Dearborn County Employee manual also states “No established schedule should be construed as a guarantee of work hours…” (See page 7)

Federal Fair Labor Standards has no provisions regarding the scheduling of employees. Therefore, an employer may change an employee’s work hours without notice or obtaining the employee’s consent. (See page 11)


26 of 28 field employees surveyed (two off, 1 sick and 1 workman’s comp.)

13 prefer traditional 5 day/8-hour workdays
1 did not vote
12 prefer 4 day/10-hour workdays

Of 12 who prefer 4 day/10-hour workdays,
10 would prefer staying 5-day schedule than work a split 4-day schedule, off on Wednesday. 1 made no choice. 1 wanted 4-day schedule even with split schedule.

For this report, we will look at the months of June thru August. This will be while school is in summer break so to limit disruption of school buses and limit disruption of evening rush hour traffic. When looking at work periods, one needs to look at sunrise/sunset hours. Earliest start time based on sunrise sunset would be 6:30 a.m. between June 1st to July 17th and 7:00 a.m. for July 20th to August 28th. (See pages 12-17)

Average High Temperatures in Cincinnati.
(See pages 18-20)
June 1 – 80
June 16 – 84
July 1 – 86
July 16 - 87
August 1- 87
August 16 – 86
August 28 - 84

Heat Stress Index
(See page 21)

Average Number of Employees Off Daily

Average 3.67 employees absent from work daily.

Comparing 4/10 Day vs. 5/8 Day

Benefit: 1 less 20 minute start up & 20 minute shut down weekly,
1 less start up travel and 1 less shut down travel weekly,
2 less paid 15-minute breaks and 1 less 30-minute paid lunch.

Cons: Substituting working hours during heat of day in lieu of cool period of day, i.e. less production, (See pages 23-24)
Substituting addition work hours at end of day, i.e. tired worker, less production,
Recommended additional 15-minute break per 2 hours worked in heat of day to reduce risk of Heat Stress. (See page 24)
4/10 Split Week vs. 4/10 Straight Week

Benefits: More rested work force thus more productive,
Maintain 48-hour maximum to fix non-emergency situations,
Maintain 48-hour maximum of employees driving roads, seeing road conditions and possible problems,
More likely employees stay at home on weekends thus available for emergency call.

Employee Comments:
4-10: It is my experience that if you have a split shift, you don’t get as much work done as four days in a row.
4-10: Will we have to use vacation or personal time to cover a sick or vacation day. Earn 8 hours and 10 hr workday. July 4, 10 hours?
5-8: We need to be here 5 days a week to serve the public.
5-8: If we do 4-10’s would prefer straight 4 days.

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