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27 April 2009 Dearborn County Plan Commission Notes

27 April 2009 Dearborn County Plan Commission Notes

Present: Hall, Chairman, Thompson, Lehman, Nelson, Hoog, Kraus, Jr., Beiersdorfer, and Lansing

Absent: Hornbach

Also present: McCormack, Plan Director, and McGill, Attorney

Primary Approval for a 5-lot subdivision for the creation of a medical office facility on SR 48 and Wilson Creek Road in Lawrenceburg Township on 71.66 acres of recently rezoned B-1 land was submitted by Owner Health Care Services of SE Indiana and applicant Land Consultants represented by Jeff Talkers, PE.

All information was similar to what was presented at last month’s zone change hearing. 25 mailings sent out with no comments pro or con received. The plan is to begin earth moving this summer all internal to the site- not trucking it in. Geotech reports will be gone into in detail after primary plat approval. The preliminaries indicate no red flags.

Lawrenceburg will annex this effective 2010. The site will have 30 Alzheimers beds and 140 assisted living units. It will be all single story and so will cover more land space. Talkers will advise Lawrenceburg of the issues involving neighbor comments on the 90-degree curve in Wilson Creek. All accesses line up with others ( SR 48 lines up with Clinic Dr. and Wilson Creek lines up with garage driveway.)

The 47 acres of slopes will be a good backdrop for the complex with space and views. Private cemetery will not be moved and all development will be 75-100 ft from it- per DNR requirements. Parking is as required in other municipalities. There is extra parking around the medical building to accommodate hospital employees that currently use those spaces across the street now.

No public was present to speak on this.

Nelson motioned and Kraus Jr. 2nd to approve the primary plat. All ayes. Passed.


1. Bond reports passed out. Miller and Tucker coming up soon.

2. Ron Barnhart was approved and hired as assistant planner. He previously worked in GIS dept and has a background in Urban Geography. He also is a graduate of ECHS and lived in Sunman.

3. 3. All three grants the Plan Dept and Mike Hall helped write were granted: Manchester Recreational facilities for $42,000, West Harrison for $85,000 and Lawrenceburg Aurora and County for US 50 for $1.85 million.

4. Complaint filed in Jan 2008 regarding a local surveyor is finally moving through the attorney general’s office as they are asking for more information. This complaint was also filed with the Land Surveyors Board and their certification and registry board. The surveyor was not named during the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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