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5 May 2009 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

5 May 2009 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Thompson, President, Orschell, and Hughes
Also present: Pickens, Auditor, and Gay, Attorney

Commissioners covered Old Business at the end of the meeting.


Bill Ewbank- Veteran's Officer- informed commissioners that he will have office hours on Thursdays at the VA Clinic on Flossie Dr. He gets 20% of his referrals there. Ewbank will post signs notifying the hours change.

Aaron Negangard- Prosecutor- (presented also for Sheriff Lusby)- Received approval for JAG grant to hire and administrative assistant for the Special Crimes Unit. The grant this year is for $58,000. Last year was $12,000. The hiree requires no health insurance per Negangard. Pickens advised him to get it set up so that the person also doesn’t use the $100 per month allotted to those who opt out of health insurance.

SE Indiana Regional Community Corrections Grant agreement- Commissioners signed the agreement though there was confusion over the amount. ( $330,145 vs. $344,346)

Margaret Minzner- GIS- Introduced Tim Whitson (sp?) of Pictromotry. There was a short presentation showing the images available on each property site and their uses for items needing permits to law enforcement. They have up to 25 images per lot, oblique and orthogonal views. We are currently under a 2-year contract with Pictrometry.

Randall Avenue Property- for Transportation Dept- Commissioners reviewed the property and discussed pros and cons of obtaining it for the county garage again. Orschell thought it would be wise to move operations there as D-3 was already there and they could then clean up the Manchester site on County Farm Road. They would also keep salt locations in Manchester and on Jamison. Costs were an issue with current people being laid off. Thompson thought payback would be in 10-15 years. He said IDEM spot inspections will eventually catch up to the issues at the garage. Hughes wants to be a good neighbor in Manchester and clean it up first. Thompson said they have to get out to clean it up. Orschell invited Hughes to come out and look at it with him sometime. Pickens and Thompson told Hughes that Hensley can’t appraise as it would be a conflict of interest. Hensley is County Assessor. Orschell motioned and Thompson 2nd to get new appraisals and go t Council for funding. Hughes voted Nay- he wanted to spot check Manchester first.

Todd Listerman- Transportation Dept- gave a 15-minute report.

Structure 212 on Lower Dillsboro Road was closed last week. He met with Mayor Hastings and also Brett Fehrman of Aurora Council. All 3 Commissioners visited the site separately. Jack Gay will prepare an interlocal agreement with Aurora. The City of Aurora will pass an ordinance making Indiana Ave a 2- way street after the county widens about 85 feet of it to qualify for 2-way. This will allow east bound access to US 50 for the 2 residents there. It costs far more to repair the structure than to reroute the traffic.

There is a meeting next week with 275 Artemis reps and designers. The agreement gets finalized through Indy. This is 100% federally funded and OKI will pay INDOT who will reimburse the county the $60,000 that we have to front as lead agency. Listerman was approved to go to Council for the $60,000 that will eventually be reimbursed.

Beam Longest and Neff looked at Stateline projects in Bright and will present findings at the May 19 Commissioners meeting. This will give commissioners time to review the info in advance.

Commissioners approved United Consulting to do ROW engineering and negotiations for North Dearborn Road project and to use that for part of the 20% match. Orschell talked to 3 residents involved and all were willing to get the roadway fixed. Listerman has $1 million for this so far. He will be going back to INDOT for the $2 million needed to complete.


County Administrator Position Job Description- Commissioners approved the 2009 revision of the job description and will proceed with ads and interviews. All ayes.

Bond Commission remains tabled until Bill Ewan returns. Rocky Schroeder is the last remaining member per Pickens. Pickens will sign off to keep the bonds in play. These bonds retire in Jan 2011.

Cary Pickens- Claims ( including emergency $9835 for tax bill postage)signed.

Minutes signed except for March 17 (Master Plan Amendment Map Hearing.) Hughes continues to have issues with the minutes and revisions he wants. Pickens said Carolyn Miller is losing a lot of time revising. He wants just summaries and not all the “he said/she said” language. Discussion about the DVDs being kept. Pickens said they aren’t the legal minutes anyway once the minutes are accepted. If they want anything included verbatim they should say first: “FOR THE RECORD…” Commissioners agree to summaries for minutes.

Pickens wants cum cap development ordinance amendment on the agenda before they sign it- next meeting.

Jack Gay- Attorney- presented RQAW amendment for phase 1 from last meeting and Commissioners signed it with Hughes noting his NAY vote.

Ralph Thompson- was approved by commissioners to sign 2 Lifetime Housing Rehab grants for 406 Park Ave Aurora and 13447 SR 350 Moores Hill.

Thompson also informed commissioners of $500 expense to fix faulty microphone and more troubleshooting on the sound system and potential hall speakers. Pickens will see if Eric Hartman has maintenance funds or commissioners’ budget has them to complete this.

Thompson asked for comments on the Animal Shelter for Daryl Sears, Architect. Sue Hayden will get paperwork to them.


Mike Hall- presented the US 50 Access Grant Acceptance for signatures- this will be $1,850,125 from Lawrenceburg for the Sycamore Area by Walmart- Phase 1 access. Commissioners signed. Hall will take it to Lawrenceburg for their signatures.


Chris Mueller- advised commissioners that they will probably need more than summaries on zone changes in order to show commissioners approved findings of fact and followed the law for zone changes. (Particularly if court case comes up) She suggested that the DVD’s might be referenced and saved in those instances.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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