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19 May 2009 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

19 May 2009 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Thompson, President, Hughes, and Orschell
ABSENT: Pickens, Auditor (Cathy Miller, sub)
Also present: Jack Gay, Attorney

Todd Listerman- Highway Dept- went first due to other commitments this evening. Listerman (and Pickell from Beam Longest and Neff) gave a 10-minute report.

1. Gay provided Commissioners with interlocal agreement with Aurora on widening Indiana Avenue. Commissioners signed it and the county will provide the work force. This provides an alternate route for the closure of Lower Dillsboro Road around the area of a small structure that failed there.

2. Commissioners signed the 2008 report.

3. Andy Pickell Beam Longest and Neff provided commissioners with a supplementary agreement of about $52,000 for re-studying the Stateline Road widening project from Salt Fork to Jamison. A new cemetery plan has to be added by state law for $3400. They will subcontract that and also the part of Phase 2 locations of gas tanks for $9300. Environmentals and plan prep increase costs of $14,800 and design increases are $26,800. If the county wants construction oversight, that will cost $131,000. Commissioners tabled this item for further review.

The executive session preceded this meeting. The commissioners TABLED the 2 medical claims for further research.

Due to a potential conflict of interest in 2 cases pending, commissioners voted for a waiver to be signed for the case involving a mortgage claim, so the attorney could represent the county and the treasurer.

In the case involving Don Townsend- former Building Inspector- the commissioners voted that Townsend have his own attorney. Hughes voted Nay- he said Townsend should be covered by the county attorney, as he was working for the county at the time. The issue is a property in Lawrenceburg that is required to have sprinklers by state law, and the inspector allowed it without sprinklers.

Bond Commission President remains tabled.

Cum Cap Ordinance was prepared, read, and approved by commissioners. It is effective upon 2 publications. This brings our ordinance in line with state statute.


Mary McCarty of SEIRPC presented the grant application for the Children’s Advocacy Center for signature again. Aaron Negangard, Prosecutor was present for this also. The Commissioners signed it as sponsors for ANOTHER reapplication for consideration and approval by September. The 3 previous ones were denied. The last time it was for budget formulation, despite the fact that the same budget was used for all previous applications.

DCRSD Sewer line for US 52 was TABLED at DCRSD’s request.

Claims and minutes were signed- including the infamous March 17th set that Hughes had revised several times. (March 17 was the Master Plan Map Amendment meeting)

Tom Orschell said he spoke to the new Bright Fire Chief and his assistant and wanted them to come together with citizens in Bright to find funding without raising taxes.

Orschell also asked Hughes when he wanted to go see the Manchester Hwy Dept site. ( All 3 commissioners plan to do this at 10 AM Friday and will announce that as a public meeting)

Thompson asked Hughes about the Animal Control Plans, Hughes reviewed them and said he was doing that ongoing. Thompson said they needed an answer at some point, to get started.


Three citizens of Mt Tabor Road area in the no burn zone came to complain about that. David Rogers, George Cooper, and Mary Ann Rucker spoke with sympathy for the resident whose lung problems prompted this. They want to have the rule amended to allow burning at specified times perhaps, now that the resident has gotten the house resided and new windows etc. done. They think she might be able to just stay inside on those specified days. Thompson said they would look into it and check with her physician etc.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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