Sunday, May 10, 2009


Please share the good news! Attached is a printable PDF file or feel free to forward this e-mail from the Dearborn County Chamber of Commerce.

Dear Chamber Members …

The Chamber is launching a Buy Dearborn campaign to encourage resident and local businesses to buy products and services in the community.

The campaign will feature newspaper, radio and TV advertising explaining why it makes good sense to Buy Dearborn (value, convenience, buying from someone you know and can trust, impact on the local economy and jobs).

A key element of the campaign is use of the Chamber’s web site and our new web site to help members promote their products and services and also special Buy Dearborn offers.

Here are some ways you can get involved:

● Go to and make sure your company/organization profile is up to date. With the new site you are able to update your own information and create Hot Deals. To get your User Name & Password contact Amanda Ewbank or call 812-537-0814.

● Place an ad in the Chamber’s full page Buy Dearborn ad that will run in the Register and Journal Press the week of May 11. Promote your support of the campaign and/or your Buy Dearborn Hot Deal. 18 2-columns by 2-inch ad placements are available … only $99. Call Donna Metzger at the Register for information or call 812-537-0063.

● Do you have a changeable sign at your location? If so, consider adding some words promoting Buy Dearborn (e.g., We Support Buy Dearborn … Buy Dearborn = Great Value … Check out Buy Dearborn’s Hot Deals).

● Use the Buy Dearborn campaign logo in your advertising. The logo artwork is available on the Chamber’s web site, or email Vanessa Cash and she will send it to you.

● The Chamber will be providing businesses with Buy Dearborn window or counter cards. Would you like one? Let us know.


Michael Rozow, Jr.
President and Chief Operating Officer

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