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1 September 2009 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

1 September 2009 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Thompson, President, Hughes, and Orschell

Also present: Witte, Attorney

Pickens, Auditor- ABSENT

Executive Session on highway facility purchase was prior to this meeting.
Orschell motioned and Thompson 2nd for the Board of Commissioners to OFFER $767,500 to Rack for the property and building on Randall Avenue for county highway. This offer is contingent upon good title, building inspection, and environmental. Passed with Hughes voting NAY.


County Campus Plan remains tabled. See below under RQAW.

Website was discussed with Thompson approved to get pricing from Steve Pope for the next meeting. There are several issues with dept heads having responsiveness issues with FX Design, the current website manager.

Animal Control policies remain tabled.

RQAW evaluation of Shumway building handled in New Business along with Charette. Hughes was adamant about doing the charette before the Shumway was analyzed. He insisted the county had already done that before. Orschell said he hadn’t seen that work. See below on new business for further info.

Hogan water company remains tabled though Witte reported that county adm duties for the grant are minimal as it is solely for infrastructure, so no payroll involved.


William Scharold Commander of VFW who runs the Memorial Day observances at East Fork Cemetery off SR1 requested that East Fork Road be reopened and become one way. It was determined that Bob Ewbank, former county attorney had recommended the request to close the south end for safety reasons. The request went to INDOT and was approved. The cemetery holds members of the Smith and Ewbank families. Todd Listerman is to research this some more to see what can be done to accommodate the annual ceremony without too much cost. Tabled.

RQAW Charette proposal for Campus Plan with Brett Dodd. Dodd was asked if they could roll the Shumway work into the charette process for the same total amount as the charette. Dodd said- sure- why not. Contracts were amended and the process includes Shumway for a total not to exceed $!5,000. Signed- all three approved.

YES HOME lease will be redrawn for 25 years and it will go year to year after that. Witte to rework language to make it simpler also.

Todd Listerman- Highway Dept- gave a 20-minute update:

DNR requested ROW from new Cole Lane to Laughery Creek access at old ford. Witte and Listerman to get ordinance prepared for this contingent on them using it for public access.

Artemis cameras will be let Oct to Nov with 100% federal funding- no local money.
Commissioners had to sign off on increases in design of $38,413- $60,000 and construction from $288,000 to $300,000.

Yorkridge Road stimulus project will let end of Oct for resurface after Apr 1 2010.

Old SR52 is 1st stimulus project and will be finished by October.

Woliung Road will get the millings off SR 52.

2nd stimulus will go to chip seal North Hogan and North Dearborn sections this fall.

SR 46 millings are going to Ennis Ridge and Mosmeier- 2 miles total.

Bells Branch Bridge is being cleaned for November completion.

Collier Ridge is waiting on REMC to move two poles. They will them put on top coat, guard rail and ditch etc. They will then remove the old deck on the bridge and replace with a steel one.

Auditor- (Cathy subbed)- claims signed with Hughes abstaining as he was on vacation last week and hadn’t reviewed them. Minutes were tabled for Hughes to review.

Witte- Attorney-Langley Heights lawsuit – requires another attorney as Witte did some work with this as a judge. Jack Gay was approved with Hughes abstaining as he wanted some lawyer from the county. Orschell agreed but said Gay already had some knowledge, so he wanted to proceed with him.

DC Hospital was named in a suit in federal court due to a DUI where the blood test was refused and urine collection was done alleging a forced catheterization. The alcohol level came back less than .08 and so civil rights violation is alleged. The county itself was not named in this. [NOTE: Did law enforcement order this?]

Jeff Hughes- said he saw Daryl Sears there (the architect for animal shelter) Sears said the lowest bid was not in compliance. Hughes was surprised and asked him to explain. Maxwell’s bid apparently substituted different quality materials than specified to get the price down. Therefore, it wasn’t apples to apples. The next highest bid is $1,999,000. Thompson noted all the funds were not in the county’s account, farm lease was not resolved. Pickens was working on that and he wasn’t there tonight. Orschell said Council didn’t commit enough money to run this. Bottom line- the Commissioners, Council and Animal Control Board are to meet and discuss how to proceed.

Tom Orschell- said Jenny Daum wants to be on the emergency coordination board. Doug Baer is on leave and he is part of this decision. No decision.

Ralph Thompson- discussed 911 to rebuy 3 computer CPUs for $25 each if they stay in the building. Concern for data and privacy on these. Tabled for further research.

Partnership agreement on 2010 census signed.


Cliff Eibeck-
requested the commissioners make the 2nd meeting of the month the morning one as it conflicts with St. Leon Sewer Board meetings and he is being sewed for forced hook-up and wants to attend those. Sept will stay evening- commissioners to check the court schedule etc to see if this will work. Hughes still wants evenings. Orschell is neutral. Thompson noted they could get venders easier during the day meeting and be sure all public hearings are at night meetings. No decision.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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