Tuesday, September 29, 2009

28 September 2009 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

28 September 2009 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

Present: Hall, Chairman, Kraus,Jr., Beiersdorfer, Hoog, Lansing, Hornbach, Lehman, Nelson, and Thompson.
McCormack, Director, and McGill, Attorney, also were present.


Waiver of requirement in Article 2 Section 200 to create a parcel for Robert Brinkmoeller property by owner Seevers, Inc. on North Dearborn Road on .018 acres Ag land in Kelso Township.
Kraus, Jr., surveyor, presented for the applicant and then removed himself to the hall for discussion and decision. The North Dearborn water co has a policy that the meter has to be on land owned by the customer. The tract created is a non- buildable tract and is non- adjoining. This requires a waiver as the code states that non buildables must adjoin the main tract. No public spoke. The board quickly decided to allow this. Thompson motioned and Beiersdorfer 2nd to grant the waiver stating it constituted an undue hardship, did not harm others in the area, and was a peculiarity of the land and property. (Brinkmoeller’s home sits about a half mile down a long driveway. The meter sits at the road.) All ayes passed.


1. Comp Plan members responded to the June memo- only 15 did not. Of those many were not active during the original meetings. McCormack will call and see if they received the notice and/or want someone else to replace them if they represent a group or interest needed for the make-up of the advisory board. Final list available at October meeting.

2. Article 18 on proposed wind energy conversion systems was passed out for review. McCormack and Hornbach went to a conference on these in April. We already have one outside Moores Hill on Chesterville Road and like cell towers etc , the PC wants to be ahead of the issues on placing these in the county. If a utility company comes in- other laws will apply as well. Currently allowing them up to a 25-ft max on Ag lands with other heights requiring permission of the board is what is written in the PROPOSED possible code for discussion. No decisions- just discussion at this point.

3. Mixed martial arts fights ( cage fights) etc have been springing up in the cities and county at local restaurant/bars. Several hundred people show up and these are outside. They are not normally allowed in restricted business zones as restricted business is for indoor activities primarily. The noise, traffic, lights, etc. are issues. County is looking at using special activities permits. The FOP lodge shooting range on Brooks Lane off Wilson Creek was brought up also due to noise issues. McGill thought it should be a county ordinance – not a zoning issue. That will help law enforcement take care of it. [NOTE: If they are required to have the fights indoors, the bars may stop doing it, as they will want to protect their property from damages.]

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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