Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Can you be a Washington?

Over the years since our beginnings in 2004, this site has focused almost exclusively on providing as much information about local events as possible with the goal of promoting local involvement rooted firmly in a real understanding of local issues. Chris Mueller has been Herculean in her efforts (the Augean Stables come to mind) in furtherance of this goal and we all owe her a debt of gratitude for her fortitude.

For now, the home waters have calmed, while in the sea that is national politics, storms are raging. They are storms we cannot escape or ignore.

It used to be, in the time of the founding of THE Republic, that persons of honor set aside their personal interests to focus their considerable intellects and honest hearts on finding a way for people to govern themselves. This, it seems to me, is the Change that people have been hungering for but still have not found in the recent and current leaders of OUR Republic. The time has come for us to govern for ourselves if we have any hope of setting a new course.

But first, we must focus Our intellect. To that end this forum will begin a series of proposals and essays that we hope will provide food for thought and a catalyst for discussion. Perhaps the ghosts of our forefathers will lend us their spirit for a while and lead us to the new ideas and solutions that will fill our hunger.

So bring an honest, thoughtful heart. Discuss, extend, or tear down and rebuild what will be offered in the spirit of what has made America a great nation. Fulfill the promise of the Declaration of Independence. Take up your birthright that is the Constitution and decide, again, how you will govern yourselves.


Your Host - A. Citizen said...

Thank you for joining me here. I welcome your comments on this and future posts.

As you may surmise, if you have not guessed it, the former requirement to have a Google persona is (and has been for some time) lifted.

There will be only two rules, that if broken will result in the removal of comments:
1) The former rule regarding obscene language holds - keep a civil tongue, even in the thick of battle, and,
2) Posts that contain only the signature "Anonymous", no matter how brilliant or pithy, will be removed. Pick a signature, any signature, by selecting Name/URL and filling out the Name box. It would be especially nice if you would use the same one each time, but that will be up to you. Addressing an author is the only way to coherently respond to his or her ideas, and we can't all be Mr. Anonymous.

While I will be providing a number of the proposals, as always, thoughtful submissions will get you a visiting primary author pass (posted without attribution if you wish) and a colorful "I voted with my mind today" lapel sticker.

Welcome back.

CBM said...

Just testing comments- using name/url and omitting the url is teh easiest way to just pick an online name.
Why do you have anonymous on the sign in for comment, if you won't allow anyone to stay posted with it?
Or is it a standard form for this blog comment?

A. Dearborn Citizen said...

The selections are those provided by Blogger/Google. Unfortunately, while there is a great deal of configureability to this service, eliminating Anonymous without eliminating the simple signature is not possible. I guess they see those options as basically the same with the only reason for not wanting either one being to force a consistent id, namely the Google or OpenID signins (even if it is a fictional one). I accepted their logic and we tried the Google ID route and everybody ran for the hills, so we will try this. Less work for you, more work for me, but I'm up for giving it a try...

After all the work Chris has put in to it I suppose this little bit extra for me isn't much by comparison.

Ruth Thornhill said...
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Ruth Thornhill said...

Hello, I recently read a post on Facebook (18hrs ago)by the Lawrenceburg Public Library mentioning an interview of Doris Kearns-Goodwin ~ The Bully Pulpit that was on this site. Can you possibly direct me to the correct link?
Sincerely, Ruth Thornhill