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3 November 2009 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

3 November 2009 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Thompson, President, Orschell, and Hughes
Also present: Pickens, Auditor, and Witte, Attorney

The Med Ben appeal # 2009-2 discussed in Executive session was denied at the meeting- all ayes.


Hogan Water Corp- remained tabled

East Fork Road- remained tabled

YES HOME lease remains tabled- though Witte noted the YES Home attorney had the revised lease for review.

Happy Hollow Road remains tabled

SRI Tax certificate sale was approved with Orschell and Thompson voting aye and Hughes Nay. Hughes wanted to hand pick properties with homes out of the list. There are $324,000 in back taxes on this list. Pickens noted that they were given opportunities to set up payment plans even and have not done it. McGill reviewed the contract from last meeting and the commissioners decided to do an auction at the county bldg- NOT online- to have more control, per Pickens.


Gary Hensley Assessor- was approved to get bids for a 2-yr contract on trending and new construction. He will return with bids for approval of a contract.

Steve Ott and Judy Schlather of McGohan Brabender- gave a brief overview of their services and left material with commissioners. They want to bid on procuring and managing employee benefits- not property casualty and liability. (Pinnacle Advisory is doing this job now) Commissioners took it under advisement and Ott will call them in 2 weeks.

PAWS- Spay and Neuter Program- Sandy Carley presented a change in PAWS policy. They will keep the cat program as usual spay and neuter 3-4/week and have them up for adoption at Petsmart on Colerain. Dogs will be spayed and neutered after adoption to avoid spending money on dogs that may have to be euthanized. PAWS will do follow up calls after adoptions to be sure the dogs are spay/neutered. They will start this next week and will communicate with Marlene at the shelter. Commissioners were in agreement with this- as it avoids wasting PAWS grant money from the DC Foundation. Sandy Carley also offered PAWS help at any time with winterizing kennels and asked for her 10x10 one back if they decide to disassemble them. Commissioners plan to use 3 -4 for overflow emergency thru the winter and only open up the outer ones in the warmer months as needed. Orschell said a spay neuter requirement is needed in the county to keep this population down. He thanked PAWS for their work and he noted that the media over a week ago actually helped with increased adoptions. (30)

BJ Ault- Solid Waste Recycling Center- received approval for Sunday November 15 being proclaimed America Recycle Day. Ault noted we have 217 tons of municipal trash and 4.5 lbs per day per person. Commissioners signed the proclamation to increase awareness of reducing waste, reuse, and recycling. The Theme is “It All Comes Back To You.” Commissioners are also looking to go to council for help with increased tire recycling costs from the community corrections clean-ups. That will be in January for 2010.

Highway Dept- Todd Listerman- gave a 35-minute update (perhaps making up for 0 minutes last meeting!)

1. Seven Scour susceptible bridges (flooding producing damage to certain bridge structures) are being set up by American Structurepoint and will be turned in by Nov 6. This scour portion is reimbursed 80/20 by the FEDS. The total is $9854.11. Approved.

2. Collier Ridge slip is completed with only 2 change orders- approved today for $970 and $1008.11.

3. Bells Branch is completed and letters of thanks were signed by commissioners.

4. INDOT let the final contract for Yorkridge with O’Mara. Stimulus funding on this. It will start next spring

5. Stimulus on Old US 52 completed as well.

6. North Dearborn and North Hogan chips seal will move to next year for weather considerations.

7. Artemis bid is due Nov 4. We pay $85,000 to be reimbursed at 100% by federal funds.

8. Inspections on Randall Avenue property are passed, including environmental and the building.
9. Metal Bridge on Collier Ridge waiting on weather to complete.

10. Kuebel Road issues on the hill below Stegman property and the bridge, which is rated 0.0 out of 100 and unsafe. County wants to close that part of the road and not maintain it. After much discussion- they decided on a temporary closure now and will talk to the residents. Supposedly they all have other access. There is not enough bridge funding to redo this bridge for the 20 trips per day over it.

11. Tucker’s roads in Seldom Seen are the ONLY ones with an EXISTING developer that have not been brought to county standards (County is asking for the standards existing at the time they were built) Witte talked to Tucker’s attorney and they are waiting for a response. In the meantime the residents are on roads that are NOT accepted into the county list for maintenance ( including snow removal)

12. Linkmeyer and Maxwell have brought their roads in Rookwood, Harley Springs, Chappellow Ridge, and Harvest Ridge I to specs and will be coming to commissioners soon for acceptance into the county road list for maintenance.

Pickens- Claims and minutes – were NOT reviewed by Hughes. Orschell and Thompson passed the claims. Several minutes were tabled for Hughes to review including the Sept 29 ones that were tabled a 2nd time for his review. No excuse was given for his inability to get that job done.

Witte- Attorney- said most of his items were addressed throughout the meeting including Seldom Seen and Kuebel Road. There were no new tort claims in the last 30 days. The Donaldson Property on Willoughby Road goes to trial Jan 14th. He will have the Chesterville street vacation ready for next meeting. Witte quipped that Chesterville has not developed into the metropolis it was supposed to become. He still has the ROW access for Cole Lane and DNR and as a final comment he advised commissioners that they do NOT have to sign grant applications, even when pressed to by a judge. The one presented on Friday as being required that day did not have to be signed. Judges can mandate for dispersal of funds- but not for contracts. Grants are contracts.
Lastly, he will work every Thursday in Jennings County as an assigned judge there. It will not interfere with meetings here.

Thompson- presented the grant for J-cap that he was requested to sign on Friday- as it was due that day. Hughes said they did that to him at times- especially Lifetime Resources. They soon learned they had to get it in on time or it would not be signed. This grant is to get 1or 2 more people in Judge Blankenship’s probation staff. Commissioners are concerned about space for these people and that when the grant runs out, county general will be tapped to continue the programs. Judge Blankenship was in earlier this year complaining they could not even move in her offices. Since then they have added furniture and now staff people are being requested.
Thompson said they could ratify, deny, or table his signature- he would not be offended either way. Commissioners voted to table it for review. [NOTE: Does this mean they have to get the application back as it is technically unsigned?]

Witte- added the contract for Reaction PC that was previously approved pending his review. Commissioners signed the contract for Reaction PC to take over the county website design and maintenance.

Orschell- continued safety meetings with Bill Black and the ordinance on animal control was given to Sandy Carley who gave it to the Animal Control Board. They plan to implement the existing ordinance on dog licenses and Thompson is trying to get vets to help distribute them. Fees will help fund animal control.

Thompson received approval to sign the paperwork on owner occupied rehab homes for Lifetime Resources.

He also received approval to sign the thanks you note to the local TV stations for their coverage on the outdoor kennel issues that increased our adoptions of 30 dogs.

No Late Arrivals or Public Comment

Meeting adjourned at 11 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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