Tuesday, November 24, 2009

24 November 2009 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

24 November 2009 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

Present: Kraus, Sr., President, Lansing, Morris, Ullrich, Cheek, and Messmore ( replacing Fehrman)
Absent: Barrott- illness.
Pickens, Auditor also present.

Pickens called for amoment of silence for the deaths of Rick Fox’s mother and Vera Benning’s husband. He included Maynard Barrott and Liz Morris’s husband both seriously ill.

1. Financial Comtroller- Jessica Tibbets asked for direction on the salary ordinance and job descriptions. Discussion indicated that all but 2 of the dept heads had signed off on these. Judge Blankenship and Prosecutor Negangard have not turned theirs in. Ullrich motioned and Lansing 2nd to accept the salary ordinance at the 2009 levels, accept the job descriptions and an amendment will be prepared for Community Corrections changes in July.

2. Aurora Public Library district- Council reappointed Ralph Droege to the board till Nov 24, 2013.

3. DCRSD- Steve Renihan, Brett Fehrman, and Bob Hrezo ( engineer) gave an update on all of High Ridge Estates treatment plant progress. Change orders were discussed and Cheek questioned each item. The new version allows 28 more homes to be covered and Council is pleased to have original problems requiring formation of the district fixed. UCB gave $20,000 to the plant to get one of their homes in foreclosure covered. Council approved $105,589 + $16,000 engineering studies. All ayes.
Next hot spots are Wilmington area, Huseman and Sharon Road. Mount Tabor was ruled out as not cost effective and with large lots, the problems can be fixed by owners.
Total cost of High Ridge was $497,358.

4. Sally Blankenship- Superior Court 2- was approved for $6,000 from contingency fund for public defender fees. She is writing transfer requests for the other money ($5774) to cover jury fees. [NOTE: Why not ask the judge about the salary ordinances while she was present?]

5. Wesley Holt Coroner- was approved to transfer $4,000 from conferences to part timers.

6. Mike Rozzo- Chamber president had the county agreement signed which includes the $25,000 for Redevelopment and $25,000 from CVTB.

7. Sue Dausch from Lawrenceburg Elks was approved for $1,000 for youth services on the Drug Awareness trailer. Council cautioned her that this money will be ”squeezed” in the coming years as the gaming money decreases.

8. Sheriff Lusby – per Pickens required no action as the state approved the transfer on bullet proof vests.

9. Todd Listerman- Highway Dept gave a 5-minute report and received $81,708 for Jan 1 on the Artemis account. It will be reimbursed at 100% from the feds. They used casino money to make up the shortfall in local road and street and MVHA.

10. Steve Walker of the park Board asked under IC 36-10-2-22b1 to get a non- reverting operating budget. Pickens said they can set it up like soil and water board and give them all their money up front, They will have to meet at least monthly to qualify- they pay their own bills and do not require commissioner approval. For 2009 money give Pickens invoices showing PROJECTED costs and the money for those remaining projects can be encumbered to 2010.
Parks can still come in for additional to Council if needed.

11. Solid Waste has 11% wage increase on some of their employees- it’s because they are at and soon will be below minimum wage. It amounts to $1 an hour. Council approved their budget in August and Solid Waste manages it. These are not county employees per Pickens.

12. Pickens warned Council that they may need a week for budget hearings in 2010 as the trustee positions may go away. He anticipates more and more being required of Council. He also advised them to attend more seminars and AIC meetings to get info on this.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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