Friday, November 20, 2009


DCRSD held a public hearing for their proposed sewer ordinance at 5 PM on November 19, 2009. Frank Kramer, Attorney for DCRSD, explained each item as requested and the rationale behind the ordinances as written. Stenger and Pruss were absent from the board. Renihan, Chairman, Enzweiler, Wenzel, Dennerline, and Fehrman were present.

Several members of the public spoke requesting changes primarily in the language regarding agricultural and animal wastes and on forced hook-ups for septic tank owners.

After considerable discussion both before the meeting (by commissioners) and during the meeting, the sewer board voted unanimously to pass the ordinance with the removal of section 50.002 and 50.006. They added language to change hook-ups being required if the line is 300 ft from the dwelling instead of the property line. They also cleaned up the language in 50.007 to reflect forced connections could only occur where DCRSD had a line.

The board made it clear that their intent was to allow fixing of the septic tank and field instead of hook- up, IF the owner desired that option. Most of the filled room left feeling that the changed ordinance was better suited now to their semi rural properties.

Seven bids were also opened for High Ridge Estates and C & H/M out of Milan was the lowest bid at $26,690 with alternates in the $14825 range. The highest bid was Adleta at $62,820. The rest were in the upper $30,-low $40,000 range.

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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