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5 January 2010 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

5 January 2010 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Thompson, Chairman, Orschell, and Hughes
Also present: Pickens, Auditor, and Witte, Attorney


Happy Hollow Road from Woliung to Ester Ridge– Listerman said he had been trying to make actual maintenance match up to what the state road miles listed as maintenance. Happy Hollow had only 0.44 miles maintained and the state listed it as 1.1 miles. County was being paid for all 1.1 miles. Engles stated the county hasn’t maintained it in about 50 years. The county did not know how long they were being paid by the state for maintenance on the road- but it went back at least to 2003. Listerman proposed to keep 0.55 miles to capture the last residence (Lykin’s son) on the road and they were not going to give up the ROW, but they would not maintain the remaining miles of the 1.1 total. Witte informed the commissioners that the county can close ROW but a private individual cannot close county ROW.

[NOTE: the Lykins families own Most of the land in the area. The Engles family owns two parcels- 40 and 70 acres. They were concerned about access to their parcels and potential residence of their children in the future. Both were represented at the meeting. There is an issue over the COUNTY OWNED ROW being gated by the Lykins family. Happy Hollow ROW on the plat maps is shown passing through Lykins land and Engles land. The county may have to remove the obstacle (gate) that has illegally been placed across county ROW. If trespassers are a problem- perhaps the residents need to request vacating the ROW.]

Lykins made it clear that if the county were to maintain the ROW they could not go off the roadway to turn around or they would be trespassing on his land.

The commissioners voted to reduce the maintenance to 0.55 miles and to brush cut just enough to keep the ROW open for the 1.1 mile. All ayes.


Brett Dodd of RQAW- gave an update on the Shumway Building (ugly colors but not in horrible condition- can be redone for about $1.6 million- conservative estimate) and also Hoosier Square Building (available for $720,000.)
Shumway is about 16,000 sq ft and Hoosier Square is 8800 sq ft. Hoosier Square could be leased to the county and then it would stay on tax rolls- producing tax income. Dodd said that the Adm Bldg has 24,735 sq ft of usable space, the Courthouse has 14,689, Shumway has 12,757, and Hoosier Square has 8,300.
The charettes will be in 2 phases to immediate needs addressed and then long-term ones. The immediate needs can be fixed with less money. ($4-5 million) Dodd will contact Judge Humphrey and they will set up dates for the charette. Commissioners noted two homes adjacent to Shumway were available at market value. They need more parking in the area for the county buildings.
Pickens advised taking the charettes off site to get more focused participation.

County appointments for 2010:
All county dept. heads were reappointed and Witte was reappointed as county attorney.

Commissioners kept their same board appointments as in 2009.

Thompson was reappointed president of commissioners with Hughes abstaining.

Mike Hall was reappointed to Plan Commission

Jim Deaton moved away and Jane Ohlmansiek was appointed to his spot on BZA

Steve Hubbard and Don Rechtin were reappointed to Health Board

Roger Rullman and Trina Hetzler were reappointed to Aurora Public Library

Lois Harper was reappointed to Cemetery Board

Betty Bischoff and Carl Petty were reappointed to the hospital board

Jim Dole was reappointed to the Alcoholic Beverage Board

Randy Abner was acknowledged (recommended by Fire Dept) by Commissioners to 911 Communications Board.

Convention and Visitors Bureau = reappointed Marilyn Bower, Dee Hacker, Steve Hedges, and Ellen Perfect and appointed Donna Mills to replace Ahmad Ahmad, who is no longer available from Holly wood Casino.

PTABOA (Tax Appeals) - Assessors is nonvoting member and serves in addition to five others. Commissioners appointed Bill Hartwell, Mark Neff and Mark Hardebeck, pending information on political affiliations. (No more than three members can be from one party.) At least three have to be county residents.

Animal Control Board is on hold to determine actual number and also to see what the new structure might be pending PAWS ideas on the new shelter etc.

Todd Listerman- Highway Dept- gave a 3-minute update.

Commissioners signed a change order for old US 52-stimulus project for a DEDUCTION of $1431.61.

Beam Longest and Neff will have plans ready for public to view on the Stateline project in the heart of Bright in March sometime. They will use the church or Logan Library for that public meeting.

Pickens- Auditor- claims and minutes signed.
Commissioners also signed the agreement with Lewes Kappes (Jewell DuBonis) as lobbyists for county again. Pickens will also be signing one with Frick and Associates- the other lobbyists later this month.

Covered Bridge Certification for Guilford Bridge was signed- we receive additional funds for this.

Witte- Attorney- 1 new tort claim on a car crash- nothing to worry about.

Witte drafted forms for Pickens on the wild dog kills of local livestock for claims.

Witte advised commissioners on the transfer of surplus vehicles to HVL Rangers and the legal limits. If a group sale is over $5,000 it has to be a public sale per IC 5-22-22-3. Commissioners may do a larger auction when eth weather is warmer.

Hughes asked about office holders signing large contracts for services (which are not subject to the $25,000 limit.) Discussion included that Council had to appropriate the funds first anyway. Witte is to look into an ordinance limiting this and also the grant process and the county responsibilities.

Thompson asked about money for photobadge ribbon replacement. Pickens advised checking with Eric Hartman’s budget. The badges are for employees serving out in the community as IDs.
Cliff Eibeck requested that Commissioner Hughes speak up as he is difficult to hear in the back of the room.

Pickens reminded everyone that the next commissioners meeting is the 3rd Tuesday at 9AM and is at the Lawrenceburg Council Chambers.

Meeting adjourned at 9:35 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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